Let's all Stop Using Randowhale And other Voting Bots.

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I myself have been a sucker for randowhale, I'm not sure why, I suppose it just feels nice to give your post that little extra boost and make it appear that they are worth more, because you know they are and you put a lot of hard work into them,

but when you really think about it, it's kind of a seedy affair that always leaves you feeling a bit selfish, which is not what steemit is all about, it's supposed to be a mutual aid society but the only one benefitting from randowhale is rando and maybe you, if you are lucky enough to profit from it.

Yesterday I discovered @promoted, this bot upvotes you if you promote your post, the bot does not make a profit, you get your post in the promoted tab and your post gets that little extra boost, you won't make money but the money you spend on promotion goes back into the steemit eco-system and the reward pool grows instead of it going into some guy's pocket.


Another approach would be "what goes around comes around" I have started to donate SBD to good causes as I feel it is a huge part of what steemit is about, the other day I read a post by @stellabelle about @joanaltres who has over 10k followers, she resteems other people's posts to get them more exposure, she does this out of the kindness of her heart and never makes anything herself, she does it to help, in this post @stellaballe encouraged people to send a donation, so I did, only 8 SBD but every little helps right,
within an hour of doing this @joanaltres went on my blog, found a post of mine she really liked and resteemed it, within a day of her resteeming I had gained 40 new followers my post got 80 more views and I think It gained about $30.


This has happened on more than on occasion, once I donated 5 SBD to @elderfinancial who was trying to get a friend to join steemit, @elderfinancial posted his friends artwork and promised to donate all proceeds from the post to his friend to get her to join, I really liked the artwork and thought she would be huge asset to the steemit community so I upvoted 100% and gave a donation,
unfortunately, she didn't join so @elderfinancial gave back the 5 plus another 2 for being nice.

My whole point with this post is to prove that what goes around comes around, and the more good you do on this platform, the more respect you will get and the more you will grow because of that, and if you really want to see your post go up a few bucks, then just promote it and @promoted will bless you with a upvote that won't leave you feeling like a cheater.

I don't agree with whale hunting but on this occasion I say lets turn rando into lipstick. Shout out to @heimindanger for making me question my rando addiction, all SBD from this post will be used to promote a minnows post.

Update, This post has now been resteemed by the great @joanaltres, in addition to the SBD from this post being used to promote a minnows post @joanaltres will also resteem the chosen minnows post.:) any suggestions for a worthy minnow leave in the comments, I will get one of Daughters to choose from 5 minnows in need of a boost :)

Peace and love to the World




Good discussion and an important topic. I do know of a certain whale who is thinking about dedicating some of his SP to downvoting posts voted up by bots as a means of suppressing the use of them.

This is a really tough issue for me to decide where I stand, because I'm very "pro minnows". I understand the frustration some of them are experiencing. It's hard to tell them "don't use voting bots" when they are trying so hard to get ahead the normal way and seeing little benefit for their effort.

At the same time, the bot owners are not using any oversight to deny upvoting on posts that many in the community would regard as poor quality or thin content. That encourages draining the reward pool for any content and bypassing the community's judgement entirely.

Resteeming this to 12,000+ followers.

Edited: As I've had a couple of days to think about this more, I've decided to take a firm stand against the voting bots, and from this point forward I won't be resteeming posts where a voting bot has been applied - the exception being when someone has used a voting bot to gift a vote to the author of the post. I also can't do anything about voting bots that are used after I have resteemed the post, except to not resteem that author's posts anymore.

It's great to see your kind, genuine views on the platform. As a minnow loving the platform and info sharing is amazing, my firstborn week I got downvoted on one comment I made on my second day that I'm still puzzled about but I've just enjoyed resteeming and upvoting good content and I hope to keep adding value myself. Love steemit!

