Sci-fi Story - Rebellious - Part 4

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When we reached the boundary of the swamp, Oliver greeted the creature by extending his right hand forward and curtsy. I think his move was ridiculous, we didn't come to the planet voluntarily, and she wasn't a French Duchess in front of us.

"You are welcome in our research center,” she said in Turkish.

” Hello, how lovely to be able to speak world languages," Oliver said.

”Let's not generalize as world languages, she speaks Turkish, " I said proudly. “May I ask the reason for our obligatory visit?" I asked.

"They were brought in for Scientific Research. You will be very much contributions to science,” she replied. The way she leaped where she was after every sentence, and the way she used Turkish, had caused Oliver to smile, and I was determined to ask for an account of what had been done to us.

“I don't remember volunteering about it. They forced us here. I demand immediate repatriation of our planet.”

“I have never been aware of such a matter. My name Is Vo.”

“My name is Oliver, and my friend's name is Arda. Nice to meet you, Vo.”

"It seems Oliver does not intend to back to Earth. You can use him in your scientific work. I want to meet someone personally in charge and return to my home as soon as possible.”

Oliver turned around and gave me a look implying ‘what kind of person are you?’ He then said: "Our friend is a bit angry because we were forced here. He couldn't comprehend that you are a girl who came across us as you were wandering around and trying to help,” he said. When I saw the expression of contentment on Vo's face hearing these words, I realized that what Oliver said was true.

“You guys are following me,” Vo said after flapping hands twice, sprinting over her long slender legs and running into the woods. We started to follow Vo running fast. As we ran among the thick-bodied trees, the moisty coolness of the forest was hitting us in the face. The thick-bodied trees stretched so high that we couldn't see their tops. Flies flying around, strange six-legged squirrels jumping from branch to branch were always huge. Just as I got used to the gravity of the planet and increased my running speed, we reached an open area. She got into the basket of an airship and called us in.

An equilateral triangular platform made of wood formed the backbone of the airship. There was a battery in the center of the platform with starlight panels on it, and propellers with independent engines in the roundlets at each corner. I guessed that the balloon, which was raised from the middle, was intended to balance the weight of the platform, while the engines were pulling the load of the cart and passengers attached to the platform. We got in the basket and sat on wooden chairs, tied our seat belts, and took off. According to Vo, the planet we were on was named Neemen and was one of the research centers used by the galactic coalition to study semi-conscious creatures. Vo was a member of the Neemu race, which also gave the planet its name. The planet was divided into eight different sectors, providing the atmospheric conditions needed by the host species. I commented that the Neemu race voluntarily turned their world into a giant zoo. Both Oliver and Vo opposed my ‘zoo’ statement. As the distinction between science workers and average persons becomes unclear, the data was open to the use of all conscious beings in the Galaxy, and it was natural for everyone to benefit from the outputs, as the coalition administration funds the research.

“Then there is no obstacle of viewing our images for entertainment purposes. We can also assume that those who brought us to Neemen received money for these services. So the coalition administration is mediating the slave trade. Let such high civilization sink to the ground!”

Now Vo had her eyes on me and looked at me curiously because she didn't know what the phrase 'slave trade' meant. It would be more appropriate to talk to adults about such matters, so I did not attempt to make any statement.

I had assumed that the place called the campus would be filled with tall buildings made of concrete and steel; I was wrong. The trees, each one skyscraper high, were converted into labyrinth-like buildings using wooden materials. Vo's aircraft landed on one of the empty spaces between the trees. The campus area contained six-legged creatures, large insects and giant squirrels, similar to the cat and dog populations in our cities.

After landing from the air vehicle, we were greeted by two creatures not as tall as Vo in height. The creatures were quite hairy as well as being shorter in height compared to Vo. One of them came forward and said something to us in an ugly voice. Since they were shorter than Vo, they should have been little boys walking around the campus. We had encountered enough of robots and kids, and it was time to talk to an adult. As I pass by them, the creature gripped me from my shoulders with its long fingers, like Spider's feet, and shook me vigorously.

On the one hand, he was saying something by spits with his ugly voice. This was too much of injustice and a cruel thing to do, and it made me nervous, and I crashed my head in the middle of his long face. I thought he was going to cry and complain about me to his dad when he went crazy, but after overcoming the first shock, he stuck to my collar and hurtled me towards the trees on the right side. After flying about 20-30 meters in the air, I hit a tree branch and fell to the ground. What a kid he was!

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