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Hello everyone,

When first I got here, I expected to find many interesting people to talk to, to learn from and to get inspiration from. I was wrong.

Most of people here are empty; all they think about is money, bitcoins, politics and some more of money or bitcoin. Is it really the one and only thing that matters in life? Is it really the only thing that interests people so much and makes them so close-minded? Like really?

Maybe I’m not suitable for these kinds of platforms or maybe I was just too naive to find something really valuable. Saying that I don’t mean money. Money is the tool to buy things that you need to live, not a tool to make people numb/ dumb.

Thank you for your time!


This is a very young social media platform. If you give it a little time it will change and you will be able to influence the change if you stick with it. I can already see a dramatic increase in the number of people who have started using Steemit to meet other people who have an interest in homesteading, beer, coffee, beekeeping, running, or physics and I've only been here about 100 days.

It is really hard if you can't find an active community that is already discussing your favorite subjects. The only real options are wait for someone to build the community for you or do it yourself. Building a community on your own is going to be hard and lonely at first, but is certainly something to be proud of.

One of my Steemit friends, @dber, developed a following by posting a regular series about mushrooms. That is fairly esoteric topic, in my opinion, but he made it work.

Given your interest in art, writing, and elves, I think that you would find a lot of people who would want to follow you if you started a serial graphic novel. It will start very slowly, but if you can post a sketch and a little piece of the story once or twice a week it will catch on. If you keep it up until the end of the year and don't have at least 500 followers I will eat my hat, figuratively of course.

Maybe I’m not suitable for these kinds of platforms or maybe I was just too naive to find something really valuable.

For you, I think that Steemit is not a place to find something valuable. It is a place to make something valuable. Please give it a try.

Well You actually have a good point. Btw, I would like to read something in esoteric topic, thank you for advice and also I wouldn't miss a chance to see someone eating his own hat. Don't know why, but it is motivating!

leaving after 10 days? The main question is what exactly were you looking for here?

I also see lots of crypto content which seems to me is more valued than other posts, but I dont care about it, I dont read it because it is not wnat I want to read and why I came here.... I follow people who are interested in art, who paint, draw, take photos, and so on. And I must say there are lots of them and they have really good posts. I found many inspirative posts here.
My biggest interest here is to make valuable posts and make people interested about it, so the effort and time I put into it will reflect on the payout after some time and I will be able to support more people like me.
I am disgusted of people who act like bots here and only ask for upvote, because they want the most money for as little effort as possible, or they upvote you just because they want you to upvote them. If you see only this kind ofusers you wont stay here long. But there are also many of those who are interested in your content, who reads it, upvote because they like it, and so on.

To stay for supporting others is a really good thing to do. Thank you

Hello Pukenanachu,

I have felt a similar way about posts on this website, there is a heavy focus on money and bitcoin, however that has motivated me more to post on this site about other things that interest me. I'm not going to say don't leave, but I will say, if you want to bring out more from this platform, I recommend staying to promote it and promote the accounts that are posting interesting and engaging content.

If you do decide to leave the platform, then I hope the best of luck to you!
Thank you for your content posted so far.

Same here. Just continue to post quality content. It takes a while to find people of like interests and to get them to follow you. This is a platform that requires time to see fruit of your labor, and I'm not talking about monetary profit.

Let's be into interesting content then ;)

Nothing in life comes easy. You need to be a little patient. You have good content. Just Steem On and Magic will happen! This norse Whale love norse mythology btw:)

Great post, great opinion, and i personally absolutely agree and probably would do the same. Plus - poor interface, no forum or community, linear timeline so it's uneasy and so senseless to find old posts. I'd say the project came to the level that it can't break thru. I'd say your opinion reflects many.

Stick with it, the cream always rises to the top!
Good luck, ✌️

Please don't leave Steemit! You can find right people here just keep on searchin', girl! Stay positive ;)

Found and followed you from your boyfriends please to help encourage you not to leave Steemit. I believe your quit talented and could add a lot of value (and variety) to the Steemit community. Like any community their are subtle social "rules" to fit it and make friends. A couple of tips I could give is if you don't want to read about money and Bitcoin find the people who are interested in the things you are. From your posts I think that's art, drawing, norse mythology, writing, travel and photography. I'm sure there is much more to your interest as well. Search those tags, upvote and comment on the posts you like.
Make a goal to follow at least 100 like minded Steemians and really engage with them for 30 days.
You're life will be richer for it.

That is some really good advices, thank you.

I would give Steemit a chance. I neglected it and a few other 'free speech alternatives' for almost a year due to concerns similar to yours. However, I still feel that the platform has potential; even if far too many posts are fed through translation websites and too many people are obsessed with cryptocurrencies or somehow using Steemit to replace their day job.

Like Ghandi said - be the change you want to see in the world.
This platform evolves. We're growing each moment. Hidden gems are everywhere. It's worth looking and worth creating yourself.

If you joined for the money then why are you upset? If you joined to learn then why are you leaving?

...after 2 weeks ??????
I'm speachles.

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