Yes It is a tough one I agree, but I really think if we minnows did not rely on rando to boost our post then we would find other ways, like engaging with the community and helping each other,
So far that has worked better for me than any vote I ever payed for.
Someone suggested that the Bots are a good way to boost other people posts like an extra form of support, but that's exactly what you can do by promoting their post, the other day I boosted someone's post by promoting it, I payed 10SBD, there post got promoted and they got about $6 upvote from @promoted and instead of the money going in some guy's pocket, it goes back into the reward pool. Win win win, I think together as a community we can come up with alternatives such as this to help minnows.
Thank you @joanaltres for your feedback on this matter and for the support by Resteeming,
I am actually going to donate the SBD proceeds of this post to a minnow by way of promoting their post, and I would like you to pick the person you think is most deserving, if you want to?

I don't want to be the one to choose, but whoever you pick I'll also resteem as an additional boost. :)

Great idea thank you very much.

I like your idea of promoting, instead of bots. That makes a lot more sense and seems more honest and beneficial to the steemit community as a whole.

Fortunately, not all bots being created are voting bots. I resteemed a post a little while ago about a friend-finder bot for Steemit that matches your interests with others on the platform so you can connect with them on the Discord channel they have set up.

this was the kind of bot that could really be super helpful, I was a big booster bots fan, I'm only almost 3 weeks old here, so I thought bots could be a great "strategy" to make my posts more viable, but with time I realize this is nothing but cheating on yourself, your hard work, and the whole idea of the community. A nexus bot, between members, matching same topics and tests sounds amazing, we need to connect more between us, I joined Discord two days ago, and instantly changed the way I thought about Steemit, people really want to help you in the best way, and is amazing what can we do if we make it to get all together helping each other. This is awesome to read, and see how this is taking the right shape.

Wow that sounds great! I look for that post. Thanks!

Since I became active on Steemit in May, I've heard a lot about bots and how, as a minnow, they can really make all the difference. However, the idea just never seemed quite right to me and after reading this, I'm glad I haven't made use of them. I'll stick with what I call 'conscious curation' by upvoting and resteeming content that I've actually read. I would also much prefer to be upvoted by someone who has read and genuinely enjoyed my content rather than by a bot.

That's a great idea, giving people an incentive not to use the pay for vote bots, I have also been thinking and I think the only way for it to stop would be if there was a donate or a boost button on posts, people could boost a post by donating or the author of the post could directly boost there own post, this I think would slow down the Bots if not eliminated them. Boost button on posts, how can we make that happen :)
In fact I have just made a post about it.

Hello @joanaltres, I have donated the SBD from this post to @sandzat, she is a very good writer who does really good quality post's, I think she can go far here on steemit so that's why I'm choosing @sandzat for the donation and the resteem :) let me know what you think? . Here is the post chosen for a resteem https://steemit.com/life/@sandzat/childhood-life-as-an-adult-and-a-great-wish-called-steemit
Take care :)

Based on this reply, I am going to try your upvoting offer that I have in my wallet. I am a new steemer - a content creator here to get my message out - I am 100% against bots that do not check the content. It's a tragedy in the search results outside of this site and blows credibility.

One video with no text should not rank! This is the one that bothers me the most since it also causes link jumping.

Anyway, thank you for the offer and I will see how it works in a day or so after my post ages.

Nice post. I agree. Voting bots and voting trails are Robot Media. Steemit is not social media it's robot media until the necessary changes are made

I'm a bit of a bot novice, I only really know about rando. but I'm starting to hear of all kinds of bots on here which is a shame.

Thank you so much for this information, I just read the interview and I was touched by her story. What a beautiful person she is Joan! I just made a donation to her, she deserves all the help she can get! Thank you for sharing @markwhittam

That's great we'll done, that's the spirit of steemit, I'm sure this good deed will not go unnoticed, thanks for sharing your thoughts here with us :)

My peasure 😊

I think that as of now there are a lot of authors compared to consumers, this probably makes the bots get a bigger presence than they would otherwise. Over time there should be more people interacting compared to people creating (like most other platforms). When this happens I think that the bots will matter much less :)

Interesting post, upvoted!

This is a very good point, yes maybe in time it will all even out and there will be less need for these Bots.
Thanks @znaffe

They should at least have less presence, there will be other ways to promote content :)

I agree with your message. What goes around does come around. I guess I'm def one these "minnow" things & had wondered what the whole randowhale thing was about...I don't really agree with bots. It's not what I came here for. It took a lot of convincing from friends & girlfriend to join, but it gives me a way to keep up with friends back home after we moved a year ago. That & it's nice to see content from like minded people...upvoted

Thank you @lone-sliver the more people like you that don't see the point in all these Bots the better it will be in the long run for this community. Thanks for the interaction

Hey Mark.. I am new to Steemit and I don't use any Bots. I don't like the Idea of it. I have noticed the Value of my Account slowly going down Towards 50 Cents. Is that because I upvote too much or Because I don't use Bots or a Combination? I Post good Content with Value. Could be I'm just so new as well.

It's because the price of steem is going down, when it goes up your account balance will go up, my account has lost $2.900 this week but it will go back up again don't worry :)
Welcome to steemit, keep on steeming on :)

Okay.. Thanks for this. Now I understand.

I haven't used any bots yet, I don't think but I'm glad they are there for people to decide whatever they want to do and use the options that best suit them.

That's great, Don't start either, they are not good for the community.
Thanks @avva

I wasn't involved with the development of Steemit, so I don't know what is good for the community at this point. I'm still pretty new and glad that it's and open platform and people can do whatever they want. I'm sure if the developers see that anything is completely destroying their platform they will prevent it from happening.

From reading some of the white paper It's supposed to be a mutual aid society, selling your votes to people doesn't really fit in with that in my opinion, yes it's a decentralized platform, but does that really mean people can just do want they want, there is a reason you don't see a load of dick pics on here and that's because people here generally have a bit of respect, and when they don't they get flagged. I am also new here and I was a fan of rando untill I really thought about it, it's one guy make shit loads of money selling his votes to the little guys struggling to make a few penny's of there posts. That to me is just a reflection of the shifty society we live in and not a mutual aid society.
Read the white paper that the founder of steemit wrote, his vision for steemit

I'm with you. I have to admit that I never really fully understood all those voting bots and things. I just want to be a part of a community and make friends. I may not be "progressing" as fast as some others, but I'm having a good time. Upvoted & followed because I know you're a "real" person :)

Haha thank you @denisechips
That's what it's all about really the community the money is just a bonus, if you focus to much on the money it will become like a job, and we hate working :)

I am guilty! I just hate to see my payouts shrink over the 7 days and like to boost it up right before so I can make traction...but patience is the key and I should probably stop wasting my SBD for a couple pennies here or there. My content speaks for itself and with time, people will come to see and appreciate that. I was also thinking of sending some SBD out to people that I really support, like @lukewearechange and @corbettreport...not for anything in return but because I really love and admire what they do and want to support them... I am going to go do that instead of sending it to profiteering bots that don't offer too much in return to the community! thanks for the inspiration.

Great comment, seems like you have the right attitude to succeed here on steemit, and it's great to help someone and not expect it back, then if you do get something in return then it's a lovely surprise.
Thanks for the interaction @michelleart
Keep on steeming on

I have been blessed already and so I am just paying forward my blessing :)

@markwhittam after getting ripped off by the voting bot you mentioned, i quit using it and raised the question as whether they really do what they promise. They have no transparency. Just yesterday I wrote a post about a bot with a ton of followers who promised to resteem a minnows posts if they would follow the bot. Then the bot never resteems, only resteems the creators content. Funny to find your story and you mention @joanaltres who is helping minnows by resteeming and not ripping people off. Great post.

I do believe there is only one winner when using these Bots.
It's amazing what @joanaltres is doing for people on steemit, I believe in karma and she has lots of good karma coming her way :)

@markwhittam this is something a lot of Steemians forget, especially beginners. They come here with the goal of making money. When the real goal is helping others. The goal is to help enough people and money will come as the RESULT. Steem On!

I would agree to stop using the bots if we can also prevent other bots from using rando, etc. Seems crazy to for regular users to stop using it, when the bots that abuse the system can continue to do so.

