Missed bid for a round

in #bot4 years ago (edited)

Hello dear @adriatik's bot users.

We are aware of an issue with our service which caused to miss some bids. The issue is fixed now and we started proceeding to the missed votes which were already reported.

Please give us notice for your missed vote in the comments below! Thank you for your patience and sorry for the issue!


Some shit happened yesterday when all the users got refunded instead of voted, except from one which benefited.

I got a double refund, so I owe you 0.1 SBD.
Also, automatic reward claiming stopped, and a lot of SP is sitting idle because it is not claimed.

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Hello @masdstacks, I sent you your refund. Again, sorry for the missed bid!

I sent 0.3 sbd for this post https://steemit.com/technology/@sharif77/who-is-the-top-of-the-laptop-market
But I do not get the vote. please check it

Hi yes I sent a bid and in was missed 14 hours ago Transfer 0.500 SBD to adriatik https://steemit.com/art/@harj/title-incompatible-date-by-harj

Hi! Thanks for your support, @growingpower just upvoted your comment ;) Hope you have a great day

Hello @harj! Really sorry for the missed vote, we just sent your refund! By the way, I like your painting but am not able to give an interpretation :)

thanks Adriatik! : )

Hours after the hours long downvtime of HF19.5, adriatik bot worked well, but then it went down and my bid is stuck for hours by the time that I post this comment.

Since then adriatik secretly resumed its operation, skipped my bid (now we are eventually even for the erroneous refund you once gave me) and voted on another person's bid that came hours later.
Now I am more worried about the next time that it will probably happen.

Reminder for myself to post a thread on passive investments never being completely passive.

thanks a lot for this post, steady 👍👍

Can u please refund my SBD back as i have send u yesterday

Hello @syedihsanshah, refund was just sent! Sorry for your missed bid

Hello @maryanaro, I proceeded to your refund. Sorry for the missed bid!

Hello @psos! Sorry for the missed vote. I couldn't put your vote in this room as it would have created a negative ROI so I prefered to refund you.

Thanks and glad to know the concern about the ROI 👍

I need some votes how to I get???? plz.help me

Hello @being-arham! Nothing went wrong with your bid, it needed for the round time to be finished. You got upvoted already!

I missed my vote on

i, I put in a bid on your bot this link but did not get the bid it was sent 44min ago
What happened

everydaycoach send 1.190 SBD to adriatik

Hello @everydaycoach. Something went wrong with our bot and we needed to update it. That's why you bid was missed yesterday night. I resubmitted your bid 2 minutes ago, so when you wake up your vote should be on.

Wake up? It’s the middle of the day here:-)

Oh! I assumed you were sleeping! Maybe you are from Spain then?

I have apartment in Spain but live in Norway:-)

Hello @naegling11. You got a refund as I didn't have room in this round for your vote. Again, really sorry I missed your vote!

hello @kamilason. Your post is already upvoted.

gracias por avisar me avía preocupado que ya no nos querias en la manada del Proyecto Nala

sir plz back me sir i sent 0.500 steemdollar 23 day ago... but no you upvote my post sir because of ur miss take....plzzzz back me my steemdollar sir......... this post sir :-

@adriatik sir plz back me my dollar sir...

hello. It appears that you already got a refund 23 days ago. I prefer to think that you forgot about it.

Nice post plzzz follow me and upvote my post plzzz, ......

Hello. You missed to upvote on my post. I made a bid of 0.1 sbd few hours ago. here is the link.

@adriatik how much are took to time for vote - after get bid amount??

Hello @mediavoice. One round duration is 2 hours and 20 minutes approximately

Good morning, sorry that I was absent is that I injured my back and was in the doctor but I'm here, friend was interesting to read one of your post I hope to read the following

@adriatik I commented & followed

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