ADVICE FROM PAPA - VIDEO 2 - A Video Series To Help Newer Users on Steemit

in help •  last year

Thanks again to @suziescorner for recommending that I make these videos.

While the scope of the first video concentrated more on introduceyourself posts and comments, this one focuses primarily on quantity and quality. For use steemians, you should never compromise one for the other. Hopefully it will give you some good food for thought. Enjoy the video.



If there is anything in particular that you have questions about or want to know, please feel free to leave me a comment below and I'll see if I can't accurately answer your question in an upcoming video. I'll do my best! Steem on!

To begin to read some helpful posts about interacting on steemit, CLICK HERE.

Until next time…

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Thanks for your help Papa, down to earth and easy to understand. I'm green to this and need all the help I can get. I searched for help on YouTube, and got little out of it. Glad I ran into your post, learnt a lot more in a shorter time.


Very glad to hear it. I have another one too.

More to come.

Papa, very informative video. Thanks for all the time that you are spending for us newbies. Waiting for the next video. Have an awesome day and keep steeming


Wow. Glad to know it is helpful. I am trying!

Thank you for posting this, also went and watched part one. The particulars of Steem are different and also same then the usual social media.

The differences are taking some getting used to, but I am already loving it much more.

I look forward to you posting more insights.

🍒 I liked your Steemit chain its very gangsta rapper, very cool, did you make it?


Yeah. It was a present for myself.

Keep it up pops.


Will do. Thank you for the encouragement!

This Newbie appreciates the info and fun presentation! Very useful! Upvoted and following!


Good to hear.

It is interesting to read :)


Thank you.


you are welcome :)

Thank you for giving your time to help us newbies out


I'll keep it up as long as it helps. Thank you!

Thanks for doing these! They really help us newbies out! Looking forward to seeing more of your posts!


You're welcome. Glad to hear it helps.


Thanks. I hope it helps.

Dang!....your steemit Bling is dope,send me one papa-pepperful!


But I gave the extra one to a goat....


Why will you do that @papa-pepper ?.....heart broken


🍒 Gangsta Goat xD hehehehe

Super! We need more of this. Thanks for the help, info and post. Cheers.


I thought it was a good idea. Glad to hear it is helpful.

this was a really helpful video, thank you!


You're welcome!


pleasure :)

Really helpful video, resteemed



re-steemed for my newer followers :-)


Thank you. I hope it blesses them.

Awesome man! Keep it up!
(Check your pm :) ..I need your help again)


Sure thing, Done.


You're the best bro :)

@papa-pepper, nice post. we are at war with monero on twitter at the BTCC polls, and everyone need to vote STEEM. Guys open this link and use the link to vote STEEM....STEEM needs us to get to the finals of the BTCC polls on twitter


Let's do it!


thank you

Hard Work + Persistence!

Solid advice for newcomers! This is inspiring me to get some stuff together like this myself. I've grown pretty well in a pretty short period of time, and I think that's something that people are interested in learning from :)

Upvoted, of course


We each have our own story and our own journey, so when we shae that with others, we can inspire and encourage. I say go for it.

Appreciate the steem-help. Also, ouch. Take care of those blisters!

Thank you so much for your help. I am not sure if you saw my post where you were mentioned but I want you to know about it.


I did not. Thank you for the link, it helps.

If you have a bit of time I would appreciate your feedback so I an improve my posts.

@papa-pepper I just seen your second video. Thank so much for making these and also for mentioning my name. I admire your accomplishments and I hope to learn from you and others. You are the best!!


Glad to hear it. Just recorded the 4th one to post in the am.

People are really enjoying this series, so thank you for asking me to share.

Thank you very much! By the way, how did your little son and wife?

Thank you so much for these insightful videos. It is really good that someone with your experience should take the time to pass on advice and thoughts. X

I keep hearing you use MSPaint - have you ever tried
Took me less then a minute to put together...