So you invested some what? | Make your STEEMIT account grow even faster! 🚀

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You just invested into STEEM, and powered up ALL of it,so...what now?

One of the most frequently asked questions you can find here on steemit is : "how do I grow my account and reputation a bit...faster?"
The short answer(which is pretty obvious)is to simply curate as many valuable and great quality posts as you can,while being an active user who communicates and helps others.


There are also some other ways than browsing through the "new" or "home" section on your feed looking for every hidden quality post.There are ways that are a lot more effective and definitely alot of fun!

🚀 So I made a list that might help you discover the hidden potential of the STEEMIT platform! 🚀

✪ Use STEEMIT-BOTS to maximize profits on your posts -

STEEMIT-BOTS are programs written to perform a certain function on the STEEM blockchain.Most bots created here are directed towards up voting a certain users's post after a "X" amount has been paid,or voting after a specific task has been done.

@randowhale , @booster and @discordia are great examples of bots that will up vote any post you request,but only after an "X" amount has been paid by you,or any anyone else who liked your post.If these up votes are used correctly,they tend to be worth more than the initial payment sent!

Bots like @minnowsupport are community created projects that will vote with a massive following of curators to bring a bit more attention and rewards to your post.Join the PALserver on discord,get registered and have full access to @minnowsupport ,and the great community supporting it.

Learn how to use bots like @randowhale
by @scrooger

✪ Use every service available -

Streemian is a "auto-vote" system that helps the process of curating great content,and ensures you wont miss the latest and trending news.

It also has a helpful system of services to use,that will grow your reputation and trust in the community.

My favourite services that I use on a daily basis is 'curation trail' and 'guild'.With these services I curate great content for continuous rewards,and also help curators find quality posts that has not recieved good publicity yet...and get a reward for every accepted find!

--@curie guild details here:

Learn how to use streemian like a pro
by @jerrybanfield

✪ Check into some blochchain explorers often -

Even though block explorers are not any kind of tool that will upvote your is a great kind of tool to help you calculate the maths of knowing how to use your voting power efficiently and to curate the in the most profitable way.

A few alternatives to steemnow will be or are great block explorers with accurate statistics and graphs to help you monitor your steemit account.

✪ Get in touch with the community by using 3rd party software -

Steemit is a great social media platform to communicate with other users,but it is definitely missing an "direct private message" function.

Luckily there are a few programs like Discord that makes communication a lot faster and easier to use.

Join multiple steemit related servers and start communicating with everyone,this will be the best way for other people to start noticing you,and for your posts to get the real attention it deserves!

🚀 I hope this list will help you in your journey to becoming a wealthy steemian :P 🚀

Thank you very much for reading,please remember to leave an up vote if you enjoyed this post




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Nice post my friend. This is really quality info. There is so much more to Steemit once we start going down the rabbit hole. Keep up the good research.


Hey @happymoneyman im glad you think so! :) Im trying my best to help the other minnows here on steemit,but there is definitely still a lot I need to learn :D


Heck yea, we'll all learn it together. Keep grinding.

Really good indeed!

Saw some users really abusing these systems, mostly from Pakistan. Upvoting their own posts and comment into oblivion with these, zero content though. Grinds my gears, then again they will be weeded out eventually.


Thank you man :D
Yeah I also saw this,people using these services just to get some quick bucks....but I have learnt that those who are on steemit for a while now will tend to ignore these....In the long run they will quit out of frustration


Same, I usually ignore them but some of them take it to whole new levels. Frustrating, but guess no one can do anything about it. We just have to focus on our own posts and quality content. =)


Definitely haha,they will eventually get bored with doing that and move on while we keep on creating great content 😎💪


For sure! In it for the long haul! I need get writing though. Been procrastinating a bit and busy with other things. Posting tonight for sure! =)

Cool thing! I'm will go deep into this useful resources. I tried streemian, but it ran out my SP really fast! Is there any way to limit the daily votes?


Hey @arturomdg streemian has the option to lower your voting power...maybe by using a smaller voting power,you will be able to support other users and not cap your voting power that fast

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I gave an up vote for this post. I find it funny because my tag line is I am Not a Robot - I'm a tad bit old to understand these bots, but I am trying. My Idea of a robot is a coffee maker with a auto-timer so when I wake up in the morning my coffee will be made. This is going to be my 1st Robot


Nice to meet you non-robot @joedirt! :D Im also in the beginning phase of understanding these bots,im no programmer but would love to learn...Before I joined steemit I also only knew bots as physical pieces of technology created to do a certain...but I guess we all learnt something

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