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RE: Promote Steem Posts and Fund Budget Proposals with Our Voting Bot!

in #budget6 years ago

So your account will now only be used for bid-bot voting? You're not doing any manual or automated voting other than with the bid-bot?


...delegations of investors supporting our projects and earning a 50% return.

This isn't a good deal for delegators. They can get much higher returns by voting manually or through any number of automated services.

Our hope is that providing this simple option to delegate to jerrybanfield in exchange for both funding Steem budget proposals...

To me, it seems that this is really the main reason for your new bot: to attempt to do with this what you have continued to try to do when you were with DASH and now here with Steem/Steemit, which is to fund your own "marketing" campaigns where you give Facebook a bunch of money to "promote" Steem/Steemit to your fake followers.

And since your previous attempts at receiving these "budgets" have pretty much failed, you figured you'd just create a bid-bot and disguise it as a "community benefit" once again. This time, however, you know that all of the poor helpless minnows that "just can't get ahead" will be more than willing to send you money because they think that there's no possible way to earn money or get noticed without the bid-bots...because people like you and others keep filling their heads with this nonsense.

Anyway - that's just my opinion. Have a great day!


Oh, I just read Jerry's other post where he introduced the bid-bot the first time. Looks like I was right...

Design a project intended to add value to the Steem blockchain such as hosting a meetup, building an app, advertising Steem online, scheduling a meeting to pitch Smart Media Tokens, marketing Steem to an existing audience, etc. For example, I will be submitting proposals for ads for Steem on Google and Facebook...

So,'re going to be submitting your own proposals for your own budget review from the money earned from your own bid-bot. But you'll at least be returning half of half of the payments from your bid-bot to its delegators.

Seems legit.

Yes naturally this is designed to fund all of our project ideas including those we have worked together on for months with the ads and the exchange!

The flaws with your ideas have already been pointed out by many people. I expected nothing other than you continuing down the same path of failure. It's your MO.

Good luck with that.

Should i agree with you?

Yes I will not vote anymore on Steem because the bot will do all of it! We are having a great day here and appreciate you thinking of us!

least now i know why he ignored me when i suggested bots will kill steemit. lol. think it is time to unfollow someone...

and follow @ats-david . nice to meet you, appreciate your words, thanks for this comment.

You haven't already done this?

Thanks! You can also approve my witness, if you like it!

Top comment and earning $17 atm because the real steemit knows.

@tpot demolishes him by far

Try to look at it with a different perspective. If you view Uber as an investment, it's economic suicide. But Uber has made the world a better place. @jerrybanfield isn't using the rewards for his personal use. He's trying to spread awareness about steemit and other proposals that try to bring value to steemit. Even many people in the crypto-sphere are unaware of steemit. So I think what Jerry is doing is a great thing.

It's simply not the best way for you to make money. If you think of the whole project as a low-profit charity instead of investment, things would actually look pretty nice.

Existence of bid-bots is a completely different topic and there are many bots on steemit already. All I'm saying is to look at what @jerrybanfield is doing from a different perspective. He's not actively trying to do anything malicious or forcing anybody to do anything. So let it run.

Bunch ofads on internet with low ROI is still better than having nothing at all woth zero ROI as long as funds are acquired without violating the NAP.

Happy steeming!

Bernie gave the perfect name to jerry. Veryscamfield.

Really, it does match him very well.

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