Use steemit like other social media and get notification of your all activities such as upvote, comment and resteem etc.

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Hii Everybody, Do you know you can use steemit like other social media, I mean you will get notification of your all activities in real time such as upvote, comment, resteem, mention name and transaction details. Let me introduce you busy which is an amazing platform for steemians. It has all advanced features including full access to your account, you can write the post with it and notification well. With the help of busy, you will be able to write your post in a more efficient manner and you can earn free upvotes from busy.

Benefits of using busy

1. Profile:

You can easily see your profile in detail such as reputation score, joining date, voting power and vote value.
Screenshot (64).png

2. Upvote:

You can see who upvoted your post with details, how much you have earned by a person's upvote.
Screenshot (66).png

3. Comment and following details:

You can see your comments like steemit and you can check who started following you.
Screenshot (69).png

4. Resteem:

On platform resteem is known as reblogging that's a really amazing feature you get to know who reblogged your post.

Screenshot (68).png

5. Mention Name:

Suppose if someone mentioned your name anywhere you will get notified who mentioned your name.
Screenshot (72).png

This is not the end it has many other good features that you should explore.

So, Grab this opportunity what you have to do.....

Just follow this link and login by steem connect.

Here are the steps for login:

Step-1: You have two option Singup| Login, you have click on login with steem connect. After clicking on login you will see somethin like this.

Screenshot (63).png

Now you have click continue and log in with steemit username and password....
Congratulations :-)


Thank you so much for reading, Don't get Stressed, Stay Blessed and if you like it then please give me some blesses :-)
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Thank you so much for your love and affection :-)

feel free to give me your feedback and suggestion you are always welcome.


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good analysis..nice one


@partiko is a nice Android/iOS app where you get notifications and can post on the fly...

Posted using Partiko Android

It's frustrating to work on steemit on beginning ...but later on I'm enjoying this platform

Posted using Partiko Android


Yes, of course you will enjoy busy....

Nice blog post really appreciate it


Thanks Man :-)

Good going..I also got to know about it day before yesterday.


That's good ;)


thank you @claysee :-)

Nice blog.


Thank you ;)

Very nice details I would also like to do please guide me to do it.


Why not...
I am eveready...

@amar15 , thanks bro for share busy platform. its good for new steemians . I hope you add me in your followers list.


Yes Sir...


thanks bro for reply , all steemians want only upvote him, they not upvote first other steemians. you are good creater bro . please upvote my post


Why not... Mr.

This site have good user interface. Better that steemit and hope it's safe .

very good that i also want to do please guide me to do it.

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busy or steemit both are same or not


No busy gives you some special features that I have mentioned in this blog...
Please read carefully @jayminvekariya

Very nice and useful informtion

Hope u too

very nice knowledgeable post.

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Good information thankyou

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