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Good contest! I'm gonna be doing my best with my Sony Xperia Aqua M

Very curious about the winners!


I am sorry sir....

I used to join your photography contest but later on i realized this is just for the professional photographers or atleast with advance knowledge in iso thingy and alike. But i still. Love looking at photography entries hosted by you... I would still. Join in the future but really have to think of the best entry I can submit hehe

What do you mean by "professional photographers"? I've seen pictures from people shooting for their pleasure that are by far better than from people shooting for their living...
Just try, practice a lot and shoot shoot shoot... When I look at my first pictures ever, well, I would never show them in public :-)

Thank you @juliank keep inspiring ❤

When I try to extend the exposure time on my phone camera once I get past a certain amount the photos just look blank white what is a good setting to get the water to look faded and color lights to freeze like ?

Great contest!

I instantly got worried in case of you had made any changes on the UI, but luckily it looks really similar to the old one.

One of the greatest fears with sites like this is making changes which will cause old users to accidentally do wrong things when acting on their old habits.

New site well done, congratulations on the good work!

Come on for participate all.....

I just saw this post. In few moments I am going to post my long exposure photography. Thanks

Photography nice.

i have not much photo on this concept. so o will try the another concept. @juliank