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RE: Promote Steem Posts and Fund Budget Proposals with Our Voting Bot!

in #budget6 years ago (edited)

Oh, I just read Jerry's other post where he introduced the bid-bot the first time. Looks like I was right...

Design a project intended to add value to the Steem blockchain such as hosting a meetup, building an app, advertising Steem online, scheduling a meeting to pitch Smart Media Tokens, marketing Steem to an existing audience, etc. For example, I will be submitting proposals for ads for Steem on Google and Facebook...

So,'re going to be submitting your own proposals for your own budget review from the money earned from your own bid-bot. But you'll at least be returning half of half of the payments from your bid-bot to its delegators.

Seems legit.


Yes naturally this is designed to fund all of our project ideas including those we have worked together on for months with the ads and the exchange!

The flaws with your ideas have already been pointed out by many people. I expected nothing other than you continuing down the same path of failure. It's your MO.

Good luck with that.

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