Steemit for IT Professionals - Post your bugs and resolutions

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I'm a software developer for a financial services company. We have developed a corporate website which is used by our sales representatives to manage their business. This website is built on top of an Content Management System called Orchard CMS. You can find more details about it at Orchard Project.


I'd like for Steemit to become a destination for IT professionals seeking answers to their technical problems. Going forward, I will start posting bugs/errors. Also, I will post solutions to those bugs/errors, once I resolve them. I hope others will join me.

Please be sure to tag your post with #bugs or #error in addition to the software you are using. For instance, I'd tag my error about missing content in Orchard as:

#bug #orchardcms
#error #orchardcms

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I knew it!

That was the reason that I said, that we should post bugs about steemit on #steemit-bugs

How to do it, is described here:

Steemit takeover of StackOverflow? Bring it on!

I'm interested in building a frontend for it. I think it would be awesome to have a stackoverflow like UI, while being steem backed.

I've had the same thought, and would like to see SteemIt integrated into Stackoverflow. Maybe you can join the discussion on that end.

I would like to see Steemit implemented somehow into the school systems to exponentiation knowledge in kids... Could you imagine all the fun learning they could do?? That could literally pay for all school itself and that would just be the beginning... Possibility are endless!... Akso, Steemit is integrating with stackfleow!


A ton of websites are already doing so... The user rating and websites will all soon be STEEM

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