A few more ways to help you get brainstorming again?! Find awesome blog topic ideas right here

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These are not "copy&paste" services.You will need to add your own 'magic' to these topics.And make awesome posts :D

Hello! and welcome to the second edition of the "blog topic generator" post I did a month ago,available here.

I decided to share a few more of these sites,that might just help you with a quick idea,or a major title for your next post.Enjoy!

- Answer the public! -


Answerthepublic.com is currently my favourite website to use when im looking for some ideas on my next post.Its filled with brain maps that has clickable instant google searches attached to every idea and word.


A bit more details about answerthepublic.com here

- WebpageFX -


The fastest,and some of the most creative ideas yet! Just enter any keyword into the box...and get some creative topics. -WebpageFX.com

Hit "Google this idea" to get an instant google search,or simply hit "next idea" to continue reading some potential ideas...



For a bit more "professional" blog topics you could also try BLOGABOUT,which is very fast,and very efficient for proper ideas and inspiration.


Use these websites to add some creativity to your next posts!I can gaurantee you will get a lot more information bundled up in one place using these.

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Here are some links you might like to visit:

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--Ginger by choice,ninja by nature ;)
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Wow, this would really hope all those with the occasional writer's block! Thanks for sharing! have you found some really cool ideas while using this method?

I was just looking for a few more places the other day. A good resource that I found last night was this one on Mac called iThoughts. Super handy :)


Damn I dont have a mac...but ill definitely check it out,thank you @rumdancer :D

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