There’s no need to log in with Steemconnect. We don’t need or want your keys for anything that you do on the site and you cannot deposit or “gamble” your own money.

Ah okay.

I think I understand now @ats-david.

The prize money is in Steem 😀

What I mean is, is it possible to Login via our Steem accounts?

I thought I remember a while back that you guys were integrating with the Steem Blockchain.

That is what I am interested in since I am interested in promoting Steem-based games.

Yes I am grateful for anyone using keychain but i have started the process of adding steem to SCATTER which we need to be taken seriously in the dapp world. EOSIO ETH BTC and TRX are all on Scatter i went to their github to begin the issue feature request of adding steem, we need to add some libraries for steem and the scatter infrastructure but then we can start using scatter instead of keychain AND THEn add steem tokens to NEWDEX ... we can then have steem engine tokens on newdex which has eosio and trx so far ) and we will then pave the way to add SMT tokens on Newdex ... newdex volume is like 10 times higher than steem engine so it is our best way to connect to new capital