A conspiratorial journey.....part 1.

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I thought I'd share the bones of an idea of a book that I'm thinking about writing...

Fictional, obviously - but like all good fiction, by bringing elements of the real world into the story, it can make it work.
Hopefully, anyway...

To make it a believable yarn and not fantastical one, requires LOTS of research.... and then some...

ppp - Copy.jpg

PART 1 - The Pup of wall street.

" .....Your body doesn't move the way your mouth behaves......."

His father laughed at at him. Not mockingly, but rather one of warm appreciation.
Appreciation of his sons naivety.
It was something that he himself had lost a long time ago. Wall street does that to a man.

"Why are you laughing at me Dad?" Scotty said, hurt, "It's a good idea!"

"I'm not laughing at you son, honestly, I'm not," His father replied, smiling "It's just that you've got so much to learn about the world, and how it works."
Scotty looked at his Dad, not having a clue as to what the hell he was on about.

He always felt so out of his depth, when he listened to his father talking - but he was determined to learn from him.
He was starting his psychology course soon. Then he would understand the working of men's minds.

Scotty didn't have a clue about such things at the moment, and he knew it..
He much preferred to write and play his guitar.
He sometimes thought that he was more destined to be creator, a rock star or something, and not some wall street businessman like his dad.
There was a Kurt Cobain in him somewhere, he just knew it...

His father continued, "Listen Scotty, have you ever heard that old saying 'Why rob a bank to steal money, when you can just open a bank instead?'

"Urrrr...yeah.... of course ...." Replied his Son, very warily .
He didn't have a fucking clue what his dad was on about...Robbing banks? What the fuck?

Was this his dad trying to tell him that he didn't work on wall street at all , and instead spent his days collecting all his wealth at gun point?

scaled map - Copy - Copy.jpg

'Shit', He thought ....there's a song in there somewhere...His mind wandered off...again....Scotty's mind wandered off a lot..

'My daddy was, a bank robber, but he never hurt nobody, he just liked to live that way.... and he loved to steal, your, money...

The lyrics just flowed from him, he was a goddamn genius!
He'd google it later to make sure that no one else had come up with the lyrics before him.
(just to be on the safe side).
It'd happened to him once before, he remembered it well...it was a song that he'd written while trying to explain things to his nerdy friend, Larry.

He explained to Larry, that while writing coding for computers and being a nerdy genius now, might not get him a girlfriend, it will pay off for him big time, in the future.
So he strummed his guitar and came up with some lyrics for Larry, to help cheer him up...

'Don't worry.... about a thing...'cos every little thing....'

He was devastated later on when he'd found out that some guy called 'Bob' had written an identical song, some years before.

'That Bob bloke must have been a genius to', Scotty thought himself. 'Stealing my lyrics off me, before I'd even been born, that's some neat trick'
....it seemed everybody was stealing off everybody.

He better start thinking about his own scam business model.
His dad said 'scam' was a very bad word and best avoided at all times - especially when presenting ideas to people.
He'd had explained to his son previously, 'People get all emotional if you use the word scam for some strange reason, but call it a business model, and you'll be fine.'

And so he started thinking.... His business plan would involve around 50 people. And his friend Larry. But Larry was more interested in cosplay than scamplay, so he'd have to kick him out later on.

The 'the business plan' needed a certain type of individual.
Ones with a certain kind of mindset.
He better get to the students union bars to find some commie's to help him, he thought..
Wise words once again from his dad, filtered through into his consciousness, and a recalled conversation he's had previously with him..
"Remember one thing, son...all the best 'business plans' involve communists.
They have no empathy. They don't give a fuck. You think we've got corporate legislation using ethics? Hell no, communism is always the way to go...it is for us, anyway."

"I though you hated communism, Dad?" Scotty replied, very confused.
All he'd ever heard from his dad were the virtues of capitalism.

"Hate it? God no, I love it!" His dad laughed. "Centralized means of production is a perfect system. Those who have the money are the centralized means of production. Don't get distracted with labels, son,"
He went on, "Labels are only there to entertain the sheep. It gives 'em something to read while they eat their TV dinners, the dumb fucks.."

scaled map - Copy - Copy.jpg

Scotty really wanted to find 50 communists for his 'business plan'......
And Larry.

Part 2
Scotty's ideas...

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be afraid...be very afraid....

And there was me wondering how you would ever get away with talking about communism on Steemit :)

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Thank you, sir (madam?)

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Thank you, yet again!

Oh, I will be writing a lot more....