BuildTeam Update: Why the Crash? What happened to Steem Mainnet in Early July 2018?

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While Steemit Inc did a good job explaining what happened and why was unavailable, we would like to briefly explain what has happened in summary.

When a user issues a power down request, they choose an amount of Steem Power (technically VESTS) they want to power down over a 13 week period. Obviously this number needs to be positive as you cannot power down Steem Power you do not own.

It seems that a user found out a way to issue a request to power down negative Steem Power. This is a bug that hadn't been uncovered over the past two years and as a result the user was able to issue this request.

The blockchain accepted this request but the request only executes after 7 days when it is time for the first withdrawal. At this point the witnesses recognized the transaction as invalid and refused to execute it. By doing so though, any further transactions could not be processed until the chain was "rebooted".

What Can be Learned From This Event?

While this was an unfortunate event, it was quite amazing seeing how many dedicated Steemian Witnesses stayed up all night to discuss, troubleshoot, roll out a fix provided by Steem devs across over a hundred witness nodes and get the chain processing transactions again.

This is direct evidence that Steem is alive and well and has strong leadership which will continue to support the blockchain and be ready to handle any further issues like this in the future.

BuildTeam Provides Two Full Nodes

BuildTeam provides two public 512GB Full Nodes to the community for free at These nodes were immediately patched and updated to 0.19.5 and were one of the fist full nodes online when transactions started to be processed again.

Both of our full nodes are running full steem ahead and available for use.

As issues and changes come up, BuildTeam will be there to ensure easy accesibility to the Steem blockchain for everyone who wants to use it.

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Oho good to have those 7 days not immediately

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why this kinds of bug can be there? negative power. ..
anyway, thanks for making it live again.

Take my appreciation for your upvote!!!

Hu @buildteam. Loving your node, it's super reliable and fast. However since the last STEEM blockchain crash it lagging and giving connection errors a lot. I imagine it's being hammered really hard by many STEEM services.

Can you guys give any info about the issue or maybe that's something on my side?

@buildteam great work Steem's rate is okay now, but can be very good at futures, because steem's team is very good, the concept is very good, i think 2018 last 6 dollars cross,what do you think Sir, your opinion,,,PicsArt_06-30-06.46.00.png

@buildteam , good wrk Done , I hope In Future We All Saw good Rate Of steem.

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Great work duo.
Steeming higher 👆

Excellent information

I heard they just unplugged a server and then plugged it back again but I also heard they fixed it with duct tape, not sure who to believe

Who unplugged what? How is this relevant?

thank you telling the whole thing briefly and i have a question are you the member of steemit? and also how does discord works?

BuildTeam is a separate entity from Steemit. Discord is a social chat program that lets users communicate with discord members in servers and channels. Hope this clears things up for you.

Excellent information. I thought it was here in Venezuela that the connection was wrong. Thanks for getting me out of doubt

Someone should publish a list of who stayed up and did what during the crisis... It's important that we all know info about the witnesses and what they do in times of crisis.

i have a question for you .
can you explaine me, what is meaning of steem power ?? .
im new !!!

Witness did a good job... steem block chain is active and kicking...

Thanks for explaining this point in simple words, read so many posts but now I understand what happened.

great work guys, you deserve all the compliments you are getting.

Informative nice post. System rebooted and the problem is solved but I want to know the bug is fixed or nor?
Thanks @buildteam

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Good luck

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