Bpclan Terms of Service

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The bot uses blacklists from the following accounts: spaminator cheetah steemcleaners mack-bot
Users can be added to bpclan blacklist for spam, violation of steem TOS, abuse of the bot, or any action the operator deems inappropriate.

Prohibited tags

NSFW is currently the only tag that will be rejected by the bot. I'll update if others are needed.

Spam Control

If any report of plagiarism is found on a post it could be unvoted without refund
Repeatedly abusing the rules will cause your account name to be added to the bot Blacklist.


upvotes are pending @bpclan @bunnypuncher

I'll fix the issue you ran into. I've refunded you SBD.

@bpclan @bunnypuncher
I have sent 1.5 steem yesterday for post upvote

Today after 13 hours i got upvote worth 1.17$, this is totally cheating with us. Why you did not upvote me on that cycle? Now you give me negative return upvote.
This is not fair. Please, check and give the solution.

Hello bpclan me send 1 sbd you are not upvote my post check plz https://steemit.com/food/@abdulhaadi/mujhe-badaam-pasand-hai

I've refund you bid. There was an issue with the bot that has been correct. Sorry for the hassle.

Last day UPVOTE pending 😐

You bid has been refunded. The bot is fixed now and safe to use again. Sorry for the hassle.

Yesterday send 3 Steem but have not received any upvote. Please check.

Oh, hell yeah! Good for you bunny!
Thank you for cooperating with anti-abuse projects.

Thanks I try and be a good bot operator. And I'm working on getting added to isteemd.com now since I've worked out all the kinks. The bot has worked flawless for about 2 months now.

Very nice! I might move my business to you then. Haha.

I like @bpclan, pretty decent bot. =)


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Hi @bpclan I sent through 1 SBD for an up vote yesterday and still haven't got it. This is the post https://steemit.com/fitnesschallenge/@thevillan/challenge-completed-arms-and-shoulders-day-1020-reps-on-october-12


I had an issue with the bot (HF20) that caused your issue. I have fixed it now and it should work correctly going forward.

haven't recieved upvote yet @bpclan

is the bot buggy because i still havent recieved an upvote for my last post i have sent 0.1 sbd with post link

It's fixed now. I had to update some stuff because of HF20. Hope you can understand.

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