Summary of my return from @redlambo after delegating SP June 2018

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Five months ago I decided to delegate 5000 SP to @redlambo. And 2 months ago I increased my delegation to 7367 SP.

These are the daily transfers I received from June 1st to June 30th 2018, both in SBD and STEEM.
At the end is the monthly sum and the total conversion in USD according to SBD / STEEM prices on july 2, 2018

Obviously you can see the transfers that @redlambo sends to my wallet daily.

This month has been horrible, but POSITIVE! The best pasive income i get from any of my assets, so once the SBD/STEEM prices goes up things will look more juicy :)

Return February 2018 $838
Return March 2018 $167
Return April 2018 $378
Return May 2018 $508
Return June 2018 $159

Calculate yourselves the monthly passive income, is a good way to get income while we hodl our investment in STEEM.

It is an extra money that few crypto's offer which helps me to continue maintaining and increasing my investment in Steem, without the need or addiction of having to post each day or vote the posts of the other bloggers (for lack of time) to make my investment profitable

If you want to feel in your own wallets the passive income, just delegate any amount of Steem Power and check it! you can undo at anytime!
delegate here 1000SP changing my nick "beiker" by your own nick
delegate here 500SP changing my nick "beiker" by your own nick
delegate here 200SP changing my nick "beiker" by your own nick

Or follow the steps you'll find in this link:

If you have any questions or want to comment anything, you can also contact me at steemit chat @beiker



Red Lambo is the way!

So about 23% interest a year if that monthly return is average
A lot of risk in steem price going lower but that’s a sick return!

Hi. I send today .6 steems and didn't got upvote

I'm @pavolactico

We know, blockchain having a bug and some accounts are being affected. we will manually fix it ASAP. ty

You got a 100.00% upvote from @redlambo courtesy of @beiker! Make sure to use tag #redlambo to be considered for the curation post!

I sold some of my steem when it was $3.x and think that it was the best move I made in this Bear trend.

yep i remember you told me, that was a good move @scorer, well done! to know when to sell is the key ;)

It was a hard decision based on intuition. That was the least I could do to somehow save some part of my profits. 😂

Nobody is born a trader. So, we learn from our own mistakes. At least I'm happy that I had this lesson and now can see things differently than before.

we learning the hard way haha!

Some good returns there, certainly.

ty @mirrors and sure, any pasive income is good!

True. By the way, i just pinged you on steemchat!

You got a 100.00% upvote from @redlambo courtesy of @beiker! Make sure to use tag #redlambo to be considered for the curation post!

sent you .20sbd 8 hours ago no vote. please make a +ve vote

Still no vote or response. pls vote

Still waiting for the upvote. Amounts are showing in your wallet. Amount 0.20 yesterday, 0.001 today. URL to promote :

Sent .20 sbd almost 8 hours ago. No vote yet.
It is showing in your wallet also. This is a pic of my account:

hi @sarez

i know most of bots aren't working, probably to a node problem. As soon it get fixed it should vote your memo.

I also sent a bid in the evening today but hasn't got any upvote or refund. Kindly look into this

As soon the problem is fixed the bot should vote or refund auto all bids that wasn't voted. I hope it get fixed soon but is out of my control is a node problem i guess. ty for your patience

No worries buddy. You may take your time. I was just bringing to you kind notice

Hope same here. Because now i am trying this first time. From 4 upvotebot i just recieive from 2 this and a another one not yet. Waiting😊

exactly @gabbynhice is the same problem, i have to say that we had this problem 2 times during the last 6 months, so is not something common.

I understand. So i have time. Just hope u will dont forget😉 thanks in advance anyway😊

Nothing news? Still waiting for the upvote guys. If u cant make it pls. Refund me.

Thks for your response. checked the scene at
Even steemit had faltered yesterday. hope the matter is solved soon.

fixed sarez

Thks a lot man

Hey @redlambo pls vote or respond at-least

You got a 100.00% upvote from @redlambo courtesy of @beiker! Make sure to use tag #redlambo to be considered for the curation post!

Hi nice information given by you. How can I use red Lambo. Pls guide me.

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