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Yeah, let's laugh about this meme gem for a second...

So a few days ago I shared this picture on my insta story because I found it so funny -especially the story behind it- and yesterday this challenge-post from @grow-pro popped in my feed...it seem like a divine sign that I should share it here and potencially embarrass myself, ya'know the usual stuff

This are pictures from my preschool 'Kinderland', in december they would do this festive pictures with pretty much the same setup every year. Now, I have no idea why I look so bored and disappointed 😂 probably because I've ALWAYS hated getting my picture taken, it's so uncomfortable!

Here we do 3 years of preschool, this is me the next year, 1997:

Now out of the 3 this is the one I remember the most, mainly because when I saw the '1997' sign I HONESTLY thought it was Santa's number, as in Santa Claus. So I constantly called 1997, and obviously it didn't work. But one day I found out that phone operators existed ha ha😈 this changed the whole game. I just pressed the operator's number and directly asked her Santa's number, I called so much that the company called my house asking for my mom and they told her the whole story...clearly no more phone's for me after that.

1998 was a weird picture, I didn't look bored. In fact I look like I just did a line of cocaine. Also, I just realised that this is a different school...

That's all the cheekiness I have for you folks! Hope you liked this post and can't wait to see your take on the #IWASAKID challenge! Make sure to let me know in the comments if you do it so I can go stalk your profile😇

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This are the basic rules:

• The post can be a photo from your childhood or something that reminds you of your childhood - music, food, clothing, toys, places, or anything like that! Feel free to get as creative as you like!
• Be sure to use #iwasakid as 1 of your 5 tags in your post - this will help others view your posts related to the challenge!
• Copy & Paste these simple rules so others can easily participate

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Great way to represent the essence of this fun challenge, @purplevision! Look for the feature/showcase post - you'll be in there! And remember the earnings of that post goes to all of you who are featured.

Thanks for the great post, gladly resteemed & sending some love your way ✌️😎

Oh wow I'm glad you liked it, and I'm super happy to be featured! I'll make sure to check out the #Iwasakid tag constantly to support other participants ♥ I hope a lot of people try the challenge, since it was SO FUN to do it!

meme makerrrr since 1993😂

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