Ocular Diseases Part 1: The Cornea

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There are various types of Cornea diseases that can impair or affect a person's vision, on this topic I will go over some of the most common ones:

The first one is A Corneal Ulcer, is it basically an open sore where bacterial can get in and infect that sight, the person can experience pain and blurry vision, if left untreated he or she can lose their vision. Common causes can be over wear of contact lenses with no proper cleaning or severe dry eyes.

The second is Herpes Keratitis, it is viral in nature caused by the herpes simplex virus, sometimes this is caused by being in contact with someone with a cold sore and other times this is sexually transmitted. The person can experience pain, light sensitivity and blurry vision as well.

A Pterygium is a triangular wedge tissue that can sometimes grow over the cornea, this is mainly caused by over exposure to the sun. Common symptoms can be redness and irritation and normally it would not cause an issue unless it grows over near the center part of the cornea, when that happens you can potentially lose vision as well.

Keratoconus is a progressive thinning and protrusion of the cornea, usually the cornea looks like it bulges out sort of like a cone. The person's vision can be blurry and distorted, sometimes unable to be corrected with glasses.

Cornea dystrophy is a genetic eye disorder that causes clouding of the cornea, usually abnormal deposits are building up in the cornea and eventually will cause clouding, vision will decrease as it progresses.

Band keratopathy is where the cornea becomes swollen and there is a characteristic band that goes across the cornea, aques humor is not being pumped out properly and causes the cornea to swell. Patients can experience reduced vision and ocular pain.

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