Oh! ¡The Announcement! "The a.n.n.o.u.n.c.e.m.e.n.t." Extra! Extra! today is my third Steemversary!!

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«-The Nudge-»

¡Holy crap! Time flies!! ¿Isn't it?

And probably even quicker when we are immersed day in day out on the steem blockchain inspired by reading and consuming great and unique content. And well yeah, of course. Also when we are everyday greasing our squeaky neurons trying hard to conceive, create, redact, write, illustrate, musicalize, proofread, edit, format and finally publish our glorious crap to make people thinks and nurture & enrich everybody's life. ¿Am I right?

Yeah kids. "Three Long Years"

And let me tell you something good girls & good boys. This certainly has not been an easy ride. Much less having been idly standing on a highly convulsed, revolted and messed up country like mine where I came from.

This has been a fascinating & amazing journey of hard work, hopes, faith, patience, expectancy and tons of blood, sweat & tears jogging and trotting tirelessly throughout the grinding loop machine. The Steem Treadmill.

¿Can you feel it?

Yeah! you can bet it. Through these long three years I have seen plenty of peeps come and go. Another gangs who quit the grinding when steem prices are low and then running back here in stampede when the prices goes up again. Yep, the grinding you know?

Many of them have long deserted away from the hopeful digital dream and they have not been seen around anymore. And unfortunately, a lot of them has been my own countrymen.

Who indeed couldn't afford spend more time online if in front of so much adversity, currently slapping nonstop their faces everyday with a wildly uncontrollable crescent hyperinflation and the constant deterioration of light, water, communications and internet services in our country. This reality has made them realize that they have to seek to earn a living in a more stable way anywhere abroad, far from the comfortable rocking chair in front of a shining monitor and a keyboard weapon as everyone else.

Indeed. I have to admit that I've been one of those few rare & privileged species that going thru these turbulent waters between my own sunny land in the Caribbean, the wet Information Superhighway, the vast blockchain ocean and then the swampy steem pond. Still he is swimming in endless survival mode. Simply, cause at this very moment, I have no one on my shoulders. And you should realize not many are so lucky.

Not long time ago...

Cerro El Avila - Caracas - Venezuela. (from my window)

Yep, that used to be the majestic view which welcomed me everyday once I had moved away from the arms of Morpheus. After a much needed rest to recharge my batteries for a new life's battle to generate some tokens.

A few years later... I'm homeless and the landscape before my eyes every morning may well not be as splendorous as those shown before in the pic above. But I'm still trying. Trying to retain my patience. Trying to maintain my optimism. And certainly trying to reach my sixth Steemversary. :)

Check this out!!

Not bad... gladfully some of you might say. But you have to take into account that these humble results have been achieved over three years until today. I have no doubt these are otherwise very lousy results for a period of three years. Maybe I could have done this better. Maybe much worse. Who really knows?

But what I do know. Is the fact that I did what I've done, with plenty energy, plenty discipline, plenty courage, plenty constancy, plenty perseverance, plenty patience, plenty optimism, plenty hopes and above all, plenty loyalty & LOVE for this community, family and brotherhood that we all here call our HOME. Yeah! despite of my weird manners.

And yes, also despite of my very rebellious behavior. My usual outlandish content, replies and comments. And obviously, my intermittently slick opinionated critical thinking about everything and beyond.

What can I say? That's what you get. Take it or leave it. I'm too old now for drastic changes in my life. And although I well know that all this has been clearly reflected in my notorious lack of popularity, my modest numbers, graphs, record and statistics and mostly all over on my financial rewards and profits due not much heavy support through wealthy whales, opulent orcas & big dolphins and a long et cetera of filthy rich trails, guilds, tribes, lodges, clubs, clans and voting bots automatisms... Look in this mirror folks!!

Persistence and resilience is key here around this place folks. And well, obviously a very hard skin against scrapes, scratches, trips, falls and kinks to keep going ahead stumbling through the steem blockchain treadmill in the same fashion as I did and still I'm doing it after three bloody long years happily rolling and rolling endlessly but enjoying it so far.

¿Are you made up for this challenge too?

Forget it! You will never have the chance to stand up again. :p

«-'Abstract Aural Bit'-»

Leave a comment. Share your experiences and feedback. ¡Be part of the conversation!


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Cranky Gandalf


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3 years is not a long time, but in Steem years, it makes a 15 year old dog seem a puppy.

