To get a job and make money... or not...

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As much as I want to spend most of my day coding the community application for Steem, it returns $0 for me to live or save for the future plans I have.


I got another job offer today, not that appealing though, as it's 12 hours per day, 4 days per week, from 10am to 10pm. That means bringing two meal to work, instead of just one. It seems 2 hours will be unpaid, presumably for the two meals.

I accepted to move forward with the tech support job offer. I will see where it goes. I told the recruiter I didn't like it much, the whole 12 hours per day thing, but will try it out. Maybe being honest all the time isn't the best tactic. Ah well, the burden of having integrity to truth.

Getting a job at least pays and allows me to save money for future plans I have. Developing an app for Steem that helps the community connect and network, although great, is no guarantee to help me in my future goals.

If I do get he job, I won't have as much time to code, but I will still have some. At work, I can code after I'm done eating for the 1 hour lunch, and the end of the day is usually tame for support which will let me code too (I hope).

I could refuse job offers until I'm done getting the basic app out for public use, but who knows if my next job offer would go well. I don't want to just survive off the money I saved, I want to save more to use it for plans down the road. My app isn't a business, it's only to help the community build communities, so there is little chance of getting money from that project.

I just wanted to let everyone know that the KURE community project development might slow down.

Thank you for your time and attention. Peace.

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I suppose it really is all about what game we are playing. You could be playing the "make as much money as possible" game right now and therefore playing this game for the experience of it to the best of your ability. And that could mean going to work for someone else where you can leave a lot of the responsibilities at the "office" at the end of the day and be really present with the other things you find of value. Or you could choose to create a sustainable situation for yourself that actually is doing what really moves you, sharing it with the world knowing the money will come. Living by faith!

That really is the beauty of community--each of us giving what we are most excited to share. Our needs are met in service to each other and humanity, and our skills and desires overlap which strengthens our powers and opens up more opportunities. A group of powerful, focused, intentional, loving Beings moving in the same direction is really amazing. So lucrative on many levels and fulfilling our life's purpose at the same time.

I hope that whatever you choose you do it because you're inspired and excited to do it and that it becomes a very valuable experience in your life. Enjoy it all!


Wishing for the future might feel good, but it doesn't always work out like we wish.


So true. We never know what's going to happen, and all of our best laid plans could be for naught! You have so much to offer the world. May you put it to good use and be abundantly rewarded for it. Blessings to you @krnel.

Totally understandable. Our immediate needs take precedent over future endeavors. Great when the two are compatible, sadly they not always are. Good luck on getting the job. Sounds like it would be best for you from the way you presented this.


Thanks ;)

No worries, @krnel. We all have to do what we have to do, so I hope the job search pays off soon, one way or another. You probably know this, but there's plenty of us here who are in similar situations to some degree or another. Those who aren't are already working and so can't dedicate as much as they would like to building the community, increasing their stake, mingling, etc. It's basically how it goes, regardless of how much it would be nice it were otherwise.

So, hopefully, you'll get what you need out of the work you get, and still be able to do some coding/posting/etc. I wish you well however it ends up shaking out. :)


Thanks for the good wishes :)

Those hours sound awful but you gotta earn a dollar.

At least with those conditions you can have no qualmd about using their time to do your own coding when it's quiet!

I may have to go back into the job market in Sept although I'm considering the peasant strategy as an alternative!

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LOL the peasant strategy :P


Or not quite peasant.... Rent out the house I own so it covers the mortgage and then find some land to rent cheap and grow my own food, then I could just about afford to live off my online income.

We wish you the best of luck if you do get the job! Hopefully soon enough earning cryptocurrency will be enough to pay for rent and allow you to get more time for personal stuff or expand on your projects. Here's to hoping!


Hoping for a brighter crypto future indeed :)

Same thing for me. Can’t work on steem projects without full-time job

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Hey mate, it has been a while, I hope you're well. While a job might take up your day, do what I do and work during the evenings and weekends on these things. It might not be the most amount of time you want, but it's something.

Not having the stress of bills to pay and money to buy food means you can focus on what you really want to do. A day job is just a necessary evil. Who knows, maybe Steem will bounce back if and when they launch SMT's, then we can all work on Steem dApps full time.


Yup, bills gotta get paid and that requires a paying job ;)

Nice dude, best of luck with the new job. It would be great to be able to make a living from steemit, but, seeing as you can’t (you have the highest number out of everyone I follow at 77) it’s a long shot for most of us. It’s a good bit of fun and who knows where prices will be in a few years.

I’ve been absent on here recently, I’ve been making money working and saving for my future, it’s been going well. I would love this to take off, but who knows. Peace man!


Good job on making some real money ;) That number doesn't mean much given the buying of votes or 10 posts per day whales self-voting... lol

Wish you all the best with this new job and hopefully it will work out for you.
I think it is very wise of you not to take out your savings and instead keep them and just get another job, at least for a while.

Thank you for updating us on your journey here on steemit and looking forward hearing from you and your new job.


Thanks, glad you agree ;) I'll try to get the project done ;)

You remind me of just how hard I'm being carried. I work a shit job 20 hours a week and I still have money left over to buy coins.

I've worked 2 hours in the last four days and I'm going to get paid for 8. Ha! Small victories.

I really should be coding more.


Jeez lucky you to get such a cushy job...


Totally! If you don't care about how big the paycheck is. :D

Money sometimes has to dictate things for a while so for what it's worth, I think you are doing the right thing. Good luck with the 12-hr shifts mate, I've done them and they ain't that bad. If you have coding to keep you busy when you're not busy the time will fly by and then you have an extra day of in the week :) Always look for the positives bro and enjoy the extra cash coming your way :)


Yeah I have a project to keep the time going by. Just sucks to work for 12h straight :/


Used to do 12hr, 5-days a week and the amount of times I fell asleep on the bus ride home was comical. Still, the money was good :)

Best of luck with the job! It may seem frustrating but some opportunities appear that turn out to be great. I was in a job I didn’t like much for various reasons then one day I learned about my current job which was a fantastic step for my career. No way to know but sometimes it works out for the best!

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Koo, hopefully it all work out for the best in whichever job I do get ;)

Totally understandable as it still takes fiat to make a living and pay the bills! I too look forward to when we can earn and pay without depending on third parties and fiat. I am sure that the project will go on for the better; in fact, many times it is when you take a step back that you can get better understanding of what is needed to execute more effectively. Best wishes to you!

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Thanks, I'll keep working at it ;)

I am also seeking work, and not really looking forward to the prospect.

Good luck for the time ahead :)


Hehe, thanks and good luck to you as well!

the same question is for me from my parents who scream - find a normal job, stop wasting time with your blog! Normal stable job with a salary!!!!!
but I was stubborn;)
but now there is something strange and nervous in Steemit, many people make power down, what is going on? should we worry?


LOL. The power down hysteria, meh, whatever. Steem just isn't a stable job in the real world. It's not a means of survival for most...


that's why I have to listen to lectures about the stable job;))
it's not the source of the main income for most of cours, but for me it's an essential part of my life, hobby, profession, joy, education and a way of getting income. I don't work anywhere else, I'm with my baby at home, and I do want to unschool him, so I hope Steemit and my story here will last forever;))

Many people power down because of power down of richest accounts. My explanation in Russian (and links in English)

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You gotta work to survive.


Not like this we don't.

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Nice to hear about your job and the working hour. I guess if steem has been rise 2$, you may have turn down the