One Tip to Improve Your Curation Trail

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Running a Curation Trail  fitinfun.jpg

Do you run a curation trail? This one tip will improve it for the minnows who follow you. They have chosen to automatically upvote posts you designate, but when you vote first, nobody wins.

The nature of curation rewards at steemit mean that we get “credit” in our curation rewards for finding good posts that later have big votes on them. So whoever votes first gets the benefit of votes that come later.

But in this case, you are the big guy. A lot of little votes coming after you do not help you grow.

If you let your minnows vote first with your larger vote coming after them, your trailers will get the benefit of your large vote in their curation reward. When you go first - they get nothing, and you get very little in the scheme of things.

Running a Curation Trail  to big fitinfun.jpg

Running a Curation Trail little guys first fitinfun.jpg

A trigger man solves this issue and can be anyone with low sp. You can use a smaller account you already have or ask one of the minnows on your trail to volunteer to go first. You will need their posting key and you will vote for the trigger man.

Running a Curation Trail  tigger man fitinfun.jpg

Next come all your other little guys. Use the timing on the autovoter to make sure all your small minnows can vote first.

Running a Curation Trail  small guys fitinfun.jpg

Use the next few minutes to let your larger steemers vote

Running a Curation Trail  bigger guys fitinfun.jpg

And then finally about 15 minutes after the trigger man has voted, it’s your turn along with any other big fish you’ve got on the trail.

Running a Curation Trail  now you fitinfun.jpg

You might say this is a small difference, but as you vote, time after time, the benefit does accrue.

However all bets are off if your little minnows are voting with no sp and no power. If your minnow's vote is under one cent, no one gets anything. Not the author and not the minnow. This is called a "dust vote" here and those are not encouraged.

You can find out if the minnow vote is dust by having them check their curation rewards. If they are getting nothing, it might not be in their best interest to follow the trail. Please encourage those who follow your trail to:

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Great suggestion! I had never thought of that. If I run a trail one day I will keep that in mind. :)

Like is this for manual curation, or do you find a post and send everyone a message to go upvote before the big fish upvote

No trails are automatic once you set them up. The way to do it is to have the little fish follow the "trigger man" at 0-10 minutes and have the big guys set up to vote later.

so Let’s say I have steem auto and running a trail. Do I adjust my fan base with the minnows having 10 min vote time and the bigger guys 10 min after them?

That would work. The first minnow would be the trigger all the other votes after and those others vote lowest to highest as best they can.

This sounds like an idea whose time has definitely come -- late as it is. I've put this article in front of the Discord group where I curate because we definitely want to help our members, especially our smaller members doing excellent work succeed. This makes so much sense I hope it becomes the new normal.

This is wonderful to hear. Thank you so much for spreading the word so our minnows can succeed :)

this is EXACTLY what i thought and felt, and when i see people begging me to join their curation trail this is precisely what happens. so i will be sending this post to all of them. hehe

Thank you! If they would make this change it might be worth it for the little minnows. Otherwise - no.

so far, when ive asked the leaders of a couple of groups they stated they already put this info out and this is how they are running their curation trails. LOL
i haven't checked anyone's figures but apparently the groups put out full disclosure reports for all the noobs to see.

You can check the votes on any post - are the big fish last and the minnows first?

on any post from? i'm talking about the curation trail and the trail are from everyone in the group. that would take quite a bit of research and checking each account. the two i'm talking about "i feel" would not intentionally do this to the noobs. also, they did post a post like yours awhile ago. repeat info, but i guess still worth discussing.

If you find any post with the trail voting on it you get check the order the votes came in with a number of places people have set up to track steemit. If someone asks you to join their trail, ask them to show you a few posts and let you know what account they use as a trigger. This way you can see if they are really doing this or not.

LOL ----> Show Me your Trigger ACcount!!

lol - this is your new reply :)

You are dead on with your overview of vote trails. Most are not doing anything other then making the person running them a lot of curation money and worse more then a few are selling their services in one way or another.

When I set up the PIF curation Trail it will be set up will be with an account that is designed to have no SP, well at least no more then required to be able to cast 8 votes a week.

The idea will be to set a curation trail for the best of the best featured bloggers gaining a vote from the curation trail account. These will be from the winners of the Judges Choice awards and both featured bloggers will gain a vote from the trail as a bonus.

Even small votes from those who support this process will really help the plankton that will be receiving these votes. Just seeing a string of votes poor in for someone with a newer account will be serious motivation. Hopefully we will be able to secure a few larger accounts that will commit to 8 votes per week on a preset day for this trail.

Not there yet, but this is something I want to launch in the next week or two.

You are sure full of great ideas, @thedarkhorse. Thank you so much for weighing in. I hope to help the trails I'm on and the minnows that support them. Great idea with your "no sp" account. One of the ones I know of uses a small account, but big enough to have a slider in order to vote at 1% - which is zero value. Anyway that can be done is for the best.

I can't wait to see your curation trail in action. I know it will be just what we need here :)

I figure that by having no SP in the account I won't feel bad if it sits at 100% VP for 85% of the week and I'll know that it's giving all of the curation to those who follow it.

Key for people following a trail is to vote at 0 minutes after the curator if they are worried about curation rewards. If you are voting because you believe in the cause and want to help the small fish put a delay on your vote. Even delaying 5 minutes lets others get in first and earn curation rewards.

If 100 people are already in the trail you will never earn curation rewards if they are all at 0 minutes as steemauto takes the first registered 0 minute account and that is the first vote. Due to network lag (latency) and the votes being cast milliseconds apart sometimes there is variance to the exact order but they are cast in the same order each time. So finding a new trail (PIF...hint hint) and signing up early gives you a much better chance at earning some curation rewards.

Your chance also increases a lot if you vote at a higher power. See plenty of trail votes cast at 2.5% and the person has 20sp. That person isn't even casting a vote that is registered by steemit. Currently you need about 1.5sp for a vote to register, so 2.5% of 20sp is only 0.5sp vote which is not even registered. It's dusted away before it's even counted as a dust vote. This helps avoid the network getting clogged with zero value votes and keeps things running smoother for everyone.

This is why I'be never been a fan of trails. Financially, the small guys don't win and it's why so many have resorted to using the bot tracker to frontrun the Bots.

I also prefer to vote before people start using these bots 😜

I understand you. and this is why I have so many votes for -0- now. I do not know how anyone thinks this is a good idea. I have a few places I can vote where I know the payout will go up dramatically. So satisfying :)

I have a few places I can vote where I know the payout will go up dramatically. So satisfying :)

Me too. As long as the content is something you agree with, welcome to the game!

@fitinfun - I love your post and to me, it is perfect timing! I need your help or collaboration.

I am starting an initiative - not a curation trail, but I call it a curation circle to avoid any confusion. It is voluntary and not automated at the moment.

I am using the tag, #ccc, to set those post apart and if you click on it, you'll see my post describing it.

I am not a big gun, but, if this takes off, I'll load up and power up. But, ideally, I hope a few of us would team up and help the little guys to be on the right track under the creed, the honor code.

I would like your input and help to refine it to help newbies help each other and as your pot says, the big / bigger guns come after them, after the ant / dust votes have voted.

All the best!

I will go look - we need our minnows to succeed and I will be glad to see what you are doing.

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HI! So im confused on how you can let the smaller accounts vote first?

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