Sci-fi Story - Rebellious - Part 5

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Part 5

After rubbing my legs for a while, I got up and looked at the side of ours. The creature that threw me into the air like a frisbee was trying to get rid of his friend's arms to attack me again. When Vo and Oliver stepped in, the boy got convinced and went his way. What kind of kid was that? When did his muscles get so strong? I stood up and proceeded to them with clunky steps.

"What did you use violence? Are you crazy?" Oliver asked angrily.

“The last time when fought I was in junior high.”

“So you're back to your childhood. You want to be locked in a cage?”

“We're already caged.”

“You better start acting like an adult.”

“We've had enough contact with robots and kids. I want to see an adult now.”

"You don't have to be a child with children.”

"I accept that it is wrong to resort to violence; Isaac Asimov would not approve of what I did.”

“It's what I can't tolerate. What's tossing heads like cows? Does it ever suit you?”

Oliver seemed intent on extending the matter like gum. To change the subject, “Vo's gonna get us in touch with a competent person, right, Vo?” I asked.

Vo started walking towards the wooden cabinet, which was located between two giant trees, pointing at us following her. It seemed to me that she was offended by my behavior. We went into the cabin where I thought it had an elevator function, the door closed, and it moved upwards. As I watched the view of the buildings connected built into the trees through the window of the wooden elevator, I began to rehearsal the words I would say to the person we would meet.

The decoration of the building we entered was better compared to the primitive design of the elevator. Numerous tree branches had come through holes in the walls, and some of the branches had gone through holes drilled in the ceiling. The ceilings were quite high, and the walls featured paintings made of natural materials such as stone, leaf, tree branch.

Vo turned us over to a robot that looked like a barrel, greeting us with reverence, similar to what Oliver did when we first met. As she turned around to leave, I told Vo, “I wish we'd met on better terms; you're a good person.”

Vo turned her head and replied, “Neemu race I, human beings were introduced, we were pleased” and left us.

The robot that resembled the barrel was an exciting type like Vo, who turned around three times in his vicinity when he said Saasa would accept us soon after. While waiting to be admitted to Saasa's room, Oliver told me not to speak strictly during the interview. I should have trusted Oliver to defend our rights uncompromisingly and adequately.

It was apparent that Oliver was angry with me for my action in the woods. I said I couldn't promise him about it because I knew myself well, but he could count on me not to get involved, at least in the first stage.

When I first saw Saasa, I had a small shock because she was a giant. She must have been of the Neemu race, as was Vo; her height was close to 3 meters, she had a long head like a tube, and fingers like a tree branch. The four nipples on her bare chest were fuller compared to those of Vo.

With fluent English “Welcome to the planet Neemen. We were expecting you tomorrow. Thankfully Vo ran into you at the landing site. My Name Is Saasa. I'm the director of the conscious living things research center,” she said.

"Did you know that we were abducted and forcibly brought here by space pirates?" Oliver asked. He got off to a good start at all.

“I knew as soon as you walked through the door, there was something wrong with this. You were nervous, and you still are. If things have happened as you say -which I see no reason to think otherwise- it's natural that you're angry. It was stated in the official letter that you were volunteering.”

“It is not possible to have a situation like volunteering. Until yesterday, humanity did not know about an extraterrestrial civilization,” Oliver said.

“You may be right. We don't want semi-conscious creatures to be aware of the existence of a coalition. We are communicating only with those who are qualified to be members of the coalition.”

Her semi-conscious remark touched my nerves. What kind of concept was that? How did they see themselves as competent in assessing our level of consciousness? As I prepared to give the necessary answer, Oliver said: “it's obvious that there was a mistake. We demand to be sent back to our planet immediately."

“It appears to be a mistake, as you said. We can't send you to your planet without clarifying the matter. Because such an action would lead to earthlings being informed of the galaxy coalition ahead of time.”

The swirling conversation was unbearable. “You should have thought of this before the space pirates ship swallowed our merchant ship. Moreover, this event occurred just outside the solar system. You should ask the relevant people to account for such indiscretion. We are the aggrieved party here, and we demand to be sent back to our planet immediately.”

“There's nothing to worry about. You might assume you're on a tourist trip. It is clear that you are respectable guests, and we will welcome you accordingly. In a few days, we'll contact coalition officials and make your situation clear.”

Saasa was making a big mistake in thinking she could get us out of the way with such an explanation. Instead of opposing her efforts to win time, Oliver asked, “How did you learn the languages of the world?” I had to voice our objection: "We do not recognize your coalition. We don't want to stay on this planet for even a minute.”

"It was enough for us to listen to secretly recorded radio broadcasts. Everyone says our race has an unusual ability to speak out a foreign language. That's why our planet is a Research Center for semi-conscious living beings.”

Trying to control my anger, I asked, “Would you describe the semi-conscious expression?”

“In every conscious being, first motives, then reasoning skills develop. We identify entities that can direct the force arising from their motives to good purposes,” she replied.

“I have not been able to reconcile the forced detention of two conscious beings on a planet with kindness. If you consider yourself a conscious race, you should send us home immediately,” I said. I looked at Oliver with the tip of the eye, and he seemed to like my words.

She said: “The debate over whether Neemen are conscious is ongoing. I'd like to give you a thorough explanation of this, but I need to catch up with an important meeting. As I said, we need a few days to make your situation clear. The galaxy is big, and the distances are long. Exceeding the speed of light is not enough to reduce communication speeds to the level of hours. My advice to you is to enjoy your time here. Don't worry and trust us.”

Saasa got out of her place and went out the back door before we could answer her words.

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