Sci-fi Story - Rebellious - Part 3

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Part 3

"Just when we were good with Serena, there was a breakdown, and now this. How unlucky I am.”

"Let's be patient. I'm sure we'll find a solution.”

“Let's eat first. Where's our food, servant robot?”

The robot was perhaps waiting for me to ask about the dishes, so he came out, this time, carrying two larger containers in two hands. There was a liquid of saffron yellow in the cube-shaped cups. The robot approached, carefully moving the cups, left them on the coffee tables and retreated.

The water I was drinking had clouded my mind; it sounded like I could beat artificial gravity and fly without seat belts. I turned to the robot and asked, "Is this Hoşaf?”

“I don't know the meaning of the word Hoşaf*,” the robot said after thinking for a while.

“You kidnapped us, but you don't know the meaning of Hoşaf. Damn you, little bastard."

The robot pulled back into the closet around the corner, muttering ”weird." I grabbed the cube from both sides and lifted it, putting the corner in my mouth and taking a sip of the liquid inside. I guess it was something like vegetable soup, though I didn't like the taste, I put the whole juice down in my stomach for healing purposes.

What we went through should have blocked Oliver's appetite. He had neither touched the water nor the liquid that the tin robot had brought in as a meal.

”Tell me how long the journey will take, my little friend, " I shouted. The Robot didn't come out of the closet it was in, nor did it respond to my question. I think he was bored with me, and I was bored with him. So this is the higher civilization? Why didn't their master show up? When I was with Serena, the breakdown came up, and then this kidnapping happened to us. It was unclear what happened to the others, and maybe they put them on other shuttles and took them elsewhere.

I suppose Oliver had closed his eyes because he didn't want to talk to me. While I was full, my eyelids were heavy. Like an older man who had accumulated years of fatigue, I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

When I woke up, I found Oliver chatting with our little robot friend. As he realized I had opened my eyes, “We made an awesome jump while you were sleeping. We are 288 light-years away from Earth," he said.

The effect of the water I drank was diminished, and I was again in an anxious mood. I was having trouble figuring out what was ‘awesome’ about us being so far away from the world, but I didn't express it.

Our shuttle started to shake slightly, our seat belts unraveled in the blink of an eye and released us, and Oliver said, “We need to get to the next room.” Maybe the best thing was to do what was said like sheep, I got up and followed Oliver walking through the door. From the window of this new compartment we entered, I saw that we had approached a green planet covered in clouds of fog. Imitating Oliver, I lay on the bed that looked like a coffin. The covers of the coffins were closed, and the space shuttle flung out the compartment we were in. I think we were in a space capsule that would land us on the planet. I was trying to suppress the question marks in my mind and the anxieties in my heart as we fell towards the planet, so I was taking deep breaths as I counted one by one backward. I felt the impact of a force that slowed us down when I hadn't yet arrived in the twenties. I guessed that a parachute had opened up on top of us, and I continued the countdown. After gliding through the air for quite a while, our capsule hit the ground and split in half like a rotten walnut. We both jumped out of the automatically from the opened coffins and fell in the mud. There was plenty of oxygen in the air, and the temperature was around 30 degrees. Oliver panicked and began to struggle in the mud. I noticed that the floor of the swamp was hard because I fell at a steep angle.

I stood up and wiped the mud off my face with both hands. When Oliver realized I was standing, he stopped struggling and stood up. The swamp we were in was the size of three or four football fields and was surrounded by tall trees to the extent that I didn't come across in the world. I raised my head and looked up; there were broken clouds in the magenta sky that looked like cotton candy.

Oliver pointed to the creature, who looked at us with its protruding eyes, about two hundred yards away, at the point where the swamp ends and the forest begins. When the creature realized we were interested, raised its long arms in the air and saluted us by waving. Could we characterize it as a human being because it was standing up and had two arms like us? Aside from its skin being orange and its head was long like a tube, it could be said to look human. As we walked towards it with cautious steps, we noticed that there were two tufts of hair on her head that resembled an antenna. When she saw we were heading towards her, she jumped where she was. We were a bit startled by the fact that she had risen about two meters above the ground in the meantime. As soon as I got up, I realized that gravity in the celestial body we were in was noticeably weaker than the Earth, but I didn't jump out thinking it would be weird. I responded to the creature's gesture by leaping backward and falling into the mud on my back. Oliver watched my action as if everything else that happened to us was normal, but only my leap was abnormal. I liked the way the creature moved her hands with excitement. Now I've seen four breasts dangle like a tube from the chest of the creature we're getting closer to. She was wearing a yellow piece of cloth that looked like a miniskirt over her orange skin.

*Hoşaf: Compote

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There are a number of tags suitable for fiction writing. Why are you not using any? Don't you want readers who enjoy reading science fiction?

I was critized to have lots of posts on tags such as fiction, story etc. So I use them selectively (one in two or three posts for example) cause I am writing/publishing frequently and using bots.

Not a good idea. Half your problem in establishing yourself as a writer, is in developing a following of readers. If you use 5 tags and they are always the same (if you check my stories, you'll see I do follow my advice) it means readers know where to find more stories.

Also, if I want to read but do not know where to search, I go to these tags and choose something I think I will like from there.

If anybody tells you that you should not use more than one tag...check their own posts and I bet you will find them using all they are allowed to...some, who use Partiko etc, use 10 or 15 tags. Five is definitely okay - do it for the sake of your readers and do not worry what those who are not your readers think.

It is more important you encourage readers to comment and criticise. It is the best way for you to mature as a writer.

Thanks for the advices. I will try to take advantage of them.

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