STEEM Bug Bounty Program - How to reports bugs and new ideas

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As you might notice, Steemit is in beta. This means, that developers knows that this software is not perfect, however they do not necessary know:

  • what don't work or what have just broke after last update
  • what is the most important thing which supposed to be fixed according to users will

We are users of product in beta what also means that we are testers of it. We should properly report each and every bug encounter on this platform - this kind of behavior is called "work" in the IT world ;)

The great thing about it is, that we can work and contribute to Steemit just by using it for fun.

Can of Worms


Each project has special place, where each bug should be reported. Steemit has such place on github in tab "Issues". This is good place for developers, because it is literally close to source code or source of the problem ;) But lets face it... it is not the best for normal users. It require additional account and the knowledge about how to use github. And of course... github does not support STEEM (or at least not yet..).

Github Issues vs. Steemit

  • List of bugs

I would like to propose, that from now on, we will us tag steemit-bugs for reporting bugs on steamit. Then, all bugs will be available on:

I thought about shorter tag, like bug, but I guess, sooner or later it will be also used by other for different articles and projects

  • Sorted by priorities set by users

We will automatically have a sorted list of bugs, by priorities according to users: Github cannot tell what is really important for users, Steemit can do that!

How properly reported bug looks like

Personally I am a software developer and I know how helpful are tickets with proper description.

Some projects use templates like this:

**Specifications (browser, OS, etc):**

**Steps to reproduce the problem:**


**Actual behavior:**

**Expected behavior:**

This is not a requirement, but if you do not know how to start, this could be helpful.

There are great article about How to Report Bugs Effectively, which is available in 15 languages:

[ English | Português | 简体中文 | Česky | Dansk | Deutsch | Español | Français | Magyar | Italiano | 日本語 | Nederlands | Polski | Русский | 繁體中文 ])

1 Picture is worth a 1000 words... so what about screencasts?

Sometime, reproduction of the problem is really difficult to describe. This may be even more difficult if you are not a native speaker of English. Then you can use software to record whole thing. Personally I recommend a plugin for chrome Sceencastify (Screen Video Recorder)


Feature requests

Sometimes there is a missing feature in a product. Technically, this is not a bug, but some missing features are more important than some bugs. Right now there is already existing and used tag:

I encourage you to go there, to give a feedback about new propositions. Sometimes without a proper brainstorming true innovation is not possible.

Famous triangle


At the end I would like to just remind you, that in software development exactly like in almost all other areas of life, this triangle set a rule... I mean it should, but I think Steemit accidentally broke it. I believe, that with Steemit, because we all are the owners of this platform, we can have all three.

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I think, developers should make blinking reminder !CHECK YOUR PICTURES IN THE POST! ) Check your pictures in the post, i ca not see them. - the recommended image hosting for steemit.

Web server is down now....steemit was kill them)

Thank you! I just ran into a problem posting pictures. Now I know what to do.

how to apply on this bug bounty programme? I am very interested about it. I already solve 2 bug on facebook and enjoying $5000 cash!
Just amazing!!!!

this is not official way. Basically, you can write a post about q found bug, but you should also report it on github: