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Not only does the BRO Casino offer the best provably-fair crypto casino games available, but it also offers several ways to earn money just for visiting, registering, or playing!

It’s true...the best casino in the Steem ecosystem - and in all of crypto - offers you zero-risk gaming with real money prizes! But winning STEEM from playing games at the BROsino isn’t the only way to earn!

Here’s how you can have fun, earn cryptocurrency rewards, and also support the BRO Sports & Gaming Network™ (BROSGN).

Sign up, play games, and win STEEM at the BROsino

Yes, it’s as simple as it sounds. Register an account at the BROsino, receive 10,000 free credits, and start enjoying some of your favorite casino games! We currently offer six types of games and nine total. Climb the BROsino leaderboards by playing blackjack, roulette, video poker, bingo, dice, and three different slot machines!

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If you’re skilled enough, or lucky enough to reach 50,000 credits, you can request a withdrawal of your credits that pay out in the STEEM cryptocurrency at a ratio of 10,000 credits to 1 STEEM.

If you’re one of our top players every month, you can also earn bonus credits for ranking high on our leaderboard! As the BROsino grows, the prizes for top players will grow with it - including more STEEM giveaways!

If you run out of credits, don’t fret! You can request a free reload every day to restore 5000 credits to your account!

What if you’re just too unlucky to hit that 50,000-credit threshold in order to request a withdrawal? Don’t worry! There’s another way to earn credits with…

The BROsino referral system

Once you’re registered at the BROsino you can sign up for our referral system that rewards players with bonus credits! There are five tiers to our referral system that progressively increases the amount of credits you can earn!

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LevelReferrer Sign-up BonusReferee Sign-up BonusReferrer Bet Bonus %
1100 credits1000 credits0.1%
2200 credits2000 credits0.2%
3300 credits3000 credits0.3%
4400 credits4000 credits0.4%
5500 credits5000 credits0.5%

Referrer Sign-up Bonus: The amount of credits a player receives for each new player that signs up with their referral link.
Referee Sign-up Bonus: The amount of credits a new player receives when registering an account with a referral link.
Referrer Bet Bonus %: The amount of credits earned from every bet placed by a referred user.

Referrers can level-up their status by reaching higher numbers of registrations. The level-up thresholds are as follows:

LevelReferred Players
1Less than 10
210 - 24
325 - 49
450 - 99

Every time you refer a new player with your referral link, you’ll earn a bonus for that registration and earn bonus credits for every bet that they make as a player! Climb the referral ranks to earn more per player and per bet!

To get started with your BROsino referral career, join our Discord server and request activation in the “referral-registration” channel!

You can also earn higher referral bonuses when you…

Become a BROsino sponsor

Every sponsor at the BROsino receives a Tier 3 referral level and can earn credits while helping to promote the BROsino on their own blog, website, or other social media accounts! Every sponsor will receive Tier 3 status for the duration of their sponsorship. Once the sponsorship ends, they can still enjoy Tier 1 rewards. If the amount of referrals made surpasses the threshold for higher tiers, then they will continue earning bonus credits at those levels!

At the BROsino, it pays to become a sponsor! The more traffic you can help drive to the site, the more eyeballs you can receive on your sponsored games and the more you can earn from those referred players!

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Current sponsor, NewSteem - by @ADSup

But even if you aren’t lucky, don’t want to become a sponsor, and don’t join the referral program, you can still earn cryptocurrency by…

Downloading the Brave browser

By downloading the Brave browser with our referral link, you can not only earn rewards for viewing ads through Brave, but you can also support the BROsino!

Just by downloading the Brave browser and using it for 30 days, you’ll allow the BROsino to earn a referral bonus for your registration! And once you download Brave, you can enable ads and earn Basic Attention Token (BAT) rewards for viewing ads that are served to you at a rate of up to five per hour. Enable them in your settings here:

brave_ads1 - Copy.jpg

You’ll also receive monthly allowances of free BAT just to distribute to your favorite verified Brave publishers! You can distribute some of those tokens to the BROsino and even set up monthly auto-contributions to make sure you don’t forget!

brave_contribute1 - Copy.jpg

The BROsino offers you one-stop earning potential in two different cryptocurrencies, whether you play our games or not and whether you’re lucky or not...and even allows you to support us at no actual cost to you!

It sounds too good to be true…

But in our case, it isn’t!

