Quitters Workout, 4 Demons & Keto Diet..

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Not surprisingly I haven’t kept up with the agreement of keeping a well up to date blog about my struggles of loosing weight. I have on the other hand kept my workout routine as much as I could. I have no intention of quitting my workouts. Between work, diet and day to day life I found it hard to balance my steemit blogging. I have been working on my daily blog for the last 5 days and it is still halfway through to being finished..


I have had a health scare in the last weeks and most of my energy went into trying to get to the bottom of that. Stress is a part of my daily routine as much as anything, sometimes even doing a sprint to get ahead of anything else. The motherfucker gets ahead of me and I end up worrying about things that I mostly cannot change, just because he keeps pushing my buttons in the wrong way. It’s my fault since I know he is worthless and just tries to get the best of me. Sometimes he calls his brothers Anxiety and Fear to back him up and together they make quite the asshole team. His mother, Depressions, well..pfff..she is quite the bitch and I mean bad! Constantly nagging and pushing on, never giving up until she sees me down.

All 4 of then make quite the team and in the past I have learned that they are better dealt with on a full stomach. They seem to fall asleep when fed and so do I. It is a full circle of horrors and they get the best of me most of the time.
As my 4 demons kept pushing on I kept going down in state of mind and up in state of fat. Nothing surprising about that. Well last week I had a health scare as I thought I have diabetes. Everything that I ate seemed to be over the top sweet. As Diabetes run in the family and my other health issues seem to have a soft spot for diabetes, you can only imagine that I got freaked out. So I went on and did what any googling paranoid humanoid might do. I went online and soon discovered that I might as well have cancer and am unknowingly on a free fall to certain death! Well since I pride myself in being somewhat practical I went on and dismissed all that garbage and bought one of those diabetes measuring machines. I was relieved to find out that my glycemic levels were normal, but that didn’t change the fact that I felt bad altogether. After many hours of research and some phone calls later I agreed that the only way to getting rid of those 4 assholes and start feeling better physically and mentally was to get on a diet. Nothing kills those motherfuckers as a clean eating fully working body and mind. I declared war on them and started a new diet. It is called Keto diet and it has a few perks and tricks, so they, at least on the surface, don’t feel overlooked. I want them to feel comfortable and content that they are in control, as I am working from within to finally shut them up! The diet is simple and the tricks are wonderful. You can eat as much fatty juicy meat as you want! You also can eat veggies that don’t contain carbs! No sugar though, no fruits except berries and definitely no carbs! You can also indulge in all fatty foods like butter and cream and fatty cheese as long as you keep your level of carb intake down to almost zero! CC8883A2-C230-474A-B095-8FF578D5C03C.jpeg

The trick is that you want to push your body into a state of ketosis. Let me explain. When you feed the body something high in carbs it produces glucose ( that will be used as a main source of energy) and insulin (will process the glucose in your blood by taking it around the body). Well as glucose is being used as your primary source of energy the fat you bring along with other food will be stored for safekeeping on your belly, thighs and any other place your body will find room for it! Now that we established how a high carb intake works on the body let’s get to ketosis. The basic meaning of ketosis is that it is a natural process that our body uses when food intake is low. The liver produces ketones as a primary source of energy. Basically if you are starving, the body has a natural way of defense so you don’t drop dead immediately. Keto diet focuses on the liver producing ketones without having to starve ourselves. Instead of starving the body the only thing you have to starve on is carbs. Yes by lowering the intake of carbs it forces the body to go into ketosis and produce ketones. They are produces from the breakdown of fats from the liver. So when you overload your body with fast and take away the carbs, it will start producing ketones and using that as a primary source of energy. That will lead to weight loss, high energy levels and better feeling in general of the body and mind. So as all may sound good in theory, there are a few downers to it, but they are temporary and having had those 4 assholes in my life for so long it is a risk worth taking. When you reach the state of ketosis for the first time, a certain phenomenon will take place. Keto flu.

You will feel sick, tired, headaches, cramps, nausea..It is normal since the body was used to working in one way and now all of a sudden it is being forced to change it’s strategy! The adaptation usually takes a few days and all that you have to do is raise your water intake. I think I must be doing something right, because I have almost all those symptoms..so ketosis is coming! And the best part is that those 4 creeps haven’t noticed anything and are easily kept quiet with bacon and some avocados! They have no idea what is coming!A611AA9A-2DAD-43DA-9314-722418BE1745.jpeg

So as I am getting ready to hit the gym today I wish you a wonderful weekend and good health! Everybody has a demon or two to fight, but I discovered that in my case the gym wasn’t one of them!

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Good for you!!! I started eating the same way years ago, and for kinda the same reasons...mostly I just felt like 'shit' all the time. I started working out at the same time too and find that it helps my head space as much or more than my 'body space'.

I love how you personified your demons here too...pretty clever. Nothing like some clean living to keep them at bay! Keep it up:) Cheers!

Thanks @lynncoyle1 ! I just started out.. hope it works for me as well..need to get rid of those bastards! Hehe..

hahaha I too fight the bastards, and I can feel them breathing down my neck when i veer too much from 'good eating'. I re- introduced (a long time ago) and thoroughly enjoy alcohol though..I will only allow the bastards so much!!

Yep same here..sometimes a 🥃 of some liquor seems to help! Damn bastards!

Lol yea I think it's time for me to start the keto diet too. It's hard but it works!

It is hard the first week ..after that I kinda got used to eating protein and veggies only..I wouldn’t go back to eating carbs..

Good for you! I battle those same demons myself far too often.

I have done keto a few times (and will do it again in the future I'm sure), but I don't do it as a full time thing. I just enjoy fruits and things too much. I do count calories and track macros, though, so I'm down 62 pounds and counting. Keto definitely helps me when I need an edge, to break through a plateau or just to get rid of the sugar cravings that those 4 demons seem to bring out! I admire you for your ability to work through all of this and to write such a great visual post about the demons of stress, anxiety, depression and fear.

Great post and good luck on your continuing journey!


Until now I think I tryed every possible diet..this one seems to work for me somehow..I find it reasonably fair..don’t get me wrong the demons are still there, but I managed to shut them up with some bacon and avocados for now! Thx for stopping by! Keep in touch!

Congratulations! Getting into ketosis can be grueling. I had so many health benefits of shifting to this way of eating. I was in ketosis for six months of the last 10 before I started cycling in and out. I lost 35lbs, gained a lot of strength, but most incredible was the improvement in my brain function and energy. I hope you have wonderful results as well. Keto on!

Thank you! I hope so too! I keep a strict keto diet don’t really know if I am in ketosis but I know I started to lose weight! So that a yeyyyyy in my book..I also go to the gym every day just to tone everything..hopefully it will all work out..thx for stopping by as well and keep in touch!

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Keep the good work up! Sometimes its hard for me but I always try to get a workout in! Upvoted :)