I did try the promote bot. Nice feature...helps reduce the promotion costs!

I'm certainly guilty of using randowhale too, but I do see your point. It's an instant gratification thing IF you profit from it, but it will leave a dirty taste in your mouth.

Steemit posts are supposed to be valued according to the public's attraction to them, not by how much someone is able to spend to artificially inflate a posts true value.

Great comment. I was still using rando up until yesterday when I really thought about it and I realized how it made me feel.
Thanks for the interaction

I believe these bots can serve a great purpose though, by using them to boost someone elses post as a sign of support. A little extra beyond an upvote, and maybe they could/should disallow putting the boosts on one's own posts.

That's the great thing with @promoted, the other day I boosted someone's post by promoting it, I payed 10SBD, their post got promoted and they got an upvote worth about $6 win win win except the money doesn't go to @promoted, so no one is getting rich of it :)

I used minnowsupport and randowhale once each. I won't be using them again. I have mixed feelings too about them, but I want to grow because of my content only. If it takes longer to be noticed, I'm perfectly fine with it. That's how it should be. I'll also work harder that way!

And I truly feel you, as a blogger, will be respected more for it. I WILL say that using these voting bots to boost a post you feel is undervalued, is not only a fantastic way to give yourself a bit of power beyond voting, but will also shine a great light on yourself that opens you up to a flood of attention.

I'll happen! :) Building a following is easy enough through engagement, so I'm focusing on that and good content that people find valuable.

I agree, blogging on steemit is like growing tomato's, if you are patient and wait for them to grow they will taste lovely, but if you force them to grow quick then they'll be like the ones you get in the shops, tasteless

Yes! That's a great way to look at it @markwhittam. I began farming tomatoes this year and can vouch that they love to be encouraged - just as we all do - but do not respond well to being forced to grow. We allow them to establish & produce as they were meant to. Patience & Hard Work pays for the farm 😉

Thank you, I know nothing about growing yet, but it made sense in my head, and now I have a grower agreeing with me so I must be right.
Thank you for the feedback

I'm new, and confused... But it's all good

Yes I am still confused after 3 months :)

The upvote bots are getting a bit out of hands these days, and there are so many people that are using them. I've never heard of the @promoted bot before, but I'll make sure try promoting my next post :)

I used to promote my posts, bit never noticed a difference and saw it as a waste of money, bit now when you promote you get a upvote from @promote and your posts gets prompted, it's a win win, but the best thing is the @promote bot does not make a profit

I have the same experiences with promotion. I don't really think anyone checks out the promoted tab, but I guess it might be worth it with this new bot. And I think it's great that it's not making profit, and instead let's it all go back to the community.

Im not a bot but people think I am... will never be one guys!

Haha that's good you cleared that up, I was wondering :)

Great post. I agree with the what comes around goes around concept. I started out 2 months ago with the idea of making all kinds of money. However, I found out very quickly that it isn't about getting rich quick. I enjoy reading the posts and getting to know people. I can't spend hours at my computer, but enjoy what I can. Soon, I will be going back to work (I teach) so will spend even less time here. I find that I rarely visit my facebook anymore as this seems so much more rewarding. I do not use bots. I think that they defeat the entire purpose of the concept. Good luck to you! Following, upvoted and resteemed.

Awesome! Love your message!! What goes around DOES come around. :)

Thank you for the compliment, yes, it really DOES :)

Wow man!
Relly great post. Its great you have come to this on your own through your own process. I hope this post inspires other people.
Though realistically those voting bots are here to stay and will only gain more power. There will also be MORE of them to come. its not going away.
However the more people that see it like you the less influence it will be and for the better in my mind.
Thanks for sharing this. Hope lots of people read it.

Thanks, glad you liked it.
I agree I think they are here to stay as long as people are driven by greed.
but if this post makes one person think then it has been a success, we can slowly change the world, one post at a time :)

Thats right!
And even if not everyone changes all that matters is the over all balance of this community. There will always be greedy and selfish people, thats the world. Yet we don't have to be influenced by them much. We can create the world we want.
We are the power~*~

I appreciate your voting bots perspective and the solution using @promote @markwhittam. Growing up on the streets, "what goes around comes around" rings true for me. The organic way to success shows the real rewards from posting quality content which provides value.

