TIPS to successful Steemit posting: Learning from @kaylinart

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@kaylinart is an extremely successful steemit blogger. Every day that girl be dropping $30 posts like a champ. Her stories are inspirational, well written, and an easy read. They are also formulaic and you can use that formula to your benefit. That's not a diss in any way, shape, or form, it's just to say she found a pattern that works really well on this platform and has been able to inspire people and monetize that inspiration quite well.

After following her posts for a little bit and interacting with her on a lot of those posts I think I figured out the pattern.

Focus on the Format!

If you want to make money you have to appeal to your audience and give them consistency. You can do things in many different ways, but when you find something that works and that your audience likes stick with it! Jon Stewart of the Daily show was a great example. A clip to start the show, a starter opening funny scene, a bit, another bit, an interview, your daily dose of zen. Show over. That's a format that made a comedy central show a formidable news program.

The image matters!

Start your posts with an image in a consistent but changing fashion. @kaylinart posts a pretty girl for the front image of every post she makes. Sometimes it's her. Sometimes it's not. It's not the exact same image, but it's usually a pretty girl with flowers or nature of some sort. It's consistent, but not the exact same!

Be inspirational!

Steemit is becoming more corporate. As these accounts start to actually have value there will be pressure on the system to not be controversial. Controversy drops followers, drops users, and scares advertisers. Inspirational posts are non-threatening, possibly helpful, and generate good will. You will pickup followers more with honey than vinegar though the platform may suffer because truly jaw dropping material may not be tolerated/supported on it.

Add a second point of inspiration slightly off topic or one that reinforces the topic!

Don't just let your audience get away from you after only making one point! You have to make more points. Challenge them, but just enough so that they say "Yeah, I should do that" but not enough so they say "Woah, what's wrong with me?"

Time for another image!

Seal the deal with a call to action!

You have learned how to successfully post, but that's not enough. If you want to make money you have to actually post! Pick your passion, pick your interest, follow this successful format, and watch the followers and the steem grow. Don't expect it overnight, but if you do this you'll likely find yourself an overnight hit 1 year in the making!

Be sure to include your steemit badges! These are social proof of your value and add in reason why folks should upvote you!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I feel super flattered right now <3
I was laughing as I noticed you caught on to some of my patterns heheeh :)
I'm so glad to be on this platform! It's a wonderful one for sure!
Resteemed :)


Thank god. I spend a lot of time mocking and instigating people on here. I wanted to make it clear that you weren't one of them!


Aww How sweet!


WOW! @aggroed, You have some of the most EPIC findings a placement of quality content around! how do you find your memes?


Hours of scrolling facebook


I basically look at you like I would Robinhood steal from the rich (AKA Facebook) to redistribute to the poor on Steemit. Keep crushing it @aggroed!

Great post @aggroed
Thank you for this, great tips and very well delivered.


With the GIF for the win!!!

Absolutely. I love seeing rewards go where they are most deserved.

@kaylinart if you see and or read this and you are wondering how to feel about it... my hope is you feel flattered!


I was thinking that was super kind of you @aggroed to help out. People like yourself are the ones I want to follow.

I agree! Kaylinart is so intelligent when it comes to grabbing someones attention! She knows how to title her posts perfectly


Yep! She's quite bright! Thank you.

Great post .. Thanks.
I was just now in this moment trying to analyze/understand how this amazing successful girl do it myself. :)
To note: @kaylinart has an absolutely amazing mind which is THE fundamental in her success though.

This is so helpful @aggroed, my wife and I are working to build the community of steemit. She is a wonderful photographer.

keep up the good work!


This is crazy I can earn money from commenting on some good content. I just can't believe how bad facebook has been ripping us off all the time. That is why I am a Seeminite with all yall!

This is a fun link to my very first post on why Steemit will crush facebook :)

I just started following you and this is the second useful thing I learned from you, there's a lot of good tips here in your post, I also just finished watching a video from @papa-pepper that also is full of good advice, checked out if you like and well keep up the good work @aggroed :D

Thank you for breaking this down for us! Always good to model someone who's already successful!

I will study at @kaylinart, she sucessed in steemit post


LMAO! I feel like a science experiment!


You're just awesome... Enjoy the shining light on You Dear!


I don't think you'll find a formula that suits everybody. Papa Pepper can be the perfect example of the complete opposite.


OMG! Exactly! I just thought of that. I guess you need to find out what works for you.


That's fair. I didn't say this is the only way. This is just what I learned from @kaylinart and her style. Thanks for pointing that out.

Right on the money, literally. Great post, thanks for sharing those insights.


sure thing. Hope it helps you make tons of digital tokens.


Will be following you. Thanks.

You will pickup followers more with honey than vinegar though the platform may suffer because truly jaw dropping material may not be tolerated/supported on it.

Very well said.
Thank you.

thanks for the information

Great write up, Thank you! Following now

Thanks for this. As a new user and a creator, I find it extremely helpful.

Starting out is tough.. but I have over 50 followers.. still trying to figure out their preferences. I try not to rack my brain though and just post whats on my mind. If it reaches the audience.. GREAT.

That's helpful thank you..i guess a format is what most need. it's an art they say :)
Following you now.

Im awesome

That was very helpful. Thank you and have fun.

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Thank you, this will help me improve my style which currently lacks everything...



UGHHH That cat!! Too cute! It hurts LOL

This was really helpful! Thanks for sharing.

Good post and I agree with you, that helps me !

It works for you too ( =

Exactly what I needed. Thank you

A great post with advices that every blogger on Steemit should listen to. It's easy to just post something, but I think that more of a plan and strategy is great for me and for my readers. It gives value and creates interest. I just don't post things randomly. Every time I start to use a new platform it's a bit like testing how it works and do some random posting, but it's never working:-) I think hard work, passion and strategy is a great idea.