Enjoy the best crypto casino games, sponsor your own customized slot machine, purchase naming rights for games and leaderboards, earn cryptocurrencies in a variety of ways, and support our ongoing development and marketing efforts all in one place…

The BROsino!

Sign up today to start having fun in the Steem ecosystem and to start earning risk-free rewards while playing your favorite casino games!

Current BROsino Sponsors

The following are official BRO sponsors as of September 18, 2019:

  • NewSteem Slots: @ADSup is excited to support fun and engaging community projects that provide activities and engagement for Steem users. With that in mind we are proud to sponsor NewSteem Slots at the BROsino.”
    You can learn more about @ADSup here.
    Play the NewSteem slots here!

Our sponsors thank you for your support! If you would like to become a sponsor or advertise with the BROsino, please Contact us on Discord!

Thank you for your BRO patronage and good luck to everyone playing at the BROsino!

Multiple account creation at the BROsino is disallowed. Any player that creates multiple BROsino accounts in order to bypass credit limits or abuse the referral program will have their accounts deactivated, they will be permanently banned from the BROsino, and they will be blacklisted by BROSGN on Steem.

If you’d like to give extra support to the BRO Sports & Gaming Network™, please approve ats-witness and guiltyparties as Steem witnesses!


sounds legen..wait for it... dary

Hey what if we started our own steem engine casino, and used discord bots like or @discordtip already has it built in, also, chessbot i have it on my site where teh discord has a chess bot and a banjo tip bot that can reward you when the mod sees you won the game, I already have it almost finished just have any worker come in and build me a bot to send 1 CHESS to every winner of the bot game, which has built in anti cheat , and in the EOSIO discord of mine we have the RPG bot.. anyway these bots have all sorts of casinos and money systems, many fo which dont use crypto but we can just trade the tokens for many of these bots for real cryptocurrency on steem engine

we cna be liek lucktastic app and let peopel win anotehr token just for participatin and when theyt earn a LOT of those theyc anm get a free upvote :D but they need os much, its mroe of a consolation tokenprice... lucktastic use sit to keep peopel paying.... it has virtual scratchers.. THATS It. i can find a simple scratch off website, one for wordpress probably to allow me to give prizes, ill hide some codees to steem private keys they will get emailed, or messages, preloaded with tokens, or ill ask @zaku if he can do what i wanted @inertia and @banjo to do with Voucher codes.... wheer i can tell banjo to release this amount of whatever token, upon getting this secret code DMed to him, it woiuld be so useful...

Good luck guys! More games mean more fun for the community! 😉

Is it possible to Login with SteemConnect yet?

There’s no need to log in with Steemconnect. We don’t need or want your keys for anything that you do on the site and you cannot deposit or “gamble” your own money.

Ah okay.

I think I understand now @ats-david.

The prize money is in Steem 😀

What I mean is, is it possible to Login via our Steem accounts?

I thought I remember a while back that you guys were integrating with the Steem Blockchain.

That is what I am interested in since I am interested in promoting Steem-based games.

Yes I am grateful for anyone using keychain but i have started the process of adding steem to SCATTER which we need to be taken seriously in the dapp world. EOSIO ETH BTC and TRX are all on Scatter i went to their github to begin the issue feature request of adding steem, we need to add some libraries for steem and the scatter infrastructure but then we can start using scatter instead of keychain AND THEn add steem tokens to NEWDEX ... we can then have steem engine tokens on newdex which has eosio and trx so far ) and we will then pave the way to add SMT tokens on Newdex ... newdex volume is like 10 times higher than steem engine so it is our best way to connect to new capital

i respect your project. And at first i thought it was sad to see gambling dapps on front page of steem when we have so much more to do for steem... , i didnt care how fair it is as its still gambling that we dont need, and we especially dont need to promote it, i thought, and that we should protect our users from online casinos,

but ya know what maybe Im wrong.... and hey maybe its profitable and I should be making a casino dapp... maybe if we show the gambling dapps of BTC and etha nd eos that steem is cheap and profitable to develop on we can perhaps bring a lot of money into steem , hopefully.

i may wanna make a casino one day too hell, I would make mine based on the lucksacks model however where you only gamble with tokens you earn, and ill let people solve captchas or watch ads surveys to earn my poker or black jack tokens... we should really tell @heimindanger who runs the CAPTCHA token about this... CAPTCHA poker so users doing captchas have a way to spend them and people buying them can use them for something ;D

and yet we just all upvote this? why again? lol ok... such bad taste.. peopel say they are manually curating, then why not go upvote post from 4 major EOSIO projects all coming to steem-engine AND airdropping on us? @anoxio @cryptopeso @peos and @challengedac people really dont seem to respond to airdrops like they sued to :)

Just weird to get downvotes on a post from actual Serious project with almost as big of a marketcap than steem if not larger a few months ago, @peos and their airdrop to 1000 top steem accounts 1 peos each gets downvotes for using a single bid bot by multiple weirdops who flag everything with bid bots... and yet this post is what yall wanna upvote? At least go upvote the PEOS post too as you actually GOT something out of that, were airdropping small amount to top 16,000 and giving peosp to anyone who comes to the discord and anyway, it could be great for this gambling dapp

Supporting projects like PEOS and CHALLENGEDAC can end up with their developers seeing steem in a positive light, and wanting to invest in steem so they can promote their own DPOS tokens and chains. Im also very close to getting telos on steem as long as their python library works ;)

you could use peos and the new privacy forks of steem and peos that will come about, private steem wallet, since we havea private telso wallet coming out using SQRL a fork of greymass built from the experience of building vessel and so, we can end up with some similar integration on vessel, with peos, and have PRIVACY steem ... PRIVEX should be all about it once theres working products :)

This isn’t a “gambling dapp.”

I suppose one would NEED Brave or some other VPN for casinos, trading and mining. My anti-viral programs bristle regularly because too many of these kinds of sites seem to be steeped with malware.

great, games really need to be engaging and fun

~Smartsteem Curation Team

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Brawo! Thank You :)
I'm meni in BRO

I am going to the casino so I can earn seventeen cents for every fifty thousand points said no one ever.

Actually, people are doing it every day. You may not like it...and that’s OK. Not everything is for everyone.

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casino ... lol that's a first on blockchain-gaing but good ... the more the merrier i suppose, what's the incentive to buy STEEM for players ? How do you sustain the site ? Where do you get the STEEM to divide? You don't have to spill the trade secrets if you don't want ofcourse. If it doesn't require my steemkeys i'll probably sign up and see for myself sometime :) guiltyparties , the moral judges into gambling ... well well ...okay n/m , good, nice...
stuff gets done, that's always a good thing
stuff with incentive is always a better thing
stuff with incentive that requires dollars from the outside probably the best thanks for sharing

Did you have a stroke while writing that comment ?

...what's the incentive to buy STEEM for players ?

Players don’t need to buy anything. The games are 100% free to play. All you need to do is sign up, start playing, and earn some crypto. No tricks, no gimmicks, no ponzi scamming.

How do you sustain the site ?

With servers and databases that we pay for.

Where do you get the STEEM to divide?

From a variety of sources, as mentioned in the post. Also from my witness rewards and post rewards from official BROSGN posts.

If it doesn't require my steemkeys...

It does not. Just sign up with an e-mail address and create your own password.

When my mom dropped by one day I had her try it as she's is or was into gambling for years, she said the games suck.

Well, this isn’t a site for “gambling,” so I imagine gamblers wouldn’t think it’s ideal.

These are free games that anyone can play with absolutely zero risk. And in the course of playing these free games, there’s an opportunity to win STEEM and earn BAT. If you want to gamble, there are plenty of places to do that. You’re not likely to come out ahead.

Interesting, noble cause to do this and rather unusual. Hope it works out, gave an upvote :)

Upvoted and resteemed. 👍

Thanks for sharing!!! Let's earn more together.

I signed up yesterday and luck was not on my side so I wound up losing all my coins. I have made a request to have my account reloaded on your discord chat but haven't heard anything back. So far I enjoy the website though. It's risk free and entertaining.

Looks very interisting will def have a look at it🤯

so no downvotes from ctime or theyre just drowned out by @whatsup :) Glad to see the top trending posts dont even SHOW the downvote in the list1 Im trying to figure out the exact amount of steem i will need to allow my votes to go past any downvotes, Maybe i need a curation build to upvote my post.

Its a SPS proposal about sunsetting to save hundred grand a month in amazin bills

Thanks for sharing.
I ll chek it out.

It's awesome! :) We already love the games! ;)

Excellent information, brother, thanks for the explanation ... I belong to the game group ... I would like to translate and publish your information in Spanish ... what do you think about that? @carlossoublette I invite you to verify my fed ..

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