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in bot •  9 months ago

I am thinking of a Number between 1 and 64, inclusive. Can YOU guess the Number???

You get one guess per person. Incorrect guesses get 50% vote and the bot will let you know if you are too low or too high.

The correct guess gets a 100% vote. The bot will tell you that you are Correct, and then it will stop, giving no further replies or votes.

You can include your number guess anywhere in your reply. The bot will consider the first number it sees in your reply as your guess. No number, no vote or reply.

Thanks for helping to test this bot! If it works, then you will see a similar post on the @kenny-crane blog soon, with much bigger votes!

(Why between 1 and 64? 64 is a power of 2 and it makes it faster to guess the number if you all guess in a certain pattern...)

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Thanks to everyone for testing! Congrats to @jeezzle for guessing the correct number!

Looks like the bot worked well and without any bugs. I'll run it on a post at @kenny-crane soon, for bigger up votes.

Thanks again to all who guessed. Much appreciated!

I will guess 55.


Your guess of 55 is CORRECT!!! Congratulations!!!


This is fun. Too bad I was late :/


Good guess! Thanks for testing. Everything seemed to work right, so the Real One is coming on my blog next. I think it will be, guess between 1 and 10,000. Should still be discoverable in about 13 guesses, but I don't think everyone will follow the optimal strategy!


You're math seems pretty dang close on the number of guesses it takes! I am taking the over though! :D

My guess is 56


Your guess of 52 is too low.


Your guess of 48 is too low.


Your guess of 32 is too low.


Your guess of 45 is too low.


Your guess of 59 is too high.

55 . Just trying to see what the bot does for multiple correct answers :)


Thanks for testing that! It actually shuts off after it sees that someone got the correct number, so it won't vote or reply to anyone after that, even if they reply with the correct answer.

I think 32
:) thanks