Persistence is the key to all things and I guess the trick is to outlast the things that are almost as persistent. =)

Yeah! outlast the things that are almost as persistent as our unstoppable need to shake the skeleton on big celebrations like this, sounds actually as a splendid idea. :)

And since I observe you too relaxed right now. What about if I throw plenty of 'candela' at your feet to put you on celebration mode for a good while?

I've already told everyone here, that no one will escape unscathed from this guateque on this blog post.

Signed, stamped, apostilled, sealed and endorsed: "The senior puppy" 😈

Jimi! R u experienced? Yes 3 years and more it seems..

How did I miss your gregarious curation trail post? Will soon be receiving my full massive upvote. I'll simulate a whopper as well!

I love your spirit and weird manners.. I'd have definitely left by now if I didn't find such a crystal clear reflection with your always connected reception..

I'll also of course esteem this post and resteem it. Thus casting a wider net to all of zero more eyes..

All the steem 💩 aside I truly respect you and have the greatest optimism that such a genuine human being will soon find a cozy nook to look at life from..

My perception is a reflection of the eternal wandering.. I abandoned wondering aeons ago and choose to not over analyze what the inquisitive and ambitious seekers are seeking..

In honour of our tradition I shall share something aural as well..

Seriously, this is the third or fourth time Zappa has come up today - on local radio, on Palnet, and in two posts. Weird.

Synchronicity! I just finished doing a self interpretive yoga session 😂.. Having a healthy day renaissance day! Cheers @riverflows have a, fabulous weekend ahead !

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Synchronicity all week, I need to buy a tattslotto ticket. Need a garden shed, find one on sale (like save myself 200 bucks), needed a worm farm, one appeared for 1/10 of the price, needed a coffee machine, my folks give me their Smeg. Seriously. Now I need to ask for that lambo.... if i the universe provides, I'll sell it and come visit ya in Malaysia. xx

Love it! Ask and ye shall receive! Play that lotto, not a bad idea.. I might try my hand at the acquiescence to abundance as well... Coffee, worm farms, and sheds would have me on cloud 9!!

I seriously love when life offers up these morsels of goodness, sharing in your joy.. Winning!

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Jimi! R u experienced?

Of course mate. Experienced and very Funky you know? 😈

Come on! bring here your tambourine immediately that we gonna celebrate my third steemversary with a flashing blast right away!!

I'd have definitely left by now if I didn't find such a crystal clear reflection with your always connected reception..

A great honor for me to have been helpful with that my dear friend and Doppelgänger. Don't give up now!! You are barely 1096 days away from perpetrating and committing the same rare 'feat' of this old Cranky Gandalf who enjoy big time your presence and company in this sordid & swampy blockchain. :)

My perception is a reflection of the eternal wandering..

Never abandon that sweet feeling of true inner freedom. Talking with yourself through endless soliloquies is highly healing and energizing. And you know it.

In honour of our tradition I shall share something aural as well..

Thank you very much for your welcome comment, your encouraging upvotes & support, your best wishes for my wellbeing, your kickass tune share and your more than welcome endorsing resteem to stun each one of our unprepared and unnoticed audience. Hahahaha

Thank you very much for everything. It's indeed highly appreciated. :)

Congratulations! It's a hard slog this game - but you're still here, so that's awesome!!

Haha yeah, you can tell that fer sure my dear @riverflows. A flooding slog indeed. :)

And now, let's just throw some of my usual shamanic doses for your NaturalMedicine arsenal. };)

Wow three years and I do hope you make it to six years and beyond. I came upon this post from @skramatters resteem though I have bumped into you before some time back. Glad you are still here doing your thing😀

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Thanks a ton @j85063. :)

Yeah! I will try make it to six years and beyond my friend. Still can't stop from rolling down obstreperously around this treadmill you know. LoL

I came upon this post from @skramatters resteem though I have bumped into you before some time back.

Oh yeah, I understand. In fact, no surprise with that. I'm well aware @skramatters is a younger & nicer replica of me with a more charming beak of gold to seduce easily his fans and entice his groupies on his bed.

Glad you are still here doing your thing😀

Thanks. And by the way, you are not going to leave this lightning visit unharmed either. };)

Since you are an active Actifitter,.. Right now I will make sure to provide you with the energy you need to break all the records of that Daap through some of my zestful & spirited medicine feeded by your earphones.

Gulp this without breathing my friend. };)

That music gets the body moving 😎

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Ha! did you think I was joking? 😈

No, no, no mate. I've told you, that you are gonna earn tons and tons of AFIT tokens in your next round running thousands of Km, miles and sea leagues over the water after ingesting my zestful & spirited medicine feeded by your earphones. LoL


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