Very true @bilbop, it should be Organic, the reason the world is in such a mess is because people are driven by greed.
thanks for the interaction

You are most welcome @markwhittam.

I noticed one person who was getting paid something like 750 Steem per week (maybe it was per day?) from their bot as "Salary". That is one heck of a Salary for doing nothing to actually improve and grow the community!

Wow, that's nuts, but people are usually driven by greed, it's a shame because that's not what steemit is supposed to be about.
Thanks for the feedback @evolved08gsr

Very nice read. You are absolutely right. But being the minnow that I am I am guilty of using Randowhale twice... forgive me for my sins!

What I'm seeing after HF19 though is that my posts hardly get any upvotes anymore... I mean I wasn't getting much but it's been declining and declining. Instead I get people upvoting their own posts :(

It's not about the money but if I've put in the work to write a post with my view on something or I write a story a little appreciation is always nice. But I think I'm lucky if my posts get 10 views... seems if people are hardly even viewing anymore.

Gotta keep gomy my though because I do have more interaction here than on any other platform and the quality of the content is nice.

I was one of rando's biggest customer til yesterday when I had a hard think about it.

Yes I agree things are tough after HF19, but I think things will change soon, and there is plenty of other ways to get your post some attention.
I think interacting with the community and doing nice things works better in the long run, steemit is not an instant thing it's more of an investment.
Thanks for the interaction

I really need not to be using my upvote right now to power it back up. I came to the same conclusion and have stopped using the one I used for two days I wasn't comfortable with it and then I looked and seen what the bot upvoted and wasn't happy. Plus the bots drain your upvoting power, and those I was in the exchange with voters were completely drained to being worth 0. I know that was only a penny but I am and totally with you on this. upvoted and resteemed.

Thank you, yes I agree, I think I know which one you are talking about and I stopped using it for the same reason.
Thanks for the resteem :)

It's great feeling to get it off your chest when you find a greater course. I'm not into buying votes and things though it is tempting as I'm new and want people to recognize me even though I post about things that happen in my life or I experience. This article is good and I actually read every word 😊

Reading this post makes me see that I don't understand steemit yet.. ahah

Nice post.


I'm not sure. I regularly use minnowsupport for the primary reason to build up my steempower which allows me to give back to steemit by increasing my voting power. So I think it depends what you are using the bots for. As a minnow I couldn't possibly have made any progress on the platform without minnowsupport, it's helped me build up a small SP holding. I'll probably give up on it when I'm more established.

I have no problem with minnowsupport and I have not said anything about Msp, it's the pay for vote concept that is not really helping anyone but the guys selling their votes.
Thanks for the feedback

I can see your point. Unusually, I noticed your post just after I discovered Randowhale and mulling over whether I should give it a go. I didn't have enough steem so I didn't bother.

Following and upvote

I'm still very new to the platform and love the community here. Personally I would prefer 100% human interaction, but if the platform allows then I guess it's up to people what they do. I just hope it doesn't give an unfair advantage to others over newbies like myself.

The way I see it.... anyone who upvotes themselves in any way, or has to use bots to make themselves feel good or tell themselves how great they are, should just buy a cheap mirror and sit in front of it................billytwohearts
Upvoted and followed also resteemed

This is an interesting point of view. As a minnow, I have used the MSP bots a couple times. The first time I upvoted a post, my rep ump up 5 points and I got more than 2 cents on my post!

However, I've plateaued again, so what did it really do for me?

I'm just gonna do me and maybe one day if I do the right things, something I do will stand out here on Steemit. If not...I get to play around with an awesome platform and be a part of a bigger thing and learn new stuff, so win-win.

