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Thank you for reading my blogs and following me here on the steem network. You make entertaining online social interaction possible in my life. I am happy to announce I have finally gained over 1000 followers, It is hard to believe!


1017 accounts follow my blogging here. My max following of accounts is set to 1.5x that amount or 1508, this ratio will be reduced further later this year.

I am giving away a whale vote to celebrate for the "best steemit blog link" of any time/ any account left in the comments here ; )

Contest rules

  • Post a link in comments
  • Any steem blog any time
  • have at least one active post under 6 days old that I can upvote
  • Upvote this post to enter
    13 accounts are active members of the AO project
    You can find the #AO roster here
  • Contest is open until this boasts payout



Marketing & Rewards center

Contests Updated
Monthly rewards will continue to be distributed to active followers in increasing amount of sbd including a monthly top 3 with bonus rewards. Rewards will be given based on helpful information, feedback, quality posts, or anything that positively influences the steem network and a basic reward is distributed to all active accounts both AO member accounts and my regular following.

1 year AO project membership current price, a one year membership including resteems, upvotes, promotion, curation services, 200% of normal monthly active bonus and more can be obtained by doing one of the following things;

  • 0.1 sbd transfer to my account (memo AO)
  • 0.08 steem transfer to my account (memo AO)
  • 0.08 sbd in accumulative upvotes in a one month period to my accounts
  • 2 SP delegation for at least 3 months to my account
  • Buy a whale vote for any AO member worth at least 5 SBD send and amount of sbd to my account with that link in the memo to prove your contribution.


The way I use steem is different now than it used to be, It is more fun because my posting is more organized and scheduled to make the most of my relatively small amount of steem power. I focus mainly on entering contests and curating AO member posts here, but If I see any post that is exceptional I will always do my best to promote the post even if it is not authored by a follower or AO member.

Recently I havn't been commenting or messaging much because I have been busy working on things in my life, more on this is still to come.

Account I am curating with, depending on the day or topic

vote power
@godo, 84.32 SP, main account
@cephalopod, 34.49 SP, AO group
@digitalsecurity, 11.03 SP, entertainment, investment, and technology news
@heimdallr, 9.22 SP, Contests and ways to make sbd/steem
@art4sbd, 4.36 SP, Art & furniture for sale

posts.pngScreen Shot 2018-01-16 at 12.27.13 PM.png



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Thanks for adding your post, It is a nice writeup on how you came here to the steem network. It is true that steem is the most realistic application of cryptocurrency available.

I see they are snow people now not shadows or people with jackets :)

in winter, snowmen do not melt even in the sun.

Congratulations you won the most interesting link contest.
your post has been upvoted.Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 11.20.05 AM.png

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Contest is currently open for entry, 2 entries so far.

contest is closed.
4 entries for the link contest.
11 for the drawing contest.

I don't quite understand the rule but here I am trying my luck @godo.

congratulations you won the upvote raffle, I have purchased a 20 steem delegation for your account.

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 11.00.06 AM.png

Thank you @godo.

Congrats on the achievement so far. Greater one is coming if you remain consistent.


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks for sharing this interesting post. I can tell you have good intentions when writing this post and I hope you will finish it. I like the title.

Also thanks for the inspirational advice, I have had this mantra in my head all week.

Thanks so much for taking out time to read

Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable post....
Carry on next
Best of luck..

[email protected] is excellent and interesting your project i like the emotional intelligence that applied to your publications I would love to learn from you of this type of project under technology block chain , i am a follower of projects developed cy accounted for socio-economic projects, business plan and project evaluations of companies

Thanks @magdsierra for the insightful comments. The blockchain will have many rewards if we continue to pursue these types of endeavors here.

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