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US imposes new sweeping sanctions on Venezuelan government this past Monday August 5 2019. And as a Venezuelan who feels its impact in his own flesh. I guess it should be useful chuck a few clueful, sneaky and unexpected jabs under the chin to the viral narrative of the mainstream media outlets. So, feel free to click on all the links throughout this article which contain an assorted bulk of different perspectives both in English and Spanish to ponder better what's really behind this last USofA move.

«-Prolog & Anteroom-»

Neil Bhatiya, a sanctions expert at the Center for New American Security in Washington, said it is not clear from the text of Mr. Trump’s order how aggressively the new sanctions will pursue global companies that do business with Venezuela’s government, or firms linked to it.

He suggested the action could amount to a scare tactic — with widespread economic and strategic implications — that could backfire on the United States, as it could push Venezuela closer to United States’ rivals like Russian and China and could isolate American companies in the country for years, he said.

“That would be obviously the opposite of the intent of the administration in pursuing this goal,” Mr. Bhatiya said. “They want to see Maduro leave, but I think it is in the realm of the plausible that he is able to stay for an indefinite period of time, because he is being bailed out by countries we can’t touch.

In Lima, Mr. Bolton mentioned Cuba nine times in 12 minutes, saying that extreme economic pressure will “work in Venezuela and it will work in Cuba.” The United States has banned most trade with Cuba since 1962, without toppling its government.

But the message seemed aimed at American voters, particularly in Florida, said Geoff Ramsey, head of the Venezuela program at the Washington Office on Latin America. Florida has a large Cuban-American population and is crucial to Mr. Trump’s re-election prospects.

“Talk of economic embargoes may play well among the Cuban community in Florida, but people in Venezuela will be asking themselves if they will have to live through this for the next 60 years,” said Mr. Ramsey.

He added: “This is a policy built on Cold War rhetoric.”


Deciphering The "CryptoFiatly" Affair, further.

Pompeo is only an errand boy of death. He lies, cheats and steal. Lately, he has been on errands to gather a coalition to invade Venezuela. Response nil. He then went on another errand to gather a coalition to fight Iran. Response nil. Now, he is on a third errand for this year. This time, it is to gather a coalition to fight China. Response will be nil.

Yeh, yeah! let's provoke China one more time!!

"The Ultimate Insult"

(Asking US to pay in Yuan for Russian services and goods)

¡Sorry Anglo-Saxons! couldn't find a so revealing videos like these with subs in your tongue. 😳

But alright pals! Don't worry!!

Let's throw now a few more revealing clues. This time in the 'international' language that everyone might understand. };)

"Fed chaos & gold’s breakout"

Meanwhile behind doors...

Trump: "We should have taken Iraq's oil" - "We should have taken Libya's Oil" - "We Should Take Iran's Oil" - ...and definitely: ¡We must take over OPEC & everyone's oil!

Ok, let's try to make things more clear.

Then, on 2017, Trump brought up Venezuela saying: "I don’t understand why we’re not looking at Venezuela. Why are we not at war with 'these guys' in Venezuela?” “That’s the country we should be going to war with,” Trump said, according to McCabe’s recounting. “They have all that oil and they’re right on our back door.”

"Fissures and Leakages"

"We can't do this and you shouldn't talk about it. Because talking about it is just bad... It's bad for America's reputation, it'll spook allies, it scares everybody," "We're just reimbursing ourselves for our security & protection services policing the world.

«-Now another one only in Spanish-»

Yeah! just wait a minute. I'm almost done.

Excuse me again folks. This video next comes also from the same eloquent & revealing research team of "Top de Impacto". Which unfortunately, are all spoken in Spanish without english or any other language subtitles.

I'd wish this video had english subtitles available. Since I considered it key and extremely important to better decipher with greater clarity the on going current conformation of the true Geopolitic$ of world's economy.

But nevertheless, I think I will have to settle with that the message of this video at least reach loud and clear to the attention and consciousness of my countrymen and hopefully, also for the scrutiny, consideration and reflection of all the Spanish-speaking brothers.

A tale about Straits, Channels, Routes, Gangways, Corridors & Chokepoints.

Hmm, ok. I hope you paid extra attention to the map shown in the video at the beginning of the minute 3:35. Yeah! that's right folks. Did you notice that apart of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia down there on the curve besides Oman is also Yemen?

Yes Yemen! That Yemen. One of the custodians of the Gulf of Aden which actually connects the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aden and ultimately to the Indian Ocean and where specifically the Asian side of "Bab el-Mandeb" (The Door Of Lamentations) is administered by them?

Yemen yeah. one of the biggest victims in the region under a fierce long war conflict and famine carried out by an US & Saudi-led coalition attack exacerbated to such high degree that the UN had no choice but call this conflict the world’s largest humanitarian catastrophe, including by unlawfully impeding delivery of desperately needed humanitarian aid?

And yet, the present events in Yemen still pass under the table and also without have been reported succinctly by the mainstream news and mass media outlets around the world. ¿Do you wonder why?

Last but not least.

"China’s New Silk Road"

Project Of The Century

Did you already read and watch all the previous info above?

About the current ongoing incitement & provocation maneuvers by the insistent grim stubborn USofA Trump's government poking now the blank patience of their Chinese counterpart sending recently U.S. Ships to Sails Through Disputed South China Sea? And Pompeo visiting the Federated States of Micronesia lobbying for their support looking they quickly join under their sphere of influence against Chinese interests?


"The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership"

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