Something from my bar whenever I feel like it episode DCCLXX

in blog •  5 months ago

Making a switch on the Thursday episodes. I do still have some calendars left but they are probably all Far Sides So I figured it was time to make a change. My Grandmother used to smoke decades ago. She liked fancy stuff so there are a lot of fancy ashtrays around. I've done a couple in the past. Usually when they were a set with something else for a 2 for Tuesday episode. I dind't want people smoking in the bar so I put most of them in a cabinet under the bar that I can't normally get to. Luckily I left a couple out so I didn't have to move any furniture to get to them for this episode. This one is a long and colorful one. It's covered in marbled blotches of color in a kind of swirl pattern. This one is glass. I doubt this one was ever used as an ashtray. It is big (I'd guess about 16 inches long) so it's great for holding junk like pens, paperclips, rubber bands, etc.

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