Summary of my return from @redlambo after delegating SP May 2018

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Four months ago I decided to delegate 5000 SP to @redlambo. And the last month increased my delegation to 7367 SP.

These are the daily transfers I received from May 1st to May 31th 2018, both in SBD and STEEM.
At the end is the monthly sum and the total conversion in USD according to SBD / STEEM prices on junel 2, 2018

Obviously you can see the transfers that @redlambo sends to my wallet daily.

This month has been better than last month and the ROI will become much better if the steem/sbd price stays like these last days, the return will be back to february levels! YAY!!

Return February 2018 $838
Return March 2018 $167
Return April 2018 $378
Return May 2018 $508

Calculate yourselves the monthly passive income, is a good way to get income while we hodl our investment in STEEM.

It is an extra money that few crypto's offer which helps me to continue maintaining and increasing my investment in Steem, without the need or addiction of having to post each day or vote the posts of the other bloggers (for lack of time) to make my investment profitable

If you want to feel in your own wallets the passive income, just delegate any amount of Steem Power and check it! you can undo at anytime!
delegate here 1000SP changing my nick "beiker" by your own nick
delegate here 500SP changing my nick "beiker" by your own nick
delegate here 200SP changing my nick "beiker" by your own nick

Or follow the steps you'll find in this link:

If you have any questions or want to comment anything, you can also contact me at steemit chat @beiker


Nice results! 👌🏻

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