Get yourself some delegated STEEMPOWER today!

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Did you know,that for a very small amount of Steem ,you can get yourself some serious Steem Power....delegated TO YOU!

Even if you have a low reputation or simply not that much steem power(SP),there are ways you can get some SP delegated to yourself ,and have a bigger influence/impact on the platform.

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With the release of @minnowbooster's Steempower delegation ATM it has become very easy to get some extra power without having to deal with investors or any excess fees and risks!

By simply sending 1 STEEM to @minnowbooster you will get 65SP delegated to yourself.The bigger the amount of STEEM you send,the more steem power will be delegated.(If yo want to send bigger amounts like 400STEEM, please refer here for full details)


I sent 4STEEM for a vaule of around 260SP that will be delegated to me for 1 week


Once you have sent the funds,your request will be processed to the investors, to delegate the requested SP.@minnowbooster will keep you updated,and even tell you who filled your request.


You can become a delegator yourself by choosing one of the following two ways:

1.Head to and fill the requests by users looking to lease SP from @minnowbooster

2.If you want to delegate your SP to a friend simply copy this link:

  • Change "yourname" to your steemit username(example: gingerninja)
  • Change "hisname" to the person you want to delegate the SP to.
  • Change the 123456 with how much you would like to delegate (calculator to work out exact numbers)(example: 103000 is worth around 50SP)
  • Open the edited link,sign in with your details
  • The SP will now be delegated to the person you chose =)

Read this before delegating any of your SP!

Rules of delegating SP
There are several rules to delegating SP -

  • You cannot delegate SP that is being powered down. You can't power down delegated SP. You can, however, delegate a portion of your SP and power down the rest.
  • SP delegation works like a donation. The delegatee keeps all curation rewards.
  • Effectively, for votes made the delegatee, it would seem like they own the SP.
  • Delegators can cancel their delegations at any time, though it takes 7 days before they can use the SP themselves again.
  • You can only delegate SP you own, not SP delegated to you.

-By @liberosist here-

PLEASE NOTE: note this is not an investment, but a way to participate in community

Here are some links you might like to visit:

Contact me directly on DISCORD (user name: @gingerninja(suddenforce) )

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Yes i m doing the same thing get SP on lease , thanks for sharing a good content


Yes leasing SP helps to make a difference in the community :D


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Just to add, if your trying for first time, go with 500SP(you'll get slider too) for 4 weeks which would cost you 20 STEEM, please note this is not an investment but a way to participate in community


@orionsbelt thank you for this :) I added "please note this is not an investment but a way to participate in community" to the post


What is the benefit for the delegator? Are they just doing this for altruism?


Hey @rose98734,when you use the services of @minnowbooster you get daily rewards for your SP delegated its like "interest".If you delegate directly to somebody you wont get will mostly be too improve the voting power of that account

How many posts does the lessee have to make per day to earn a profit on leasing SP?



Thank you =)

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Once the SP is delegated to you, do you have to vote @ 100% or do you get a slider?


You get a slider once you reach 500 SP


If you get a total of 500SP,then yes :P


Thanks. I'm still learning.


No problem man =) the steemit platform is luckily very easy and awesome to learn.Enjoy!

Even I want to do same but no money to lease sp