First job interview on Tuesday

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Hey guys

Guess what, I started applying for software developer jobs and I got called in for an interview - my very first one!

This is really a huge step for me, so wish me luck! :)

The company

The company is called Talk-a-bot and they are developing chat-bot frameworks for businesses. I had the chance to apply for a Front or Back-end position, but I went with the Back-end since Java is my strongest language. As far as I know there are 10 other girls/guys who were called in for an interview and they plan to 2-3 hire new employees (so 2-3 out of 11 total).

Talk-a-bots profile seems to be really great. They are a start-up and I think I could fit in their environment just fine. Also the product itself is really interesting in my opinion, so I would not lack motivation for sure.


My attitude

I would be super glad if I could get the job. Anyway, there is not too much to lose - I have to be myself and if my knowledge and personality fits into the company's profile then it is a win-win situation. If I will not be hired by Talk-a-bot that's fine, I will find my place out there. Basically I just have to show who I am.

I've sent my CV to 7 companies so far which is not that much actually. 3 did not call me in, now this is the first company which did.

If I get the job I will be over the moon and work my ass off, if I don't I will not give up and keep on grinding!

Also, I have been working on a pet-project recently, a shoot em up game based website. I will have a presentation about it on Friday, so I am quite busy with it - that's the reason why I am only 1-2 times on Steem a day. I will write a post about it, Theia Online later on, most likely next week.
Cheers everyone. Be good if you can.

Thank you for reading my article!

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Good for you, it is oh-so-easy to take a dead end job and slip in to a life of unfulfilled mediocrity. To learn a skill and actually put it to use and try and improve your lot in life, marks you out as somebody who is gonna go somewhere.

Remember when you have your interview that it is a 2 way street, you are checking if they are a good fit with you as well as vice-versa, they are gonna be hiring someone who has spent time on himself, learning a craft and so on, YOU will be of great value to them as much as the job will be for you.

Do not be afraid to decide this first attempt is not for you if the company does not seem to be in alignment with your vision and ethical beliefs. There will be many more interviews I am certain, you are going to be working in an arena where there will be many jobs needing to be filled, this area is the future, right?

Congratulations on getting this chance, at worst you are gaining valuable knowledge of interviewing and trying to get through the door of the industry you desire to be involved with. At best, who knows?

Go and rock it dude, remember they are lucky to have you sitting across the desk from them offering them the chance to be able to hire you!

I shall check back for an update to see how it goes, man 😀

Wow man, thanks for the kind words and good advice! I will take good use of them :) You are like engagement lvl 9000+ haha.
I will keep in mind that I am not the one who is being examined but as you wrote it is a 2.way street.

Haha yeah I often joke that commenting is literally my only superpower.

Yeah exactly what ya said man, remember there is value sitting both sides of the table!
The very best of luck 🙂

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that upvote was huge. Thank you so much!

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thanks! :)

Success and best of luck with your coming interview

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thank you, my friend! :)

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