Pot Rocks Area at Big Gunpowder Falls State Park

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Thank you @shasta for #bouldersunday!! You can check out @shasta's latest #bouldersunday post here! 😊

Today, we will be going to the Big Gunpowder Falls State Park - Pot Rocks Area which is located in Baltimore County, Maryland.



The name Pot Rocks comes from the pothole marks that can be seen in the rocks and boulders in the area. It is said they were created by the flow of the water over the rocks. With a name like Pot Rocks, you can bet there will be lots of rocks and boulders here.



A couple of trails will lead you to the Pot Rocks. The trail most used is the Blue Blaze Trail but we decided to go in on the opposite side of the river and took the White Blaze trail.


In the summer you will find a lot of people at Pot Rocks and they do allow swimming there but they do not have lifeguards. It is also very rocky and I feel it is more of a dipping spot than swimming spot. If you go for swimming/dipping then I would recommend the Blue Blaze trail. We went late Spring and had no interest in swimming. Additionally, we had never been on the White Blaze trail so it was an easy choice for us to take that one.



While there are a lot of rocks and boulders in the water, there are also plenty on the banks of the water and along the trail.





I thought this photo was interesting as it looks like a person is possibly in the background jogging by but turns out it was just a tree. The sunlight was hitting it in a way that made me do a doubletake...lol.


I had to be really careful in this area as we walked out closer to the water. My husband pointed out that I came pretty close a couple of times to stepping on a toad or two that were sitting among the rocks. I'm glad I didn't step on any as I would've felt bad.


I did see something pretty cool over by one of the large boulders with a pothole in it.


At first I thought the butterfly was drinking some pot water but I don't know if butterflies even drink water. I looked it up when I got home and turns out that they drink an all liquid diet of nectar and water!


Anyway, I have lots more photos from this walk that I'll be doing other posts on. I do have one more photo though for this one. I took this from the walkway we took to get to the trail and it looks down over the river. I mentioned before that there are lots of rocks and boulders under the water that we may not see but they most certainly are there. With that in mind, I'll end my post with this photo I took looking down from the walkway.





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Get your rocks off, get your rocks off honey! You could make a song out of this post, awesome photos in the middle of the river did you have to got rock hopping to get there?

Great catch on the toad, they do like to just sit in the way and would probably let you stand on them before thinking of moving. Lovely butterfly too - I love them and that one has amazing colours. !COFFEEA

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Thank you @c0ff33a!! As a matter of fact, I did have to kind of hop across on a few..lol. It was a wonder that I made it out without squashing one of those toads but luckily they were all intact when I left. 😂 😉

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Wow Pot Rocks! What a extremely awesome place @deerjay!
Oh how I'd like to sit on that big boulder in the middle of
the river! lol Gorgeous photographs, love the looks of your
area, dang nice rocky rivers!! :-) Those toads sure blend in!
Thank you for sharing this fantastic boulder location!

Thank you so much @shasta!! I thought of you throughout most of this particular walk. I almost stepped on a few of those toads both by the water and along the trail. I'm so oblivious most of the time but my husband was quick to point them out thank goodness. Would not like to feel that under my feet. 😧 😉

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How beautiful and refreshing that walk looks they are the sort of walks that i would very much enjoy pure nature walks and that butterfly is huge but you would think he would of picked cleaner water to drink...lol :)

Thank you @hangin!! I loved visiting and seeing this area. It was a little longer of a walk but I'm glad I made it and got to see it. There are still so many areas of the Gunpowder that I haven't even been still and I'm sure I'll be revisiting many that I've already seen. I think I must have spent 10 minutes just taking or trying to get some good photos of butterflies..lol. 😉

Nature walks like that we never get enough if i lived near places like that i would never be home..lol :)

Don't tell me about butterflies so beautiful but so annoying to photograph i was chasing one for half a hour the other day at a park and still never got a decent shot..damn it :)

Lol..this has been the first season that I actually got some decent photos of butterflies. Been finding them hanging out near the waters edge a lot. In the butterflies defense though, I don't have a lot of plants and flowers to entice them. They do seem to like the coneflowers that I planted in my garden this summer. 😉

It is nice to see them around especially when you can capture them on camera which is never easy :)

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Thank you so much!! 💞

What a marvelous rocky river! Your photos are superb. I really love that butterfly, too! !Tip

Thank you so much @melinda010100!! It sure was a beautiful area and I'm so happy that we went when we did. I'd love to go back in the Fall which seems to be approaching quickly. 😊

I am seeing more and more signs of fall each day.

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