Hi, I'm Ryan Biddulph. I'm a Former Fired Security Guard Turned Island Hopping, Amazon Best Selling Pro Blogger with a 60,000 Member Following

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Hello All!

My name is Ryan Biddulph.

I am former fired security guard turned island hopping, pro blogging, Amazon Best Selling World Traveler.

I help folks build successful blogs full time and will delve into that topic on Steemit but also plan to write more spiritual, inspirational and topical posts here.

I have a sense for what gets traction on this network and will honor that.

But I will also add my humorous travel tales, blogging tips themed posts and tips to help you build a successful business as well.

A Little on Me.....


10 years ago I was fired from my security guard job. I was broke, depressed, mad at the world and had zero direction.

Today I am an island hopping, full time, pro blogging world traveler.

I have written multiple best selling eBooks among the 124 eBooks I have self-published on Amazon.


I've also lived in places like Fiji, Thailand, Costa Rica and Bali for months while helping folks retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging at Blogging From Paradise.

After being featured on sites like Virgin, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fox News, Positively Positive and Lifehack I saw Steemit as a cool place to meet folks, to make friends, to serve, to share my experiences and to simply give us a channel through which we can create, connect and raise the vibe in the world.


We seem to be in a crazy time, with all the shifting going on out there. By sharing our stories, and promoting one another, we can help to bring the world together through this platform.

Gotta roll guys.

It was so great to meet you.

I'll see ya on Steemit!

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"Former Fired Security Guard", I love that sh*t, real funny stuff.

Have you considered a rewarding career in standup too?!
You remind me of me.
Use your wit, have a good time, be nice to folks, communicate, smile..
and have fun!

PS - I don't feel guilty when I sleep in, which is much of the time these days.

Never have but I am starting to grow a tiny following with my Facebook Live and Periscope videos, where I toss in a little humor here and there ;) Thanks for reading.

Awesome, glad to have you here on Steemit. Up voted and now following you.

Thanks so much :) Following back buddy.

@ryanbiddulph Following you sir, Excited to see you on steemit. Keep it up

Following you back. Thanks much :)

Its great to meet you too. I am a first time blogger and found steemit very user friendly as well.

Awesome to see you here Ali :)

Thank you :)

Ali happens to be my classmate and a thorough gentleman. Ali, Ryan happens to be a topnotch blogger. You can see from the post.

Hey how cool is that? Goodness I need to visit Pakistan when we start traveling again.

Love you, Ryan!!!

No one is happier than I am to see you sharing your magic here on Steemit. I know you will go big here! Best of luck and I feel incredinly inpired after reading this.

"10 years ago I was fired from my security guard job. I was broke, depressed, mad at the world and had zero direction.

Today I am an island hopping, full time, pro blogging world traveler."

Love back atcha Ilyas! Thanks for introducing this community to me! I did know of it but hadn't gotten serious until a nudge from you a few days back. So fun to be in on it, meeting folks and enjoying the ride.

Wow! Nice to know about you n happy to see you here on steemit.
Upvoted n following u :)
Would love to be followed back :)

Ryan, she happens to be my sister. So many people I have brought here will look forward to be inspired by you. :)

How cool :) Everybody here knows Ilyas or is related to him LOL....really awesome to see your sister onboard.

Done Ayesha! Following you. Thanks so much :)

OMG! Thank u so much. Its an honour for me. :)))

My pleasure :)

Hey, buddy!

Weclcome to the Steemit!! :)

Great to see you as always Adeel!

Great Ryan, you'll do so well here, fantastic!

Dominik thanks a bunch!

Hey Ryan. Its really god to see you here. I hope we will make this community a best time spending community together. Stay blessed.

Likewise Muhammad, great to see you!

Hi Ryan.

Looks like another place to see ya. Lol!! Thank for posting this platform on FB. I'd never heard of it.

Talk soon.......Chris

Thanks Chris!

Chris, I'm following you. :)

Hi Ilyas. Nice to meet you. Following you also.

May I ask you how much time it took you to be independent, income-wise, when you decided to be a travel blogger? Are your travels sponsored by National Tourism Boards?

That being asked, as a fellow traveller I welcome you to Steemit! If you feel like reading it, I made a detailed article about finding cheap flights https://steemit.com/travel/@borderedge/how-to-find-the-cheapest-flights-from-anywhere

It took years because I did dumb stuff for years LOL. But when I did smart stuff, it took less time. Different for anybody though; your experience will be different than mine. No tourism board stuff; just 126 eBooks, coaching, consulting, courses, all that revenue. I'll check it out. Thanks for the comment :) Following you now. Thanks for chatting!

Stunning, nice to see you here in Steemit universe. Up voted and now following you. You are inspiration for me.

Thanks so much for stopping by :) Happy to follow you back.

Welcome and enjoy!

Kerim great to see you here :) Thanks much.

upvoted and welcome

Thanks Shahryar really appreciate it!

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Thanks so much for the shout out!!!

Hey Ryan! I've seen you on multiple platforms including Quora and Warrior Forum. Great to have you here. I've joined about a few days ago so I'm rather new as well. Followed you!

Thanks Alvin! Following back :)

Thanks much! Visiting now.

welcome to the community :) i wish i could go see as many places as you have :)

Thanks so much. Hope to see you around the globe!