I couldn't agree with you more, I was toying with auto bot votes as well, While its nice to get some curation rewards for doing nothing, they are using my voting power up that I would rather put towards posts I enjoy in person and comments I recieve. So I'm turning them off :-)
Thanks for a thoughtful post. It came to re from a resteem and
I'll now follow for more....

I've only been on steemit for almost two weeks now. I would say that a fairly high percentage of posts use these bots so the problem is fairly wide spread. I never really understood the use of these bots, feels a bit like cheating. I cant see how this will change tho unless the powers that be step in and ban them. Thank you for the info.

I stopped using randowhale, first, because it was no longer actually returning a profit, and second, because of these very reasons. That 2SBD would better go to a new user who would appreciate it more and who would certainly remember it and you. Creating connections should be what happens on here.

whats that..??

Great post, resteemed!!

Bots are what I see as the biggest impediment to Steemit's continued growth. Currently there is nothing stopping a person from creating a horde of bots that do nothing more than upvote and/or flag posts for any reason the author fancies. Goat posts, all posts by people named Bill, anything pro-hate speech, sure why not.

Most of the arguments I've seen about the site often revolve around bots but seem to assume bots are forever, so we need to combat with bots or flag abusers.

Bots can be useful to monitor for community violations or plagiarism, finding posts of interest to the author and many other things. But, they should never be allowed to vote or flag. There is no way they could know if a post is art or gibberish keyworded like a 1990's Google dump site.

Steemians need to get a handle on the bots if we want new people to feel valued and welcome. Whales are the natural evolution of the steemit culture and are not the problem. Bots, on the other hand pervert the culture and make it hard for humans to get a foothold on steemit.

Thank you for this great comment, I totally agree with you on pretty much every point.
Bots can be useful, but pay for vote bots are going to turn steemit into a place full of sloppy content and no reel value.

The more you pay the more you can earn, regardless of how good your content is.
I'm just going to keep doing my thing and hope people eventually see the downside of it.

What goes around definitely comes around! I believe in this too. Enjoyed reading your post. I'm guilty of using Randowhale and Booster, but I'm planning to stop. Your post came at the right time for me like a sign/push or something. :) Thanks for that. Upvoting this post and following you for more! Cheers! - @sandzat

Thank you @sandzat
Yes I was still using rando up until yesterday when I really thought about it.
I think our extra SBD can be put to better use.
Thanks for the feedback and the follow.
Followed you back (what goes around comes around) ;)

Everything about this post summarizes my misgivings about being here. I came here thinking you might explain this randowhale and bot thing in a way I can understand, but now instead it's a list of places I could send money I don't have to people who would then upvote my posts. This worries me.

I haven't been posting much except into daily photo challenges and have mostly been reading and commenting to try to make sense of what is here. I came for the amazing Alexa Ranking and I feel hopeful that re-cycling my 3000K pieces of content in here will make a difference in my success with my work in the health and weigh loss niche. I still feel that I can make those posts effectively and will have success in drawing google search traffic to my posts.

But the other issue is to grow my reach within the steemit community for the purpose of making money in the first 7 days of a post if I have this correct. I have certainly made more here and faster than in most other places I post.

Today I am working to understand bots - why they are here, and what they mean, and if I should use them, and how I would do that if I should. But it all seems like gaming the system in every place I have read about them so far. It reminds me of fb "like for like" groups. I use them over there for the first 200 likes on a page and then let fb search get people to me. But here it seems like trolling for votes a way of life I need to spend daily time on maybe.

I'm not in any chats yet and never have done that in the past. I tried to go in discord and was lost completely. A lady offered to show me, but I am no sure why I want to go there anyway. This is a hurdle to learning I think. but it seems like the chats have the same "like for like" thing going on there from what I have read.

I've been advised to invite my contacts to steemit and then we will all upvote each other, but I don't think it should go that way. If I gave my friends that line they would not even listen to me.

I think people should upvote what they like. But apparently, that theory will not get me anywhere here. At this point I am not asking contacts to join since I do not have any clear understanding of how they would succeed. I've stumbled quite a bit so far and it does not seem that this will change.

