STEEMIANS I love you! My first steemit success!

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I'm pretty much speechless!....

Yesterday proved to be a bit of a special day thanks to you lovely Steemians! Actually more like a huge, turning point in my life kind of day! :)

This is how it all went down

I woke up yesterday feeling like there was something lacking from my frist intro and had the need to make a second introduction, putting a little more of myself out there, and explaining a bit more about me, like, you know, the proper, real me!
So I took a slightly uncomfortable (but unimaginably liberating!) step and published that second post, complete with the pictures of me handling a cement mixer like a true grafter, rollie on the go, the lot...
I was proud of the post, I had even brightened up the pictures a bit! Like a proper blogger!
All done, lovely job....and that was that.

So I put the kettle on to celebrate.

It was when I came back to the computer that I saw something had changed... the top of my blog, after my name, my number had changed. From 35 to 45!? But how did that happen? I have seen it change but never jump up by 10 at once!
So I scrolled down to investigate and saw my post....
at $70....

I did a double take, triple take, quadrup. ..quadrip....errr 4 takes :) at the screen before realising that people must have actually enjoyed reading my post! About me! The real me! My actual life!....

Feeling quite gob smacked and confused I put the kettle back on.

Is this right?
I felt reluctant to start jumping for joy just yet, as there must have been a mistake! I mean, for all I know things like this could happen all the time! Or on the other hand...maybe....that $ mine?

With my mind racing, I looked out the window for something familiar to reassure myself that I wasn't asleep. The garden was a right state! Overgrown, upturned garden chairs and it was pissing down.... just like normal Phew! This is real!
So I took a deep breath, then looked back at the screen.
My heart nearly stopped.
These are real people giving me this, I need to thank them!!
I jumped back in the chair to see how people were reacting in the comments....

...and what happened in those next 30 minutes what something I was not expecting. Not one bit.
Great post!
I love your writing style!
I laughed the whole way through!
Good luck!
Cant wait to see more!

Over and over again! And many new followers all eager to for more!
I couldn't believe what I was reading.
Some of those comments brought real tears to my eyes, genuine tears of joy.
I was reading through some of the most heart warming, encouraging and sweet, inspired words that I have ever had directed at me!
Literally buzzing, I enthusiastically took every pleasure in replying to these wonderful Steemians, who had taken real time out of their day to send me their message of real support.

Comments and words of kindness shared throughout this community are more powerful at changing lives than the potential earnings perhaps.
My life has changed and so has my thinking. It can't go back now.
YOU did that.
And I will be forever greatful to you. All of you!

Being your honest, passionate, driven, and truest self in your posts will resonate with the people it needs too and that is all it takes my friends!

Well anyway, that's how my potential steemit success story has begun!

I'm jumping for joy now believe me! :)

Feel free to follow this journey of mine! Comment with suggestions, or requests, or maybe you have any question you wanna ask me? Feel free!
Thank you so much if you sent me a message or upvoted that post, or any of my posts for that matter!

..and if I haven't responded to your message yet I am sorry, I totally will, just might be a little later on this evening! I have been working on this post all day and am now going to brave the wind and go skating!

Stay weird my Steemian family!

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hope you will make more
best of luck for the future my brother @nicolcron
keep it up


Thanks bro! I am sure that I will not see something of that value again for a while!
But if I could one day see $25-30 dollars average per post I would be very happy with that! As I am sure many of us here would!
We will all get there eventually if we all stick at it I think!
Thanks again dude! All the best to you too :)

Congratulations on your success! Hope to see mine booming like that.


:) My normal posts are back to $0.50 or whatever so it really was more of a one off for now! So don't be disheartened seeing others hitting $100 for a post if you haven't had one of those yet. It will come!
I believe if we all give it some time and keep posting, it will work out for us all this year! I have a strong feeling!!

I told you can make a good "job" here. 👍😊
We are lucky once @bitgeek leaves comment to our post because he brings more $$$ ;)

Try blogging more about your life with life as your first tag. Tag is very important. Homesteading tag could earn more too but I know nothing about homesteading haha try if you can.


Oh yes! Hahaha! You were right!!! Thank you so much for the advice!
Tags, yes very important!
I actually am kind of in the homestead world in a way, I should check that out!
Thank you all the best Pinay!


👍 we need to "Power Up" also to increase our vote value :) remember we can vote our own posts ;)

Nice work you deserve it watched alot of the Death Videos (I am friends with the former SA Harrow lot) and your style needs to shown to more people . I also crapped my pants when I got $60 for a music post a while back. If you want any advice on what to do with this crypto and how to do it ect . Let me know you should check out the PAL dischord chat thats where the freaks chat and post stuff. Take it easy dude!!!


Thanks bro! You are the first person I met on here who knows me from the old days!
Oh yes the SA crew! I must have bumped into you at some point then!
I really could do with some info on what to do next with crypto man, that would be really helpful! I am a proper novice!
PAL dischord.... I have heard of this but have not looked into it yet. I will have breakfast and have a look!
Thank you so much dude!


Sure thing it was crazy to see you posting on here's like hang on I know that dude !!. If you get on to PAL dischord we can messageand I can help you out and organisea skate at some point.