And For The Second Photo Contest, Share Your Long Exposure Photography!

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Win SBD/Steem


To participate share any long exposure related photography with the tag #longexposurephotography. Good luck and have fun!

*Only share your own content

Deadline is in 22 hours at 23:59 UTC

Payout Structure: Tier 3 (5 x 2.0 SBD/STEEM)

More information: FAQ


Monday: foodphotography and animalphotography
Tuesday: landscapephotography and cityscapephotography
Wednesday: architecturalphotography and vehiclephotography
Thursday: macrophotography and colourfulphotography
Friday: streetphotography and travelphotography
Saturday: sportsphotography and smartphonephotography
Sunday: goldenhourphotography and longexposurephotography


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sadly I don't have long exposure photo this time...I hope I can join next time. Thanks for this contest, it inspires us.

Calling @originalworks :)
img credz:
Nice, you got a 9.0% @minnowbooster upgoat, thanks to @juliank
Want a boost? Minnowbooster's got your back!

happy sunday all photographer also @juliank

Ok! I participate for first time, here is mi LongExposurePhotography

Thanks for Your Good Info

I had that amusement park photo as my desktop background for awhile, great pic!

oh glad i had one photo to post for this category.. hoping to get noticed! here's my entry:

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