My contacts are bloggers and authors and health related and generally are not involved in crypto, gaming, bots ,or scams of any kind. They are trying to get a message out and in some ways, I feel like steemit is a big distraction to that goal.

I've been resteeming a lot - more than I post. I did not think to ask for donations for doing that and I'm not even sure how would justify such an idea. I resteem what I like and do not always have the power to vote on it, but I comment most of the time.

Thanks for posting about this. I feel like I am in a huge learning curve and hopefully it will come clear soon.

Thank you for your comment @fitinfun
I don't spend any time in chat rooms either, all my time Is spent on my posts and replying to comments, I don't think it's very important to be in the chat rooms.
I think to grow here you just have to stick at whatever it is you do best, the people that are into what you post about will aventually come to you in time.

Pay for vote Bots are a fairly concept here but it looks like they are here to stay, I think in the end a lot of people will rely on the Bots instead of trying to build an audience which is a shame.

Steemit is a place none of us will 100% figure out, but I'm cool with that, I am not here for crypto news I'm just here to share my story of living debt free in my tinyhouse and I really enjoy interacting with people on here.

Thanks for the interaction

Tiny house! My hero. I would love to do that, but I live in tiny hotel rooms instead. I will look out for your posts to see anything on that that topic. I always drool over those cute little places. It's a good rabbit hole for me to get lost in.

Thanks for the boost about the chat rooms. I will continue to ignore them and just get my content going as best I can.

At this point the crypto is all over my head so I'm not looking :)

So nice to meet you, Mark. Thank you for your help, and I will keep going.

I was just thinking the same thing about a lot of these bots it goes against the philosophy presented when I started. Good post.

This is a great topic, I'm really new here, almost 3 weeks only, and I started to explore how to get my posts reach higher views, to make more people see it. So I discover this booster bots, read something about it and star using them. As you said, is a strategy to make the post look it's already making money so its probably worth to read. Yesterday I used a booster, I hope for the last time, because I kept thinking how is this really helping, or is it really a self cheating? Then I realize it just doesn't worth it, is cheating on yourself, is being selfish and is not the idea around here, (you explained that perfectly in the post). So finding this today feels awesome, and I know with time, and the others help we are learning the right way. keep it up bro, great post.

Incredible! So great.. .clap clap from a Real Minnow! I really don't share the reason of why people ask once and once again to grow numbers... I mean, what for i want 10.000 followers if they dont even read or watch my content...I prefer having 2 that really loves my work. Really people thinks that will be rich spamming in that way? Anyway..good work!

Hey @markwhittam , thanks for the tips! I have already tried it 2 times with the promote button but it only worked the first time, last time I wasted 10 steem dollar on it and nothing happenend :( now I am doubting to use it again..

That sucks, have you contacted @fabien or @heimindanger I think they are the guys behind @promoted. I used the other day 10SBD and got hardly anything and I could not find my post in the promted tag :(
I think the guy's behind it might not be running things to well. Shame because I had high hopes, I did do a post yesterday explaining how I don't think it will catch on, and I came up with an alternative.
Sorry for recommending it, at the time it worked great.

No problem these things can happen, I left a message for @fabien in a post on @promoted blog because I don't know else how to reach them, I will wait and see what comes out of it. Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it. I will check out your new post ;)

Absolutely agree with your say, and more so with what I been watching and learning everyday. As for rando and bots, they tend to work as a lottery system and the very sad part is, its just a one time thing. You don't get to know other steemians or get noticed more either. But this can actually happen if someone does this among other steemians for a good cause, that shows and works well in the long run.
@markwhittam: right post at the right time. Thanks for sharing.

Wow thank you @shyam.aadireddy for a fantastic reply, I really enjoyed reading your comment, I really do believe the more you do for others on steemit the more you will grow both on steemit and in life :)

pleasure is mine :)

Since I am still new to the Steemit experience, I am just writing small essays and articles so that I don't get frustrated (hopefully) when I post what I feel is important content and no one notices. My hope is that I will find like-minded folks that want to learn from each other.

Thanks for your insight and I look forward to reading more!