Big Easy..Part I

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Big Easy feel of jazzy nothingness and drunken depression..Part I


I have lived in Louisiana for a few years now and every time I need a relax moment I choose New Orleans..maybe it’s just that is so close to where I live or maybe it is the Big Easy feeling of laid back nothingness that draws me in..nevertheless it dragged me towards it this weekend..Things haven’t been going great in my life and my recurring depression doesn’t seem to help at all..actually it gets worse every day or it stays consistently the same as time passes by. Not seeing any light at the end of the tunnel seems to tone things to a even lower light. I guess I just needed to get out or perhaps my constant need to change something in my stubborn desire to feel whole made me think that..I arrived in New Orleans Sunday although the plan was set on Saturday. If anybody has lived in Louisiana knows weather and plans don’t work here..Saturday was a stay in bed kind of day pouring rain and thunderstorms like there was no tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong I like the so called “bad weather” somehow it’s suits the constant depression and anxiety, but this time I needed to get out of town. As Saturday plans got rained down, I finally managed to get my Sunday in NOLA..
There are not many things to do in New Orleans but one thing is clear If you are not a drinker you will probably not enjoy it as much. As I was walking on Bourbon Street in the deplorably familiar state of misery I could not help but wonder why? Why is this place so famous? Why do normal people get so fucked up here on this street? The answer is obvious and unbelievably is “allowed” to buy alcohol and drink it as you walk down the street..would people behave differently if every town would “allow” people to have a beer while walking on the street? Damn sure it would be different! I mentioned out loud the fact that so many fucked up people are here..I was meaning to mumble that to myself..I was wrong..they are not fucked up they are free to drink on the street and dress up..E37139D1-7FA4-4188-8517-4F204C675809.jpeg
not that dressing up different is illegal in the US, at least not that I know of..Now take a moment to think and by that I mean use your sense of right or wrong..leave the rules and laws and everything behind and just think..why would there be such a big deal in drinking a beer while strolling through a city’s streets? Why is French Quarter so popular? Sure the jazz and the booze and the atmosphere.. 9F6D7DFF-444C-40CA-932A-98EFBA3C21EF.jpeg
the strippers, the Mardi Gras beads that people throw from the balcony8F9CA200-76EF-4F41-AE1C-6B80D0D8B084.jpeg
( especially if you show them your boobs) ..sure sure it’s fun and nice, but don’t forget the homeless people, the drug dealers, the police on every corner, the hookers, the passed out or almost passed out partiers, the bride to be and her posey on their bachelorette big night out getting her so called last drink and fuck before the “sacred union”and don’t forget the dudes and their unmistakable posey just looking out for that next lay screaming and grossly misbehaving thinking that all is allowed,the unbelievably untalented magicians gathering crowds through their so called tricks in the middle of a pissed out street, the talented musicians playing in the middle of the street 1B42399A-6242-46DA-A204-C74545E6F066.jpeg
and the untalented hustlers beating on some Home Depot buckets trying to make a buck!AB804413-7EE8-4A54-B4AD-0E41FDF062A7.jpeg

All of them are here because of the drinking the false feel free sentiment that has been imbedded in those full of piss and vomit streets. The sentiment is there and the freedom is as close to none..a few years back on my first visit to New Orleans I found the allure as magical as any other blind partier... I loved it! As I smoke I finally could enjoy a smoke while having a drink in the oldest bar in New Orleans A887E128-69ED-4C65-9D77-E91606D49C96.jpeg
( at least so they say) ..a few months after that I found that even that has been banned..somehow it is allowed to get fucked up drunk but not have a smoke or even vape because it might hurt somebody(?!) Listen New Orleans if you pride yourself in being a free easy going party crashing pill popping shots gulping puking vomit freedom seeking town you wouldn’t allow this crap to stand..but unfortunately it’s not up to you New don’t make the choices you just represent what should be normal and it is taken to another level by desperate normally caged up little mice that jumped off the wheel for a couple of days and try to absorb all the energy and life moments that they miss every day..I was wrong about the fucked up people..they are not bad they have just experienced a moment of freedom and it is so shocking that they forget all human normality and try to overachieve some kind of drunken Nirvana..good for them..unfortunately this too will become extinct and somehow some law will ban this as well..

