SteemPlus Budget Proposal - Feb 2018

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Last month, @jerrybanfield and his project @budgets allocated 400STEEM to SteemPlus to accelerate its development and it allowed some magic to happen:

  • We almost reached 500 users!
  • 200 STEEM from the budget and some of my personal money were used to hire a developer to help me work on some of the SteemPlus features.
  • 200 STEEM have been attributed for bounties. From those, 60 have already been distributed, 70 are pending and 70 will be set as bounties for new tasks very soon.
  • SteemPlus v2 was successfully launched and followed by 3 major feature updates
  • SteemPlus is currently in Beta for the integration of 1UP, that will become a huge frontrunner for the best contributions on Utopian
  • Besides SteemPlus, thanks to the help of the developer I was able to hire, I worked on many other projects such as Utopian, AgX and 1UP.

What's next?

It all looks great but this is only the beginning. Here is what is coming soon for SteemPlus

  • Android Widgets!
  • Incorporation of Steemit More Info features (it is sadly not maintained anymore and lots of features are buggy).
  • Witness indicators
  • Integration with third-party applications for direct access to tools from Steemit/Busy/Utopian
  • Basically everything the community needs. Ask for it and we ll do it!

SteemPlus budget

The first budget allocation brought us up to speed but we re just getting started, we need more people to make more good work and provide the community with the best tools possible. For this, my goals this month are:

  • Setting up a legal company.
  • Hiring full time the developer that has been working part-time until now.
  • Allocating part of the budget to bounties on Steemit and Utopian
  • Renting an office.
  • Hiring a second developer part time during a test period.

I am expecting to spend at least $5000 for this in the coming month (around 1500 STEEM as we speak) and can afford to invest 500 STEEM myself.

Therefore, I would like to ask for 1000 STEEM of funding for this month.

Huge thanks to @jerrybanfield for this opportunity to grow my project! I would love to have the chance to talk to you on Discord (@stoodkev) about your many projects and your vision on Steem.

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SteemPlus is freaking awesome!

@stoodkev I love the project and thank you very much for making a second proposal to review what was done after the first and ask for new funding! @budgets just sent 25 SBD to help boost the visibility of this and I plan to resteem also when I have a free spot!

When I started my company in October 2011, I was very eager to look like a real business by having an office, starting an LLC, and hiring people to help.

By October 2014, it was a miracle I was still in business and I had over $100,000 in debt to show for it featuring maxed out business credit cards and personal loans to pay the bills. To survive, I gave up all of the "look like a business" stuff, minimized my expenses, and focused on just doing what I needed.

In October 2017 and still today after six years in business, I still work at home and have no one working with me full time even though I can afford more than ever to have a nice office and a full time employee. I minimize expenses and focus on helping others the most.

Given my experience, would you consider running a more lean operation built to survive on less for now because we are still very early in the process of collaborating and building an app? I am talking with a few developers on huge projects that could end up taking nearly all of the budget for months. The price of Steem might drop further.

Will 500 Steem be enough to continue funding the project because
I would love to fund you for another 500 Steem this month on the expenses that will be the most effective while producing the least liability? An office in my opinion and a full time employee are liabilities. A contractor with a work at home office and putting off the LLC until revenue is coming in from another source might also reduce expenses?

@jerrybanfield, thanks a lot for your help and advices.
I guess you re right and I should go step by step in my venture, especially during this crypto bloodbath.
Until things settle down and I can make sure that my revenue streams are sufficient, I will follow your advice and keep working with freelancers. I do have some big projects coming soon that will require more devs to work on it but luckily I have this formidable platform that is Utopian, so it should still be doable.
500 STEEM would be of a great help already, as for this month they helped me speed up the development by a great extent!

Once again thank you for this opportunity to grow my extension!

@stoodkev thank you for collaborating with me on funding this and being open to receiving my feedback because I am happy to know my experience is useful for more than just me! I sent the 500 Steem and just installed Steem plus!

I love the initial features like true account value and the upvote options. I am happy to see you are planning more features from Steemit More Info because I used to use that and now do not because it is buggy.

The initial warning from Chrome was scary because it told me your extension can view and change data on all websites? I accepted it because we are here now.

I believe in learning from my mistakes and in that case from your past mistakes ^^
For some personal reasons (I am an expat in Taiwan), I will need to set up a legal entity in the future, but following what you've said, I'm convinced that I should do things step by step.

Also, I m really grateful for these 500 STEEM and can assure you they will be well spent!

I ve released one of the biggest additions to SteemPlus today (Integration of Utopian-1UP curation trail and total redesign of the popup, post in here ) and its fast development was in part due to your initial funding!

Steemit More Info integration should be operational this month for sure.

The Chrome alert is normal for an extension that adds things on your browser. Looking at the code, it only starts on Steemit, Busy, Utopian and mspSteem actually. The code is completely opensource because indeed there can be abuses with extensions and I want to be completely transparent. The code is available in here.

I also could be interested in helping in some of your projects, could we speak on Discord? (@stoodkev) I can't add you directly, I guess I shouldn't be surprised, you must get spammed a lot!

Would you join my discord channel at because then we can chat more?

Thank you very much for telling everyone

Hey @jerrybanfield,

You have amazing personality. Yourposts are also good. Please help me out my reputation is going to low If it will not increase i will left Steemit:). Please help me out

Sure, I m in there already!

Thank you very much for telling everyone

The Dash community and foundation really lost a great spokesman with a heart to give back... I’m so happy that Steem has whole heartedly embraced you :) Great job with the @budgets !!

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He surely is! He s funding will be a great boost to SteemPlus development!

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I hope you get the budget. :)

This could be the dawn of a new era on Steemit. Wish you guys the very best in making Steemit a better place.

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We ll keep doing our best to bring the tools the community needs =)

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Most definitely. Consider having my vote already 😉

Steem plus is fabulous

Glad you like it =D

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How do I get steemit in my chrome browser?

Do you mean SteemPlus? You can get more information in the latest release post.

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Congratulation bro

Thanks =)

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I have never heard of steem-plus but i trust Jerry so i will support by downloading and using. Wish i could support monetarily. This sounds like a promising project.

Thanks, would love to hear your feedback on it!

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I going to do a quick review post about it tomorrow for my vlog. Ill tag you in it. Thanks btw I really enjoy Steem+. It a very useful extension. This project is doing amazing things. Can't wait to see what you cook up next.

Thanks! I ll be AFK for a few days. But I ll try to resteem it if I can get a connexion. Send me the link on Discord at @stoodkev.

This may be a dumb question, but... What is SteemPlus supposed to do?

You can get more information about SteemPlus in the latest release post. Basically it can add you a voting slider as a minnow, give your account true value, allow you to delegate directly from your wallet, filter and sort your feed, switch in one click between all major STEEM based websites, use the beneficiary system, have useful shortcuts, integrate the 1UP Utopian curation trail and much more, just check the link to know everything it can do ;)

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Congratulations on another great success.

Thank you =)

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Awesome! This is incredible.

Like your post

I wish i could assist you!

Great post thanks for this one 👍⚡

Doing great Steem Plus.. 😊

This is a very good post I hope this can be useful for me

Thank you budgets for making a transfer to me for an upvote of 27.17% on this post!

Half of your bid goes to @budgets which funds growth projects for Steem like our top 25 posts on Steem!

The other half helps holders of Steem power earn about 60% APR on a delegation to me!

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Steemit & steem plus great jon for us

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Thank you very much for telling everyone

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Sangat bermanfaat dan bermotivasi buat kami.

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