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Hi, this is @nikema, founder of PopSchools.

PopSchools is a work-in-progress and always evolving. Today's version of PopSchools is a growing community of self-directed learners with a focus on online community building and collaboration. I came up with the name PopSchools while participating in the Founder Institute accelerator. Like the other founders in my cohort, I was there to launch a startup. Naming and branding our company was an assignment we had to complete to continue in the program.

An earlier iteration

When PopSchools was named the mission was different. I was working with the idea of having pop-up classes in community spaces -- temporary, voluntary, schools for home-educated youth.

Back then, I was focused on providing access to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) education. Some of the earlier name considerations included that acronym. I decided I didn't want to lock myself into being STEAM-focused forever and went in a more general direction towards Pop-Up Schools. Pop-Up Schools wasn't fully available on social media and for domain names. When I started adding to it the name was getting too long and less memorable/easy to spell.

I ended up settling on PopSchools because the "Pop" could take on multiple meanings. Pop, short for Pop-up, but also pop is the Latin root for people. I love the idea of schools for the people. The name PopSchools is general enough that I could have room to move my ideas around without growing out of it.


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Have you posted any information or tutorials on how to register your own home school or the paperwork that is involved in homeschooling?


No, and I probably won't. I'd only do that for California because I'm familiar with it and it's better to leave that to organizations like HSC. I can point people to the resources they've already created.


[email protected], @popschools, @steemfunder


Thanks for the resources.

This is a very interesting idea and a good review of it's history.

Have you created rules / guidelines for the volunteer instructors?

There's a great wealth of unused talents. Most underused sages have no idea they could rock a child's world with just a 15 minute presentation. How will you locate and encourage such sages?

What will the first $1000 be used toward?