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To say the weekend was busy would be an understatement. Friday night @mrsbozz and I did our usual shopping trip after work and then we went home to enjoy some homemade nachos and watch some basketball.


I remember making a post about a year ago concerning the NCAA men's basketball tournament. If I recall correctly it made all of about $.25 hopefully this year I can do a little better than that. Here is my bracket, what do you think? I should have posted it earlier in case any of you wanted to copy the winning teams from me.

Just kidding, right now it is not looking so good for me. My bracket isn't busted yet as long as Gonzaga is still in it, but there were some close games yesterday that didn't fall in my favor.

Saturday @mrsbozz and I cleaned the house and then we went to see our friends daughter's dance recital. It was very cute and I got some really good laughs out of watching the little kids dance, tumble, and twirl around.

After the recital we went out for dinner to a place I have already reviewed so there will be no pictures this time.

It is starting to get warmer out, so I should be getting some good grilling shots soon. As a teaser, here is a picture I took a couple of weekends ago when we grilled some bratwurst and mac and cheese.


On Sunday I went to church and then @mrsbozz and I had to get to our youngest nieces third birthday party. The celebration there didn't get us home until around 4 on Sunday where we proceeded to watch some more college basketball. If you are a fan, there were some really great games on this weekend.

I look forward to Friday when my Michigan State Spartans take on LSU. It is going to be a touch matchup.

Speaking of tough, it was really hard to drag myself out of bed and come into work this morning. I am glad @mrsbozz and I get to take a mini vaca next week.

I really enjoy taking a break from Steemit on the weekends. It gives me the opportunity to refresh and refocus. I always complain about how hard it is to get caught up with comments and curation on Monday though. There might be a point where I have to call all the great content published over the weekend a wash, but thankfully I am not there yet.

This is a pretty short post for me today, but I've got two meetings to get ready for and a mountain of "real job" work to do!


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Good luck with your Spartans. My Vols are still in it :)

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