Chickens and Robots! Good News About BOTH!

in bot •  10 months ago

If you remember, I am a partner in a Bangladesh Chicken Farm!

They are getting big; they are not little chicks anymore!


You can read all about how I partnered up with @azizbd in this post I made a few weeks ago.

Well now the chickens are over 1 kg and will be near 1.5 kg and ready for sale in the next few days.

You can read more about the chickens on @azizbd's blog, at this post for instance.

You can read @azizbd's first post on out Friendship Poultry Farm Business project, here.


So last week I learned How EASY it is to make a NEW STEEMIT Account for yourself or Anyone!

You just have to write up a little program that will talk to the steem blockchain and tell it the name of the new account, the password, the name and active private key of your current account, and the code will make the new account and transfer 20 Steem to it as Steem Power so it is off to a good start!

This is the simple interface I made to do this:

I used my new program to create @kennybot, a new account for me to use for bot testing!

I tested a new Give Away bot that asks you to Guess The Number it is "thinking of". If you do this in the replies, it will reply to your guess, letting you know if it is too low, too high, or Correct!

You can see the last test here.

I am about to do one last test! So go to @kennybot NOW and help me test.

Also, in this last test, which I will name GuessNumberBot 4, you will find the exact time that I will be running the actual Guess The Number Giving Back post here on my account.

The bot will be UP voting your guesses! @kennybot has only 20 Steem Power but I have a lot more, and my votes will be bigger.

So go NOW to @kennybot, test the bot, and find out when to Come Back HERE Tomorrow for the same thing but with BIGGER UP Votes for you!

See you later! 💗

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Hello @kenny-crane, its nice to know that your joint venture project with @azizbd for the poultry farm is doing well. I hope once its sold, it'll beneficial to the community @azizbd is helping to build. Good work guys.

Hi @kenny-crane. Glad to hear that the chicken are ready to be sell because it can help alot of people. For sure @azizbd will be so happy too. Both of you have done a very meaningful and wonderful jobs. Also thanks for the format of getting a new steemit account.😘😘😘

Chicken breeders are unbelievably successful and definitely profitable because of the hard work that will bring more results, success for you @kenny-crane😊

Thanks, will be helping helping out my buddies sign up that way, i have seen alot of signed up with little steempower. If 20 is delegated already in this method, it's obviously worth a shot.
Will be trying out some activities with the @kennybot, I can see you are calling for alot of steemian activity which is a good thing. Time for guessing i think...


You may guess here now:

Come back here later for the Real Thing!


Lol..i gave it a shot, i was too low.. some fun though.


if the guess is correct then after that the bot will not reply ?


Yes. After someone guesses the correct number, the bot turns off.

How many chicken in your farm??????
I have some chicken. looks...


That chicken looks nice! Our farm has 1500 chickens. :)


1500....The number of chickens is much higher. Please, the number of poultry in your firm will be even higher. This work in Bangladesh is very profitable and delightful. My farm has 20 chickens. It's a lot less. I love them very much.


Rhode Island Red or another breed if you do mind me asking ?

Thank you very much for the post about our partnership farming business also best of luck with @kennybot 💗

That is so kind of you kenny . I am waiting for your bot game . It will be fun .

This post has been deemed resteem & upvote worthy by your friendly @eastcoaststeem ran by Steemian @chelsea88

Interesting game you have there. Playing a game with a bot is different! Any day you guys are bringing the chickens to market.

hope the bot pass all the tests <3

Thanks for the "report" about chickens, as they grow quickly!!!!
I will definitely test your bot, thank you !

Looking healthy :)

Cool post Kenny, #TmSmile😀 Re-Tweeted your Tweet :) Good Luck All

When is the next one? I wanna play🙋🏻‍♀️

I saw @azizbd: - 's blog. He is the proud child of Bangladesh. He is associated with a lot of great work. I inspired him.thanks @azizbd:- and thanks also @kenny-crane:-


He is a great guy who does so much to help the people around him! I am inspired by him too! And you're welcome! :)


Many times we are deceived by bad guys. Then we think there is no good man in the world. But no, there are still many good people in the world because the world has survived.

I love poultry farming and the chicken here seems some of these chicks are like a some days old.

Oh future chicken nuggets! Awesome!

Thanks @kenny-crane. When is the next contest?


Probably tomorrow, like in 15 hours from now.

I hope you're having fun with chickens! In a few days, they will be bigger!
Going to test your bot, see you^^
I can't upvote you post. Is something wrong?


Steemit is strange sometimes! :P

But I see you up voted my comment on your excellent wig story; thanks! :)

And that bot guessing game is over. I'll probably do another one tomorrow though! :D See you!


Now the problem solved! I'll give the bot another try!

ভাই প্রতি কেজি কত ?

Thank you for posting. Good job!

Best article and very important.. i like it

well thanks for sharing .. this information with us

Perfect, I will participate in the next one, thank you once again @kenny-crane :)

Great to see your post and you are a programmer as well so it will be great to learn from your post's :D

love to read it..

Guess here please, NOW, for the last test:

And find out when to come back HERE tomorrow for the BIGGER UP Votes!