Phew, I'm Done With My January Posting Challenge - And Here Are My Stats!

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I stated 2018 by challenging myself to post every day during the month of January. Since I try make sure my posts have at least a bit of value to the platform, posting daily was quite grueling and time-consuming. I did not manage to post on two occasions during the month, but posted twice in the same day on another. This means that I managed 30 posts in 31 days during the month of January, so I'm going to pat myself on the back and pretend I was successful.

But what was really important to me is that this was an extremely positive experience and I showed myself that I'm capable of constancy on the Steem blockchain (despite the fact that I took 3 days off from posting as soon as my challenge was over). Doing this challenge was really rewarding as the Steem platform had to become an integral part of my daily routine and I thoroughly enjoyed constantly interacting with the community.

A Huge Thank You!

I was inspired to do this challenge by @deirdyweirdy and the way she aced the Alphabet Art Challenge and by @dragosroua who created his own January 30 Day Challenge. I really want to thank the people and communities who kept me going with their support. I really appreciate the most faithful reader and supporter I have ever had - @deirdyweirdy. I'm also really thankful for the highly reputable people who started autovoting my work like @crimsonclad, @ausbitbank and @discordiant - this is an honor that is truly humbling!

Of course, I also have to mention the awesome communities and projects who deemed some of my posts worthy of an upvote like @steemstem, @steemiteducation, @curie and @sndbox. Those projects and the awesome people trailing their votes were responsible for the majority of my January author rewards.

Thank you to everybody that ever took the time to read, comment or upvote a post of mine! It's hard to express my gratitude...

My Most Recent Word Cloud

Source: Steem Reports

The world cloud created using my latests posts looks a bit different than last time I posted one.


During January I had the privilege of running two different contests which received more than 50 entries and allowed me to give away a total 16.84 SBD to 11 different steemians. Besides giving away some prizes, I also managed to get some as I was among the winners in contests by @sndbox and @digitalking.

The Stats

More than half of the 30 posts I made in January received more than 10 comments (my own replies included in that number). Exactly half of my posts received more than 30 upvotes and none got under 10.

On average, my posts earned 7.65 SBD and 1.515 SP with two thirds of my posts falling below that mark. Only 8 of my posts earned more than 10 SBD this month and only managed 3 earned more than 20 SBD. With a few posts not having paid out yet, I've included expected rewards as displayed at Steem.Supply.

You can view the stats of all my posts from January below (ordered by SBD earned).

The Paradox of Non-Transitive Dice
and Our Imperfect Intuitions
A Sea Slug That Uses Photosynthesis
(Much Like A Plant)
The Birthday Paradox and Our Awful
Human Intuitions When It Comes to
Probabilities and Exponents
The Amazon Molly - An All-Female
Fish Species
There is a better way to refer to this
community than to call it Steemit
Join My First Steem Challenge/Contest:
Your 2017 Top 5 (And Win SBDs)
The AI-Powered Art Contest -
Let's Create Some Creepy Animals With
The Help Of Algorithms And Earn SBDs!
Steem Stats Animated Video Infographic3613.2023.15112
Some steemSTEM animated signature
gifs for your science posts
The Simplest Tool a Teacher or Parent
Should Never Forget - The Question
Let's not kid ourselves - Facebook is
never launching a cryptocurrency
The dev team is obviously working
on steemit behind the scenes.
And I'm giving a spin.
Happy New Year!
(and some personal thoughts on 2017)
If the law was up to you, would this be
illegal? What about moral?
How businesses could use the STEEM
blockchain to popularize their brands
If you were the judge, who would you
find guilty and of what crimes?
Five Facts About Me
(I Jump on the Bandwagon Uninvited)
Most movies out there are unrealistic
because they all cater to a fetish
we all share
I Bet You Have Signed Illegal Stuff
at Least Once in Your Life
The AI-Powered Art Contest Gallery
and Winners (Everybody's a Winner!)
Mark Zuckerberg Is Either Dishonest
Or Delusional Yet Again And
An Opportunity For STEEM
Halfway Through The January
30 Day Challenge
#my2017top5 Contest
Winners Announcement
Why Implementing A Two-Way
Conversion SBD Hard Peg Makes
Zero Sense
Janet Airlines - The Secret Airline
Operated By The US Government
You Could Snoop Around On Too
Supporting Organizations Can Be Hard
In A World That's Not Black & White
Choose Your Words Wisely:
How SayingSomething Honest
Cost A Company A Billion
There is a way to use more
than 5 tags on your post?
My 2017 Top 5 Challenge
Promo Video (60% of the liquid
rewards go to prizes too)
Challenge Accepted: January 30
Days Writing Challenge
(Plus Free Gifs For Participants)

Thank you for reading and for the support! I really appreciate it!


Hey man, your consistency is admirable! I would be happy if I could do 30 posts in 60 days :) Bravo and cheers!

Thank you! Let's see how I'll do in February. So far I'm 1 post in 5 days, so I don't think I'll be anywhere near ;) But I'll do my best to pick up the pace a bit without compromising with quality too much.

Wow, that was really something @rocking-dave! Posting every day for up to 30 days! I don't see my self being equal to such a task man. Kudos 👍

PS: I know the other my2017top5 challenge is still on even though the contest is over, right?
I've just made my own 2017top5! Do check it out pls 😁

@nevies, the son of Aphrodite and brother to Eros, Eryx, Peitho ,
The Graces
Phobos , Deimos,
Harmonia , Pothos ,
Anteros , Himeros ,
Hermaphroditus, Rhodos, Priapus, and Aeneas

Thank you for stopping by! :)

Wow, good Challenge <3

Thanks, I'm happy you think so! :)

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