Electroneum is offering 2 million ETN giveaway.

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Hii Everyone,
Electroneum is a crypto payment project founded by Richard Ells that targets smartphone users for developing the world, As we know ETN is one of the most popular cryptocurrency who become popular at a really young age and now ETN is having 2 million users that's really amazing.

Electroneum is celebrating 2 million users of Electroneum mark fast approaches and they have decided to celebrate this achievement with 2 million ETN giveaway having the top price of 400k ETN.

The prizes are divided into 3 Tire-
Tier-1: 1 Million ETN for the most popular post:
The Top 5 posts, decided by the highest numbers of varified interactions, will win these amazing prizes...

1st place 400,000 ETN
2nd 250,000 ETN
3rd 150,000 ETN
4th 125,000 ETN
5th 75,000 ETN

Tier-2: 500,0000 ETN Price lucky draw:
Just one verified post will qualify you for entry. Easy.

100,000 ETN x 5 winners
…randomly chosen from all entrants

Tier-3: 500,000 ETN for Creative post:

50,000 ETN x 10 winners
… spot prizes awarded by the ETN Team for super-special posts.

For participating in this giveaway you just have to give a good reason for believing in Electroneum, why you are mining and trading ETN and you have to share one of your favorite social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube.
The last date for closing entries is 25th July. So hurry up guys.....
source: here

And after posting you just have to fill this form-
Okay, Let's talk about winner, the winner will be announced by Mr. Richard's video on Twitter and YouTube.
Resources: https://www.twitter.com/@electroneum

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fnice. project
good luck man


Thank you @rumayani :)


Yes nice project. Look also my post

I only post useful information, none of my posts will reach winning status. LOL Some days I feel like I would have to go watch all the bullshit tv and utter crap movies I've avoided for decades, just to be able to write a 'popular' post. lol

Thanks for posting this up. :D


thank you so much for reading my post...
And no worries I will be very happy to read you post :-)

@amar15 electronium project seems to be good and I do mining also


Yes, You are right...

thanks.. nice giveaway to win ETN without mining through mobile


Try your luck Man...

It's really a good news.. I'm mining etn.


I am also mining it.
Keep it up
Thank you :)

Electroneum coin is a good project for long time



Great post

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I hv never been in mining but after reading your post i’l think about it


But you are little bit late but it's okay.... Nowadays you will get only 10ETN in 3 days.


Look my post for pos coin

@amar15 maybe something will change


Yes, It should be....

@amar15 upvote done Weight: 3% ≈ 0.19$


Thank you @jeck1

very well post amar.

you can follow and upvote me too from telegram group


Look my post for pos coin. Passive incoming

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Nice information brother

Thanks for info...!! Keep sharing...!!

Good article... buy electroneum

good news for electronium holders

WOW .. thanks for sharing bro.

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