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On Wednesday 14th of February, 2018 the former president of South Africa Jacob Zuma resigned from office as South African president paving way for his vice Cyril Ramaphosa to be elected by the parliament as South African president.

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The embattled former president Jacob Zuma resignation didn’t come as a surprise as he is facing a lot of corruption allegation. There has been a lot of pressure from the opposition party, his party (ANC) and the many South African citizens for him to resign.

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Similarly, on Thursday 15th of February, 2018 Ethiopia prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn also tendered his resignation letter as Ethiopia’s prime minister and chairman of the country’s ruling coalition. Also, on 21st November,2017 the former president of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe tendered his resignation letter. Although Mugabe resignation didn’t come so easily as he was forced by the military to resign.

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What does this mean to African politics, does this mean that African leaders have seen reasons to resign from office rather than sitting tight to political office and allow crisis to destroy their continent or that African citizens have risen up to challenge their leaders to do the right thing by putting more pressure on them.

Guys what do you think? Join in the debate by Sharing your thought with me in the comment box.

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In my opinion i believe that African citizens are more involved in democratic process now than before, for this reason their leaders have no choice than to hear the voice of the citizens. this is an interesting conversation.

Your right, it looks like most african citizens are participating in politics now.

at that point did they resign? zimbabwean dictator Mugabe resigned when faced with impeachment threats and was sacked from his party plus under military arrest, South African Zuma resigned almost in similar circumstances after been removed as head of party and faced impeachment same day... so these folks has same thing in common. If we have good leaders in Africa with peoples wellbeing at heart, the likes of Buhari will resign as he is a monumental failure. Kenyean leader will resign to pave way for fresh blood for peace to reign, South Sudan leaders will resign to pave way, DRC Congo leader will resign as his tenure has elapsed but he changed constitution and so on...Africa has innovative citizens but bewithced by terrible leaders and tribal and regional sentiments. My take. upped

Good point @kenhudoy, like as you said most of the leaders are selfish but the citizens should do more in pressuring them to do the needful. Thanks for sharing your thought.

Welcome as always

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When you look at the allegations tabled before their resignation you would understand that the system is still flawed, because their resignation should not be a guarantee that the right thing has been done. To me it's just a way of sugarcoating their crimes because even after resignation the system remains corrupt.

You are right about that, but you should recore that before now no matter the crime they committed they are not ready to resign. I believe that change is already taking place,but the citizens should continue to participate actively in politics. Thanks for sharing your thought.

This is a step most African leaders needs to take now. Nigeria is not an exemption.

If only they have the interest of their subjects at heart, our nations would be better.

This is Steemit Africa @stafa

We are on a mission of bringing together all African Steemians together, not as a way of segregation but a way of promoting the African life.

Our introductory post will enlighten you more about this great continent.


OK that is great idea, job Weldon, African leader do not have the interest of the masses at heart. Thanks for sharing your thought.

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