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RE: Let's all Stop Using Randowhale And other Voting Bots.

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I haven't used any bots yet, I don't think but I'm glad they are there for people to decide whatever they want to do and use the options that best suit them.


That's great, Don't start either, they are not good for the community.
Thanks @avva

I wasn't involved with the development of Steemit, so I don't know what is good for the community at this point. I'm still pretty new and glad that it's and open platform and people can do whatever they want. I'm sure if the developers see that anything is completely destroying their platform they will prevent it from happening.

From reading some of the white paper It's supposed to be a mutual aid society, selling your votes to people doesn't really fit in with that in my opinion, yes it's a decentralized platform, but does that really mean people can just do want they want, there is a reason you don't see a load of dick pics on here and that's because people here generally have a bit of respect, and when they don't they get flagged. I am also new here and I was a fan of rando untill I really thought about it, it's one guy make shit loads of money selling his votes to the little guys struggling to make a few penny's of there posts. That to me is just a reflection of the shifty society we live in and not a mutual aid society.
Read the white paper that the founder of steemit wrote, his vision for steemit

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