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Hey @lidac! I've missed you :) I'm sorry your depression and anxiety has been so difficult and long-lasting lately! A place like New Orleans can make it or break it I guess. I too found it crazy there, but we did have a lot of fun; I always like to keep control of myself though, but I did see a lot of people who totally let loose! I didn't know whether or not to feel sorry for them or proud of them :) I heard smoking was banned there; seems like there's so many other things that might have been banned before that hahaha

I hope the trip away helped you! Be well my friend :)

Thanks for stopping by my friend..yeah I have been out of order was a good trip guess my self just realized some realities this time..depression is just there fucking bitch..hehe..I learned to live with it somehow as it is a transparency of my life..nothing wrong with that..guess it will follow me around as long as I have a shadow..

It's my pleasure! I keep checking in to see if you've written anything new; I was about to send you a private message when I saw this post :)

And I guess if you can't beat it, you might as well learn how to live with it as best as you can :)

Congratulations on getting yourself a ButtBadge, I am glad to see Mr. Butt took his badge on the road with him because this post of yours surely deserves it.
I liked the Big Easy when I was younger, but there is a mess there for sure. Halloween night was a favorite for me, more so than Mardi Gras.
Hope you get to feeling better.

Swallow that Gospel USA. That was raw and powerful. some of those photos just caught the feel of New Orleans and also the feel of where you have been personally. I am glad you unleashed these words onto the Blockchain. I have this little badge i give out for posts that are real posts, gritty posts, posts that acknowledge our sweat, stink, joy and suffering. We are imperfect creatures living in an imperfect world. It is nice when this can be represented in writing... so here is my thank you to you.

'The Butt believes you have demonstrated #proofofpost'

Thank you @buttcoins!! This means a lot!! Yes it was real I have been there many times and all this has somehow bundled up inside an emotional rollercoaster and this time it all spilled out..Just a feeling though it might be just me in this untrue world and banned society..a rebel speaking it’s mind or a conscious human relating to the truths of human behavior?! Who knows?! Damn sure this virtual fucking badge means some shit and it downgraded my bitch depression to a level I don’t even fucking notice it just self acknowledgement that leads to that?! Does it fucking matter?! Here in the blockchain is all about self and others..virtual family mental awareness..great to have you as a friend..thanks for sticking by even when I almost gave up bro!(or crypto bro hehe)

p.s. awesome pic, btw. How'd you do that?

Which one ?

That one is copied..the rest are mine..I was looking for something to represent what I wanted to express..

This was a fun read. And now I want to go to New Orleans. I appreciate your philosophical observations and commentary. :D

Thank you for stopping by..appreciate it!

Yeah this all rings very true. I went to college at Tulane for a couple of years (1998-2000) and at first it felt like paradise. Then those pissed out streets and drunk throngs got pretty old, pretty fast. It is interesting how the prohibitionist attitudes and laws that still permeate our country have led to such a culture of "drink to get fucked up" drunks. Which is obviously the worst kind of drinking. Drink while having fun and socializing :) Absolutely should be fine to stroll down the street with a beer.

Much love - Carl "Totally Not A Bot" Gnash / @carlgnash

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Imagine a world not so far away when not “banning” “ illegalizing” normal human behaviour would become NORMAL..imagine how much the world and human/mice interaction would become a reality a normalization a regular thing?! I come from a society where this is not outlawn and it had not become an was not “illegall” to have a fucking beer while walking and somehow somewhere nobody exceeded the limit ..nobody got was just a normal about realising that that was a thing we as humans could handle..btw appreciate the batdge but I as a real human( not being humble now) am not sure I deserve it ..Because I stated and pointed out a thing that SHOULD be allowed as normal!!! We can fucking handle it! We can have a beer while walking on a street and ..and if we don’t and we go overboard ..well I guess thats why we have the rule of fucking law...anyway that being said Thank You for the comment and the appreciation!!

yes of course - that is the point, it should be allowed as normal, and because it is not, when it is allowed, it still isn't normal. New Orleans is a weird place. I have had some great adventures there. But there is a strange energy that comes out in people - because of what New Orleans means to them before they ever even get there.

@lidac you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!

Hi! Any chance you could delegate to me while you're inactive? I'm an artist and I post regularly and host contests :D Every bit counts ^-^
Thank you for your time! I hope you're well :)

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