Massive SBI giveaway - Participatory Contest to highlight future projects built on STEEM! 333 STEEM prize pool starts growing NOW!

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Almost 2 years ago, @ecoinstante and I were given an opportunity to participate in @papa-pepper's selfie contest - which changed the way we conceived of the power of virtual networks of real people powered by STEEM.

The exciting end of that chapter was a run up in both the SBD and STEEM price, allowing us to share in vast riches that had accumulated throughout the contest by the dolphin host, Papa-Pepper.

Now I am proudly a dolphin, and on my way to orca - I want to replicate as faithfully as I can, with some minor changes, the excitement, the prizes, and even the bull market with a new contest.

This post is the soft launch, as I am currently travelling, so I will not have a full rule set together yet. But participation will pay throughout the contest. The first post in this series we already have our first 6 winners:


So, @phoenixwren, @yonnathang, @angelica7, @chireerocks, and @ckole - you guys are already winners!

Why SBI?

While looking into the rewards changes in the most recent hardfork, I began to realize the future for voting subscriptions - or 'vote bonds' as @rycharde calls them. These tokens lock up STEEM POWER - like all good STEEM projects should - and they use it to vote - like all good STEEM projects should.

Although SBI has not tokenized on steem-engine, these less-liquid voting units support all holders equally, independent of post frequency. By building up an rshares balance for each holder and delivering the votes in a timely manner on only such post selected by the holder, SBI gives the ultimate in vote flexibility.

This is why I have chosen to use SBI to support our new development project @quintaesencia. And at the end of this contest, the prize pool, located in my @ecoinstar account and sitting at just over 333 steem at launch, will be sent to the steem basic income account with the memo quintaesencia:WINNER


current prize pool

The income from my personal account @ecoinstant will be used throughout the contest to sponsor the weekly bonus prizes to the best participants, commentators and causes.

The First Challenge!

Today we launch the first challenge, entitled 'Noble Causes'.

Participants please respond to this post with a report on 'The best project (that is locking up steem power)'. Please include who, what, where, when, why and how in your complete answer, and also note that I am interested in projects that are powering up SP.

The best responses will earn SBI shares for themselves and their favorite projects! Projects with multiple supporters entering will earn multiple shares!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Hey @ecoinstant it was nice meeting you at the Alliance Meetup and hearing your presentation on SBI. I would like to enter our Military Veteran's Curation trail @shadow3scalpel run by me @rakkasan84. I started the project in October 2017 with the goal of helping our most active and community minded military veterans from all over the world. We have a Discord server that has been running for almost 2 years now. One of my goals in running the account was to help garner witness votes for our military veteran witnesses as well.

We have never powered down and continue to accumulate SP to help all the veterans on our trail. Here is a link to our most recent mission statement

I 2nd this!!!!

To clarify the advanced syntax for anybody unfamiliar...


means that while the transaction is sent from @ecoinstar, the SBI will go to @quintaesencia and to the contest winner.

Oh! Thank you. I was mildly confused about that, but now I get it!

Oh! Thank you. I was
Mildly confused about that,
But now I get it!

                 - improv

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Hey @ecoinstant! I love this idea!

Firstly, the subject of my report is the @freewritehouse.

@freewritehouse is a non-profit that is nominally about providing opportunities for Steemians to exercise their writing muscles, but it has become so much more. As a community, @freewritehouse has worked to welcome new Steemians, and given them a daily task (#freewrite) that is both simple enough that anyone can do it, and engaging enough that it provides real value to the larger community. They've also been sponsoring contests for years that has the ultimate effect of more users spending more time on the platform. All that time on the platform makes folks invested in the success of the platform and has gotten more than one person to buy and power up Steem themselves. (I count myself among those.)

Who: the community of freewriters, founded by many, but most notably @mariannewest
What: tasks, community events, contests, writing, supporting
Where: online at @freewritehouse and @mariannewest and IRL, as freewriters have built friendships that lead them to visiting each other
When: every day, sometimes multiple times a day
Why: to engage users, to improve writing skills, to build relationships, express creativity
How: by organizing community members to reach out to each other, by offering writing prompts to get the gears turning, by hosting contests to reward engagement, by collecting knowledge and teaching resources and acting as a hub disseminating supportive, non-judgemental goofiness

If you'd be willing, I'd like to piggyback on your contest and say that I will send to whomever wins your contest an additional 100 SBI in @freewritehouse's name (so the syntax would be @freewritehouse:WINNER). Let me know if you're willing to take me up on that offer!

I am exceptionally willing! Thank you for becoming a participant AND a sponsor! :)

Excellent! Let me know when you have the winning account! You can find me in all the places you already know where to find me, ;P

Hi @ecoinstant,

Here is my post recommending @freewritehouse and @mariannewest for all the help they provide to help people succeed on STEEM:

Aside from locking up their own STEEM, they help countless other build theirs too.

Thank you so much for the opportunity!

Figured I would chance my Irish luck side and see how I fair out here.
This is a link basically outlining what the Hive would do with the SBI.

@communitycharge is working in building locally operated free public charging station for phones and other devices. It started out trying as an idea to help the homeless who always needed a place to charge their phones but there were so few places to do so. The project was looking into leasing or purchasing a charging station (you see them at concerts or events usually, sometimes aireports and malls) where people can drop off their phone into a locked compartment then come back when charged. This would help with loitering as well. Last I checked they were going to rent ad space on the station to pay for it and install a solar panel for to charge the phones. They're still in early stages but it sounds like a needed project.

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Thank you for the SBI! <3
Hmmmm - that are locking up SP, huh. What about @solairitas, which I just found out about now? :D
They are basically fundraising to build a solar farm, but also powering up and delivering upvotes to supporters, from what I've just read.

Hello, I want to share the @pifc and @minnowbuilder accounts. They have been supporting many small accounts.

Hi, @giftgiver has been a great help to those new steemians starting out, lending them steem power. I have used it twice and its been a good help.

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@ecoinstant, Good to see that you are putting efforts to empower journey of Steemians while distributing Steem Basic Income. Keep up. 👍

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my favourite is @giphy

!giphy love

// You can support giphy by using one of your witness votes on untersatz! //

Here's my entry - I hope my choice suits the criteria. :)