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This is my entry for this last challenge of 2018 organized and sponsored by @blocktrades and @anomadsoul, see post here

Where should I start?

I just read @evecab post which you can read here
and it just caught my attention to write one too (: - thanks @evecab (:

The morning:

I love to wake up early with my husband because that's the best time of the whole day because everyone else is still sleeping haha (: Waking up at 5am is our standard time but usually my husband wakes up a bit earlier to make some bread rolls (I love them! They are the best <3). When he's done with the dough, they need some time to rise, and this is the time where we are going for our morning walk around the area where we live.

My2018 - food- melissavandijkmakeuptutorials.png

After our morning walk, which we started about 4 months ago, became now a habit of ours. We needed to do something to get out of the house at least once a day, but we don't want to be surrounded by lots of people so, that's the best idea we could think of haha (:

Time for a shower!

Even though we ‘'just'' went for a walk, it is still pretty hot and humid where we are, and the more you move, the more you sweat which is why we shower after that. My husband is pretty quick in the shower while I need some time…this is why he starts already with the bread rolls and puts them in the oven etc.

This morning, we had a real shower!! When we came back from the morning walk, we were wet! It's been raining buckets all day :O

My2018 - melissavandijkmakeuptutorials - morning walk.png

Once I'm done with showering, I can help him to make breakfast, we usually do it together since we have the time for it. If I have to leave the house pretty early, then he'll do it.

If I'm not working at all or working in the afternoon (like leaving the house for work), I'll prepare myself for recording videos or writing articles. I usually do record my videos in the morning since this is where I am feeling the best! Depending on the video, it can take me up to 3 hours to record.

After that, I'll take some pictures for the thumbnail and edit the video which sometimes can take me some time, depending on how long I recorded for and how many ‘'mistakes'' have happened like the need to repeat a sentence few times, etc.


I guess by now you should have noticed that the kitchen is not my friend, but my husband loves to cook and bake and try out new stuff, so he's the one that prepares lunch while I'm getting ready for work.

My2018 - melissavandijkmakeuptutorials - lunch.png

I work as a casual in a travel agency which doesn't always mean that I have the same roster every week, it can change pretty often! So, depending on how I work, I'll be doing my research for a video the day before and then record the day after where I focus on the videos and articles.

Work (from home)

Doing the right research for my videos and then recording the videos + edit them, is somehow work for me as well as writing my daily articles on Steemit – makeup related or not but the difference is that I love doing it! Because I can be myself and do what I love <3

My2018 - melissavandijkmakeuptutorials - video.png

My husband is helping me a lot with Youtube, and without him, I couldn't do it! And if he isn't helping me he is sitting in front of his laptop and stares at the charts which is his job and passion also reading books or news to be always up to date (:

Work (leaving the house).

I work around 5 hours per day, but this can change as well depending on if it gets busy or how many days I work during the week/weekend. Since I'm on a student visa, I'm normally not allowed to work more than 20 per week, but because of the holidays, I can work up to 40hours per week (:

My2018 - melissavandijkmakeuptutorials - work leave the house.png


When I come back from work, or I'm already at home, I like to finish the evening with having dinner together (my husband cooks) and then watching movies on Youtube together to just relax and have some time for us.


We do love going to bed early, like 8-9pm because this is just how we're doing it and we don't need an alarm clock for the morning because we wake up on our own (:

Thank you,

xoxo, Melissa

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Nice day of yours, actually it looks very similar to mine eheheh

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wooow you get up early, but it's great that you guys do your morning walk together! And also that your BF cooks, that's amazing =)

How cool that you can work in Australia even as a foreigner! That's a great system, much better than the US (I had to work illegally as a waitress...)

@evecab yeah because it's now one of our habits, if you go early to bed, you'll wake up on your own :) yes, he's my chef and I love his dishes!! I'm just afraid of cooking - like I guess, I can..I had to do it in Luxembourg but something has happened that I'm not doing it anymore :p

On what visa were you when you arrived in Panama? Because Australia has different Visas which have different conditions :)

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